GMO Documents and Awareness Materials

Here’s a great tri-fold brochure you can print (it’s double-sided), fold, and hand out.

Here’s an easy to read report that provides an excellent overview of GMO facts, backed by three pages of scientific references.

This longer, but similarly easy to read “Myths and Truths” report was written by a leader in molecular genetics with more than 28 years’ experience in the use of genetic engineering technology. If that report is too long to read, here’s an excerpt.

Here’s a document from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine that you can print out and give to your doctor.

Last but not least, this document lists the risks to human health from Monsanto’s RoundUp. RoundUp Ready crops are #1 purpose of genetic engineering; they have not only doubled the herbicides in our food stream, they’ve doubled the profit margin for Monsanto as weeds evolve resistance and require more and more herbicides to be killed.

GMO Movies and Videos to Watch

This page lists a wide variety of videos, movie trailers, and full-length films to learn more about GMOs and the state of our agricultural and food system.

GMO and Food-Related Books to Read

This page lists a range of books about GMOs, our agricultural system, and the world’s food crisis.

GMO Calls to Legislators and Senators

This page lists all the ways you can find and contact your Senator, Congressman/woman, Farm Bill Committee members, and the White House to voice your opinion about GMOs.

Anti-GMO Groups on Facebook

This page lists groups in the U.S.
This page lists groups in Canada.
This page lists international groups.

Farms, CSAs and Organic Restaurants Near You

This page will help you locate organic farms, CSAs, restaurants and more in your area

Additional News Sources

This page includes a list of the sources we rely upon for GMO news and article sourcing.

Other Bloggers, Activists and Organizations in the U.S.

Organizations and People in Other Countries
For a list of Anti-GMO Facebook groups in other countries, click here >

Resources in the Pacific Nothwest Area

*CSA: Consumer Supported Agriculture

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