GMO Sodas

Every one of these soft drinks includes high fructose corn syrup (one of the most common GMO ingredients) or just plain “sugar,” which is sourced from genetically modified sugar beets.

Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola
Cherry Coke
Fanta Exotic
Barq’s Root Beer
Minute Maid Orange
Minute Maid Grape


Wild Cherry Pepsi
Mug Root Beer
Mountain Dew


Dr. Pepper
A & W Root Beer
Sunkist Orange
Schweppes Ginger Ale

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40 thoughts on “GMO Sodas

    • Yes. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is not organic… it comes from GMO corn. Coca-Cola and Pepsi switched to using HFCS instead of sugar in the U.S. and Canada in 1984 because it was far cheaper for them (however they still use sugar in other nations, where GMOs are either banned or labeled).

      Coca cola *does* produce a sugar/sucrose-based version of their soda (often around Passover, for Jews who are restricted by custom from eating corn during this time) — it can be identified by its yellow cap.

      But even when you choose soda made with sugar, please remember: the vast majority of the sugar in this country ALSO comes from GMO sugar beets.

      Just say no to soda, unless it’s organic!

  1. I had a sandwich today tuna with pickles with miricle whip and I noticed that the bread had hfcs the pickles also hfcs the mircle whip hfcs and the soda hfcs They say hfcs is okay in moderation but it is in everything I look at lately I cant believe it, and what your telling me is these hfcs are gmo’s what should I do any information would be greatly appriciated

  2. I forgot to mention that my mom gave me a list about fish and the amount of mercury different fish have, some have more than others, tuna is one of the highest—you know conciencious shopping is one thing but I can’t believe what is happening to our food, sometimes I feel its hopeless because all I hear is destruction of natural resources, your food, animals and anything man gets a hold of seems to be destroyed,poisoned preverted anyway i cant believe whats been going on with food
    its like a nightmare or some sci fi movie you want to get out but cant ,mercury in fish whats going on?

    • Mercury in fish – There is a Japanese current of warm water that comes near the United States coast every year. I lived in Westport Washington for most of my life and worked on many commercial fishing boats. The Albacore tuna that would come to the edge of this warm water current, were the fish we would catch. They would average about 20.0 lbs. and some as big as 40.0 lbs. The amount of mercury is these tuna are very low by comparison of the larger,older tuna caught off the coast of Japan (which is what is sold in supermarkets.. – Starkist. etc.)

      From some of the Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists and scientists that would come out on observation trips, had informed us that a person would have to eat about 2000-3000 lbs tuna to become sick from the mercury. How the fish are handled at the moment of death, also determines the amount of mercury that is left in their meat. I can’t say I know how the Japanese commercial tuna fishermen handle their catch. But I would urge you to buy tuna from a commercial tuna fisherman at dockside in westport washington. I know thats a far shot for most people. But they are by far the safest, and have the lowest amounts of mercury than any other fish. Mercury travels through the blood stream, and most commercial (supermarket distributed) fish, are not bled out properly, if at all. When the fish dies with the blood still in its veins, it essentially rots. Properly handled fishes are bled out immediately and then chilled slowly, after about 30 minutes of a chill bath, they are put into either ice bins to be frozen, or Subfreezing salted ice water, roughly 28 degree (f). They are not frozen throughout the entirety of the fish, the meat is chilled rather. The product is amazing, and makes the stuff you buy in a supermarket, more like Cat food.

      • WHAT mercury in fish!! I grew up in the 80s when it was a big news story, I then was disgusted with all the BS about how reg light bulbs are going to kill us all and we need to switch to florescent bulbs ONLY to find our much to my surprise that they all had Mercury in them, We now go from the frying pan to fire Mercury is bad stuff. But at least we can cool the word cool for the coming ICE age (ya that was big news it the 80s as well)

  3. Does the throwback pepsi/dew contain cane sugar, or (GMO)beet sugar?? Also, what is it going to take to require GMO labeling? Can’t some religion come in and say this is against their religion or something…

    • They use GMO sugar beets for their “real sugar” – technically it is granulated sugar and hence real sugar, but is GMO “real” if it can’t be made by nature?

      Stick to Blue Sky Cola, they use 100% cane sugar and they also have one which is certified organic. Usually it’s around $17/case on Amazon.

  4. Something to take seriously about GMO foods, is the testing on lab rats feed GMO foods… The results are pretty serious on rats, dramatic increases of cancer and other health related issues.

    There are old studies that were found to be nothing more than exaggerated studies whereas there are studies in regard to GMO that have some pretty scientific studies behind them to backup their reason for scare.

    • Refined cane sugar (sugar cane has not been genetically modified). Sometimes you can find “Mexican Coke” using this form of sugar at various stores / Costco, etc.

  5. Hi,

    I love the Fanta Exotic, on the bottle it says Coca Cola company, it is isn’t listed at the top with the other brands here at the page, does it mean it doesn’t have the GMO poison?

  6. In the European Union if you’re drinking soda that is made in the EU it MUST list on the label (made from genetically engineered corn/soy/etc) if it’s been genetically modified. As long as you read the label, you’re golden. To the best of my knowledge pretty much all the products that are GMO in North America including salad dressings, cereals, soda, condiments, breads and baked goods, chips, chocolates, candy, juice, cooking oils, the list goes on and on, will NOT be GMO in Europe.

    But Monsanto are trying to change that with every chance they get so be vigilant, sign petitions, get on the e-mail notification lists of companies who fight against GMO, keep informed. Only the people will ensure the situation doesn’t get worse before it gets better.

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