9 thoughts on “Agent orange boys orphanage

  1. The boys in wheelchairs are a photoshop job. The amount of deformity in the torso and limbs would not allow a person who had a normal sized head to hold it upright. Perhaps their heads were glued to the back of the chairs? I call BS.

  2. I would suggest that in the future you only post photos you have taken yourself or from a reliable source and note this. Doing this will stop people from doubting if faked or not.

  3. I have tracked down a few sources to provide more information about this photo. Pictured in this image are Anh and Trang, who lived for a time at Hoi Duc An Orphanage in central Viet Nam.

    Anh and Trang came to the orphanage in late 2005 as 16 and 19 year olds with immense physical disabilities due to Agent Orange. They had no mental or intellectual disability, so living at the Orphanage allowed them to continue their education.

    In late 2005, the Government gave their father, Mr. Nhan, permission to live at the Hoi An Orphanage with his 2 boys, while Mr. Nhan’s wife remained at home with their youngest son, who had extreme learning difficulties, and their adopted son.

    Mr. Nhan was tireless in his efforts for his sons. He took them to and from school, carried them to the toilet, washed and dressed them. Mr. Nhan and his family was extremely poor and did not have a regular job because he would always be on hand to help his sons.

    Besides the many setbacks, the family remained positive, always friendly, chatty and interested in other people.

    Young people with severe curvatures of the spine like Anh and Trang have a poor cough reflex. They cannot easily clear their lungs from infections, and therefore find it difficult to fight off minor infections.

    In the 2006 during the school summer holidays, Mr. Nhan, Anh and Trang returned to their home in the remote countryside to stay with their mother and 2 younger brothers. While there, Trang caught a cold, which quickly developed into pneumonia.

    When the local doctor was unable to treat him effectively, Mr. Nhan brought his son to the hospital in Hoi An. It was too late. Trang died on 31st August 2006, 2 days before his 17th birthday.

    On 31 March 2008, Anh became ill, and died early the next day.


    Sources: December 2006 Newsletter from the Kianh Foundation / Hoi An Foundation, page 3. Also visit http://www.hoianfoundation.org or http://www.kianh.org.uk http://www.hoianfoundation.org/images/NEWSLETTER%2011_06.pdf

    “Agent Orange and the Children of Hoi An Orphanage.”


    Additional photos (warning – graphic content):

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