Anti-GMO Groups – Canada

If you’re looking for other like-minded individuals with whom you can volunteer to raise awareness about GMOs, the following list represents various Facebook pages that have been set up to help people connect with others in their province:

For groups in the U.S., click here; for groups in other countries, click here.

National Groups


British Columbia



New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island





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10 thoughts on “Anti-GMO Groups – Canada

  1. I am a member of a group called Albertans for Food Safety (AFS). We have been active for over a year and have helped to organize March Against Monsanto since 2012. We played host to the Cross Canada tour of Dr. Shiv Chopra and Dr. Thierry Vrain as well as other anti-GMO activities. It would be appreciated if our group could join your list under the “Alberta” heading. Thanks so much.

    Pat Stevenson

  2. Hello GMO must go fans. I was wondering whom is the largest share holder of Monsanto?
    I do not nor will I ever join facebook. But I want to donate all “ALL” my spare time saving my g-kids from these life sucking money hungry GMO producing organic food eating owners of Monsanto and thier family’s.They are in my home. I want to visit their homes, to let them know what they are doing, at my home. I want to set up camps at their homes. To show thier children what MOM or DAD are doing to us for thier money! ( information brochers to hand out in their neighbourhood) Shame all whom profit, let their kids ask them questions. Start the conversation in their backyard as well as in ours. GMO truth seeker Michael N eat in peace/ fight in peace

    • Monsanto’s Chairman and CEO Hugh Grant owned the largest number of shares up until a couple months ago, when he sold off a portion (for a $10 million profit). Now he’s second to William U. Parfet, who is Monsanto’s chairman of the board, as well as CEO and President of MPI Research Inc., a toxicology research lab. The other top holders are listed here — though that list doesn’t mention many noteworthy names like Bill Gates (who also owns stock in Cargill). And don’t forget to include all of the legislators that have received large campaign contributions from Monsanto, as illustrated on this page.

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