I love to cook, I love to eat, and most of all I love to nurture my friends by expanding their bellies and their minds — in roughly equivalent proportions.

Lately however, I’ve noticed that our food might need a little nurturing too, if it’s going to keep nurturing us. Because the majority of the food we find on grocery store shelves is nothing like the food our grandparents (or even our parents) ate.

Before you relegate me into the category of “just another foodie” with a “conspiracy theory” problem, here’s my opinion on both counts:

To me, a foodie is someone who puts on airs about food. That’s not me. I just wanna eat (and share) good stuff.

As for conspiracies, I’m way too analytical… I tend to play devil’s advocate on just about any issue, because I like to keep the tables balanced, and the minds sitting around that table wide open to all sides.

So imagine my surprise when I began to see the word “foodie” associated with a different kind of person — not just someone who loves to cook and/or eat, but someone who’s woken up to what’s happening with our food — someone who’s grown more than a little concerned about how much our food has been radically altered in the last couple of decades.

If that’s what a “foodie” is starting to become, I’ll gladly embrace it. With both hands (knife in one, fork in the other), while doing my best to wake up a few minds along the way.

My Mission:

  • To track down original, valid study sources and references wherever possible.
  • To read the study, article, and related references myself. Thoroughly.
  • To draw my own conclusions — drawing from my background in regulatory affairs and biotechnology.
  • To source, organize, and clearly communicate information that helps others make informed choices.
  • To be a humble resource for healthy humans all around the globe.

Got questions? I’ll do my best to answer!
Just post your question or comment below; I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

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    • Jim Carrey gave the commencement speech recently at Maharishi University of Management http://www.MUM.edu located in the cornfields of rural Iowa. He was funny, wise and at times emotional as well, as he told a story about his father inspiring him to become a comedian.

      The students roared with laughter when he took a jab at Monsanto: “I’m here to plant a seed today,” Carrey said. “A seed that will inspire you to move forward in life with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness. The question is, will that seed have a chance to take root–or will I be sued by Monsanto?”

      Carrey concluded his talk with these words: “You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world, and as you walk through those doors today, you will only have two choices: love or fear. Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

      Here is the link to his full commencement speech. The comments about Monsanto are in the first few minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V80-gPkpH6M

    • INFORMATION SHARE Genetically modified foods (GMO) are filling grocery stores all over the country and are being fed to our livestock and poultry; GMO distributors are hoping to make their products a part of our regular eating habits. In fact, if you’ve eaten something today, there is a very good chance that you have eaten something genetically modified. The intent of this letter is to inform Provincial, Federal Governments and Non GMO Organizations, the truth relating to the serious food health hazards which are having significant negative impact to our livestock, plants, soil, environment and at least half of all men, women and children in North America. If not addressed, governments should expect expenditures well in to the billions of dollars to treat the many illnesses and environmental cleanup that will occur from not paying attention to this truth and the science behind it.
      There are at least three dangerous gases are being emitted from certain foods that are poisoning our livestock, soil, and approximately half of the North American population. These gases are Argon (Ar), Radon (Rd) and Xenon (Xe). Tests are being conducted on GMO Corn Food, the GMO Corn Roots and GMO Corn Feed. The respective findings for each of the three gases listed above are as follows:
      1. The Presence of Argon Gas (This chemically inert element is colorless and odorless in both its liquid and gaseous forms)
       If a person consumes GMO Corn that was boiled, Argon gas is released into the digestive track and will compromise the enzymes in their digestive tract. Over time this will lead to serious disease.

      2. The Presence of Radon Gas (A radioactive, odorless, colorless, tasteless Noble Gas that is a byproduct of Radium)
       Radon Gas is release 12 days after the GMO Corn is picked.
       If raw/uncooked GMO Corn is fed to livestock, poultry, men, women or children, Radon gas is released into the stomach. When Canadian’s consume the poultry or livestock that is fed GMO Corn Fed, we also consume Radon Gas.
       Some GMO made Corn Syrup could have traces of Radon.

      3. The Presence of Xenon Gas (A heavy, colorless, odorless noble gas. It’s used mainly as an anesthetic and in flash lamps for photography. Some lasers also use xenon)
       GMO Corn or GMO Plants release Xenon Gas through their roots into the soil. Xenon destroys the integrity of the farming soil by reducing the levels of phosphates and other minerals.
       Only GMO Foods release Xenon Gas into the soil.
      Tests for these gases are ongoing. Further, the method in which foods can be accurately tested will also be available within the next year. Such test will allow governments and food safety inspectors to determine what foods are safe for consumption.
      These extraordinary findings are from the work of an ordinary man, with a gift of scientific intuition, named Bryan Farnum. He is an inventor and has attracted some of the best minds in science because of his gift and together they have been developing unprecedented testing technologies in the field of science.
      It is important that Bryan’s intuitive messages find their way into the hands of those who can implement a GMO Food Protocol to ensure our food is kept safe for consumption and that GMO roots are not poisoning Mother Earth. Through proper testing and labeling, consumers will have an awareness of what foods should be eaten and planted.
      To learn more about Bryan, the information contained above, I recommend that you listen to his January 17th 2016 online broadcast at http://www.clarityradio.com. (Noble Gases and Your General Health) Other related topics of interest can also be found under the tab the “Listening Room”.
      This letter is a joint effort and we are concerned citizens doing our part to help spread the truth and facts about issues that concern our future. We have no vested interest in any organization and simply want to help provide awareness and to spread the truth on credible findings that can save lives and preserve the environment.
      The safety of GMO foods is unproven and along with Bryan Farnum, a growing body of research connects these foods with health concerns and environmental damage. Most developed nations have policies requiring mandatory labeling of GMO foods at the very least, and some have issued bans on GMO food production and imports.
      In Canada we do not.
      Canadians are often unaware that the foods they consume contain GMO ingredients. It is our right to know what we are choosing to eat. It is essential that together, we build and facilitate a growing movement to have GMO foods subject to mandatory labeling regulations and even banned from production and importation.
      If you wish to discuss any points or require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration for this critical matter.

      Kind regards,

      John Hoyt jhoyt30@hotmail.com
      Janet Johnson jldoull5@gmail.com

  1. Hi. mary at gmo-free portland here. I wanted to check out your blog… very nice. i never ever go read stuff on line like this unless it’s coming up in my research or I sideline from fb like now 🙂 so i’m going to sign up for your updates by email. keep up the great research!

  2. Great info! How can I get our site listed on your site? shopGMOfree.com offers only non-gmo products – its an offshoot of shopOrganic.com so most of the products were already organic. We checked our household and personal care brands for GMO’s and removed any that contained them. What’s left is over 4,000 products that are all non-gmo!

  3. Could you please provide me with a web list or directory of manufacturers or suppliers of USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES. I have read about LAKEWOOD juices and BOLTHOUSE farm juices but wonder if these are authentic NON GMO .

    I thank you for whatever help you can render


    • I’ve got several resource pages on this blog that might help you: under “Shopping List” I list GMO-Free Brands (including several juice makers, though the ones shown in red text are owned by large corporations that opposed GMO labeling); next I have a “Family Owned Organics” page in that same section, which lists both Eden Foods and Uncle Matt’s as USDA Organic, (and both are still privately owned); meanwhile under the “Avoid List” I have a list of GMO Juice drinks (though I realize that’s the opposite of what you’re asking for).

      Other sources: Whole Foods’ “365” Brand juices are organic and GMO-free; and you can check the “Beverages” section of the Non-GMO Project’s website to find a list of products they have certified as GMO-free. Remember, just because a juice is GMO-Free does not necessarily mean it is grown under organic processes.

      Re: Lakewood Juices, these are USDA Organic (which means GMO-free) and they are members of a separate Organic Trade Association. They address both GMOs and Organic in the FAQ page of their website. They are owned by what appears to be a private organization called “Florida Family Trust” (I was unable to find any further information on this trust organization).

      Re: Bolthouse Farms, I see no USDA label on any of their juice products (if you do, perhaps you’re in a test market area?). They do offer organic whole carrot products under their “Earthbound Farm” label. They are currently in the process of being bought out by the Campbell’s Soup Company (who donated a half million dollars to prevent GMO Labeling in California).

  4. Thank you for all the research you have done and putting the information in one place. I will refer your site via my facebook page foodrestlove and my blog foodrestlove.com. Thank you again.

  5. Hi! Thanks for your website! I was on cornucopia.org and stumbled upon some Whole Foods 365 info and would hope you make a note about their product. I’ve included the website and an info snippet of it here:
    For non-organic “natural” products making “non-GMO” claims, results showed that these claims cannot always be trusted. While Peace Cereal® and Annie’s Homegrown® were indeed free of significant levels of GE ingredients,35 Barbara’s Bakery® Puffins® and Whole Foods’ 365® Corn Flakes, which are both enrolled in the Non-GMO Project contained more than 50% GE corn.

    Click to access Cornucopia_Cereal_Report.pdf

    It’s a beast trying to keep up with all the info and non-info about what we have to put in our bodies!

    • Hello! Well, I have to say I’ve got a few thoughts about this. First, it’s an awesome report!!! I love seeing reports that go into so much detail, as I’m one of those who likes to dig down to the last bit of data wherever possible. 🙂

      Second, I’m dismayed to see that Whole Foods 365 brand corn flakes — considering they proudly proclaim their 365 brand is GMO free — tested positive. I personally don’t shop at Whole Foods because I prefer the more “local farmer” and “non-organic is an anomaly” philosophy of my co-op, I prefer smaller businesses to larger corporations, and because there’s been a fair amount of questionable press about Whole Foods over the years on a variety of issues (I personally feel their “label everything in five years” announcement, while honorable on the surface, feels more like a media blitz than a measure of true dedication).

      My biggest takeaway from this is how to deliver the message appropriately. I’m always thinking about the “audience.” With that in mind, I’m concerned that this much data would completely overwhelm the average busy mom — the one who’s responsible for most of the family’s shopping and food preparation, who has 200 other things to do besides read a report.

      So if it was me, I would sum it all up with a simple take-away: always buy USDA Organic; the term “natural” means zilch. Want more data? Read the report. (But I am still going to add a Note to both instances I mention Whole Foods on this blog.) 😀

      • Hi and thanks for your website! I came across it while doing some research on GMO’s for a college research paper. You have some very interesting stuff! On a side note for myself, I am a vegan and I already eat pretty healthy. Organic, non-gmo, but when you mentioned Whole Foods being questionable that raised an eyebrow for me. I live in Las Vegas, NV and we don’t have a lot of “local” options for non-gmo shopping out here. I thought Whole foods was my best bet 😦 am I wrong to think that now?! Do I have no where to shop?!?

        • Amber, if Whole Foods is your best option for finding organic, I’d continue to shop there if it was me. Wherever possible, be sure to choose brands with the “USDA Organic” and/or the “Non-GMO Project Certified” insignias on the label, so you have additional assurance outside from Whole Foods’ assertions. If you haven’t already seen it, this page may be helpful for you.

  6. This is such a great blog! I’m so happy that I found it. I’m tempted to re-blog every single article. LOL! Thank you for all the time it has taken to put this research into one place.

  7. Hello there, thanks for your blog. I’m new. Not new to healthy living. I was shopping at T.J’s the other day, and had a conversation with them about their label being ‘GMO free.’ I was highly skeptical. If this is in fact true, then why not label their products as such? They started to mumble something…and I was like, CYA? Meaning, they can be held liable if in fact they touted something as GMO free, but it really wasn’t. I think they’re a bunch of money hungry, scammers.

    • That’s not surprising at all, actually. (Shocker) Monsanto isn’t the only one with conflicts of interest.

      A lot of people don’t realize this, but by giving GMOs a bad rap it is also possible to make a lot of money in a new, highly profitable market by claiming growing costs are high. Just a theory.

  8. Hi there, I’ll be “Marching Against Monsanto” here in a few weeks and I was hoping to create flyers/pamphlets/brochures to quickly inform others about the cause. Your post, “Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen” is a truly eye opening read and I was hoping to use this information within the brochure…with your approval of course. I’ll be sure to give you credit as well!

    • Ash, big kudos to you for handing out this information on your march! Thanks so much for requesting permission. To use this article in print (either in part / excerpts or in whole), please add the following at the top of the article: by GMO-Awareness.com If you wish to include our little green and red “no GMO” logo, you are welcome to obtain the graphic from our Facebook page. Last but not least, if you have the room at the end of the article, we would be most grateful if you would consider including a link to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/gmo.awareness.usa Thanks kindly!

  9. Great job on this! I reblogged this to CouplandTimes.com but it didn’t show up. Do you need to approve the reposting? Do you see my comments on the reblog?

    • Hello Stewart! There are no settings preventing you from reblogging (in fact our Monsanto post has been reblogged about a hundred times so far); maybe it’s just a hiccup on your server or blogging platform. Thanks so much for helping to raise awareness!

      • Thanks for the reply. It shows up on wordpress.com but not on my site, which is a wordpress installation on another host. Mysterious computer stuff no doubt. I guess I’ll just post the link so that my readers in Coupland, Texas can see it. By the way, I am amazed at the amount of research you must have done to put that together. Very well referenced. I’m sure I’ll be reposting more of your stuff. I’m working on helping the folks in this rural community get educated on important issues. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised at how well informed most of my new friends are. Moved here last year to establish a new homestead with my son and his family.

        • Thanks for such a kind compliment… I’ve tried to find as many articles, links, and peer-reviewed studies as possible and organize them into various resource pages that work for *my* brain… it’s always good to know it’s working for others too. 🙂 Big kudos to you for your efforts to raise awareness and best of luck to you in your new home.

  10. Thank you for your exhaustive research and your blog to raise awareness! The more people know about GMOs and the monsters of death, the more we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the Earth.

  11. Like to know if anyone can call bee’s wax organic today, Many suppliers are claiming organic bee’s wax but bee’s travel great distances and can feed off GMO’s. We called the Bee Keepers of America and they say no one should claim bee’s wax to be organic.
    Does anyone know if there are changes to this?

  12. Dear Friend,

    We’ve written an article, not only as an introduction to GMOs, and not just on the subjects of labeling or the many harms presented by GMOs, but having been inspired by Vandana Shiva of the Seed Freedom Movement and many of you experts in the areas of Food, Farming, and GMOs, our article morphed into something altogether different. In order to tell the whole story and how we got where we are and where we’re going, we decided to write a very brief (we were able to keep it down to less than 10 pages of text) history of Agriculture. You won’t find this unbelievable (but true) story written in any of our History books.

    We are not alone. We found that many of the world’s leading experts have arrived at these same conclusions, that the whole system of Agriculture, both here and internationally, that of chemical-input-intensive (and livestock-confinement) Agribusiness, is a failed system, broken beyond repair. Unless we see fundamental change soon, we will be unable to produce enough Food and be Sustainable in a world of Climate Change. The UN Conference on Trade and Development issued a report on September 18, 2013 entitled, WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. (PDF link provided)

    During six months of research, we read hundreds of articles and watched dozens of videos provided by experts like you, and all we did was connect the dots.

    Miracle of Seeds vs GMOs and other Freak of Nature Foods
    A Very Brief History of Agriculture

    We ask you to help us get this story out, and please feel free to use it in your mobilization efforts. We are non-commercial. Our only goal is Education.



    PS Please also share this email and article with your colleagues. We need your help, wanting the whole world to read it, especially the undecided.

  13. Hello, you state that a 70% Organic claim does not guarantee GMO free. This is incorrect. In order to qualify for the government regulated “70% Organic” or “Made With” Organic label, all ingredients both organic and conventional must be sourced GMO Free. Also, testing to ensure products are below a certain level of GMO does nothing but put additional pressure on organic farmers and at the end of the day only discourages them from staying organic or switching to organic farming. Due to GMO drift, no organic ingredient can ensure 100% non-GMO. We need to encourage more farmers to go organic, not make it more difficult on our existing ones to stay organic. All or at least the vast majority of ingredients sourced non-GMO will have extremely low GMO levels. Our goal needs to be labeling GMO’s thereby rallying more consumer opposition to GMO seed and eventually eliminating from our food supply. Please support the national Just Label It campaign!

  14. Hey there,
    I have been following you for a while on Facebook and I just wanted to share this movie with you.
    My crew and I made it and it would mean a lot to us if you could/would watch it and if you like it, maybe even share it with your followers.
    Thank You so much for you time!


  15. Hi, I am a student at Environmental Charter High School and I was wondering if I could visit and see the work you do to learn more.
    -Aaron Penales

    • Aaron, we are private citizens who have chosen to raise awareness about GMOs by investigating, compiling and communicating as much careful research as possible. If you are interested in visiting a GMO education organization, I would encourage you to contact the Institute for Responsible Technology.

  16. Hi, I’m The owner of Flicks Candy Company in Fresno, CA. We are a small family business that is switching to GMO Chocolate for most of our products. How do we get permission or get audited to use the GMO-free insignia?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Jim! Assuming you mean switching to non-GMO chocolate 🙂 you have several choices: 1) if your source provider of the GMO-free chocolate *has* been verified, you can find or create your own “GMO free” insignia and place it on your packaging with accompanying text that provides the company name / website to the GMO-free chocolate provider—assuming their website includes the details of their third party certification. In other words, this tells your consumers that your chocolate is GMO-free, and enables them to visit the provider to verify. 2) you can go through the process / application / expense of getting verified with the Non-GMO Project; after which you can apply their insignia on your label. This is a well-known label that many shoppers look for. 3) If all of your ingredients are organic, you can go through the process / application / expense of getting the USDA Organic certification; after which you can apply that insignia on your label. Some manufacturers do both #2 and #3 since many consumers aren’t aware that USDA Organic = GMO-free. Very best of luck to you and big kudos for making the responsible choice!

  17. Found it interesting attending a scientific conference in England on alum salts toxicity how the USDA is allowing GMO grants to those that would grow in depleted soils not fit for organic seeds and allow pesticides, herbicides, and alum salts to be transferred to the uptake into plants. These ions of alums are the basis of many pesticide and herbicides are of no human benefit and are responsible for many aliments. The accumulation enters the liver, brain, breast, bone to name a few areas that scientist have already found. The difficulty is to rid the body of alums as it binds to other metals in the human body. Eating organic reduces exposure and the fact many people are unable to buy organic is creating a health care nightmare for us. Black underarms, bulging livers, early dementia, closed lymph nodes are just a few of signs of aluminum toxicity. Detoxing and cleansing externally is the new market for ridding the body of alum waste in the human body,

  18. Hello! I am interested in putting the GMO-Awarness brand on a Not-For-Profit Music Video that is going to be released sometime this week.

    Please Email me at d_wu@u.pacific.edu so I may show you the first draft and we can discuss further 🙂

  19. Hello! not sure if my earlier comment got posted.

    I am interested in using the GMO-Awareness brand in a not for profit music video that is going to be released sometime this week. Please email me at d_wu@u.pacific.edu so we may discuss further! 🙂

  20. Hi there! Murray’s Chicken is proud to say that we’re now offering Non-GMO Project Verified chicken! We really appreciate your blog and the awareness it creates and conversations it starts. Check out our website if you get the chance: murrayschicken.com Together maybe we can spread the word to get rid of GMOs!

  21. Thanks for all your hard work. Just noticed above that your copyright date wasn’t update above “© GMO-Awareness.com, 2011” and wanted to mention it so someone doesn’t try and take it from you.

    Blessings as you encourage all of us.

    • Tonya you are so thoughtful, thank you. A copyright notice includes the year of first publication of the work. If it took several years to publish something, then a copyright notice would include a range of years (i.e., 2011-2014). However, because the life of a blog typically spans multiple years, some attorneys are now recommending that blogs list all of the years that they have been publishing… which was news to me, so I will make that change now. That said, we’ve had countless instances of our content being republished without credit; I’ve tried to remind myself that “all awareness is good awareness” when that happens. 🙂 Thank you again!

  22. I am also wanting to be a voice…. writing articles to get people thinking (a novel idea these days) & spread the word against the GMO continued development and use. Your research and information is one of the best I have come across. I noticed that you allow for link backs to your site for credit / reference. If you have any other desires concerning the proper usage of any information you have shared, please let me know. I want to do everything the right way. This is just such an important topic and although it is gaining awareness, I don’t believe that so much of the “products” (hate to call them food) would be in our stores if people really understood what was going on. Thanks for what you are doing!

    • Paul we are happy to hear of your desire to raise awareness! The best way to give another author credit is to post a paragraph describing your perspective and/or a synopsis of their article (or research page), followed by a “to read the full article, click here” link back to their blog. If you choose to post the article in its entirety, a prominent “written by GMO-Awareness.com” (with a live link) at the beginning of the article, followed by a second source link at the end is another good option. Thank you very much for asking, and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have material that you’d like us to consider featuring here!

  23. Could you please consider adding Vermont Village Applesauce to your list. Family owned, Vermont company. We know all our farmers and where our ingredients come from. Kettle-cooked, GMO free, gluten free, kosher, certified by Vermont Organic Farmers Assoc.

  24. Hi there,

    My name is Devon and I am the producer of The Morning News with Philip Till on CKNW Radio in Vancouver, BC. I’d like to speak to you regarding a potential phone interview (on Thursday, Jan. 30th) regarding GMO’s.

    Please contact me via email and we can discuss!


  25. I have searched your website pretty well and by the way, thank you for all you’re doing! It is completely OVERWHELMING though to even think we can stay away from GMO foods – unless:
    1) they finally “label” GMO foods – LOL…
    2) we eat almost completely from our own gardens (even that has “some” risk) and we buy only from local farmers we trust.

    Would you agree or possibly add something?

    • If you haven’t found it yet, I’d check out this page of our site. Choosing USDA Organic and/or Non-GMO Project Certified is still your best bet for avoiding GMO ingredients when shopping at the grocery store. Growing your own food is another great option, provided your property hasn’t been doused with RoundUp by the previous homeowner, you’re sourcing non-GMO Seeds, and using organic compost. I personally do not feel so bleak… especially when reading articles talking about farmers shifting away from GMO crops for both practical and financial reasons. Keep choosing organic… it’s the best way to support, encourage, and increase the number of companies that are doing it right.

  26. Hi! I work in Social Media Marketing for one of the companies that you have listed. When people ask us about our GMO status and how many products we make that are non-GMO or Project Verified, I’d love to direct them to this site. However, some of the information you have on us should be updated. Would you have time to speak so that I can clarify a few points? Looking forward to speaking. Thanks!

  27. Hello I tried to post a link to an article from the New Yorker about syngentias treatment of a scientist who was exposing the bio-persistent toxicity of atrizine. Oddly it would not post twice. Is there a reason that you are aware of why that did not post? The way it relates to Monsanto is as an example of how corporate tactics (trolls, threats, smears, disinfo, and worse) are deployed toward those that expose the atrocities they release into our environment

    • Not knowing where you are located, here’s what I’d suggest: look on this page of our website to see if you can find a Facebook page of an anti-GMO group in your state. If you can find a group that seems to be nearby, send a private Facebook message to that group’s page administrator and ask them. Hopefully this will locate someone able to do this for you!

  28. Hi there, I’m writing a story with Capital News Online on the GM salmon produced by AquaBounty Technologies that are approved to be hatched in Canada. I am looking with your permission to reproduce your time line on the history of GMO foods as a multimedia component to our story. Please let me know asap if you give your permission. Thanks and good work here, I really like your blog! P.S. This is our publication: http://www.capitalnews.ca/

  29. Hello
    We have exclusively gmo-free product line, meaning there are no other products besides gmo-free. Could we register the brand with your blog? If yes, please advise how to proceed. Thanks!

  30. Hello
    We have exclusively gmo-free product line, meaning there are no other products besides gmo-free. Could we register the brand with your blog? If yes, please advise how to proceed. Thanks!

  31. Hi, my daughter is doing a report for school on GMO’s. She would love to include a few comments from you. Just a couple easy questions. Please feel free to e-mail us with your answers.

    1) Do you believe GMOs are a problem (and why)?

    2)What are you doing to prevent this problem?

    3)Do you have any suggestions about what I can do personally to help solve this problem?

    Thank you!

  32. You may be interested in our new book
    From the Council for Responsible Genetics

    The GMO Deception
    What You Need to Know about the Food, Corporations,
    and Government Agencies Putting Our Families and Our Environment at Risk
    Edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Jeremy Gruber
    Foreword by Ralph Nader
    “If you do not understand why there is so much opposition to GMOs, nationally and internationally, this book is the place to start.” —Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University and author of Eat Drink Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics
    “This eye-opening collection of essays by numerous experts lays bare what global corporations like Monsanto are attempting to foist upon us, as well as how activists around the world are fighting back to preserve our children’s future.” —Dick Russell, environmental author
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    Edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Jeremy Gruber, with a foreword by Ralph Nader, The GMO Deception gives voice to some of the world’s most distinguished scientists, science writers, and public health advocates, including Michael Hansen, Vandana Shiva, Frances Moore Lappé, Bill Freese, John Fagan, Michael Antoniou, Claire Robinson, Philip Bereano and Doug Gurian-Sherman, among others. Together, their essays address the GMO debate and answer important questions like:

    • Are GM foods safe and healthy for us?
    • Who really controls the power structure of food production?
    • Why is it so difficult to get GM foods labeled in the US?
    • What kinds of regulations and policies do we need?
    • Should animals be genetically modified for food?

    We can’t afford to be in the dark about how genetically modified food affects our health, our environment, and our dinner table. From “Why GM Crops Will Not Feed the World” to “The Biopiracy of Wild Rice,” every facet of the debate is explored. The GMO Deception presents a broad, immersive portrait of an issue that’s not going away.

    About the Editors
    Sheldon Krimsky is the Carol Zicklin Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Brooklyn College, the Lenore Stern Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Tufts University, and adjunct professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at the School of Medicine at Tufts University. He lives in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Jeremy Gruber, JD, is the president and executive director of the Council for Responsible Genetics. He is a founder and executive committee member of the Coalition for Genetic Fairness. He is regularly featured in print, on the radio, and on television. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

  33. I am concerned about the GMO content of Annie’s Naturals products. The label states they obtain ingredients from sources who state they not genetically modified. In this world we live in, what someone “states” cannot be trusted. If Annie’s Naturals is not obtaining their ingredients from certified non-GMO sources, I don’t think you should have them on your non-GMO list. Only certified non-GMO (or certified organic) products should be listed.

    • Always look for a USDA Organic and/or Non-GMO Project certification label. The majority of Annie’s products carry this. Since there is no national standard for GMO labeling, we must currently rely on those two certification labels.

  34. I am a medical anthropologist and director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease. Here is a Health Alert we are now putting out about GE Baker’s yeast, which may be contaminating our food supply. http://www.killerculture.com/health-alert-obesity-diabetes-and-gluten-intolerance-may-be-caused-by-foods-contaminated-with-ge-bakers-yeast/ This may be the cause of the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics, as well as sensitivity to gluten. Please share. Thanks.

  35. Hi! We are recently had 6 of our products verified by the NonGMO Project and I am trying to spread the word. Is it possible to get our brand listed as a place to find NonGMO Verified Items? We are currently updating our website to reflect our new photography and labels. Thanks so much.

  36. My 13 year old had a severe allergic reaction 30 minutes after consuming part of a Bolthouse Farms smoothie (his second time consuming, first time was day before and no reaction…sensitized by the 2nd dose, the doctor said). No time for a hospital. 8 teaspoons of Benadryl later the hives from his scalp to his feet, his purplish throat area, red trunk, arms and blistered legs, swollen head and eyes along with the chills and nausea receded. Marks still visible on him the next day… and after I came out of survival mode…reality became clear. I returned the dozen or so bottles to grocery store and they suggested an incident report be completed. The store was great and the grocery chain’s corporate service called us the very next morning. They stated Bolthouse would also be calling us. It has been 12 days, no word from Bolthouse. Two docs said do not trust any ingredient labels. We also learned of FDA loopholes. I just want a bean with a string in it again and to not raise a child in a world where an Epi-Pen is a standard item all families have to carry when they eat since they cannot avoid dangers due to legally hidden GMO, processed allergens. Or as in the words if my 13 year old, “oh you mean that evil mutant smoothie.”

    • Look up under our “Resources” link for GMO Brochures. That first one (GMO FAQs) is a great one to give out. Bear in mind, in our experience, those who have their minds made up won’t give credit to any facts, but that doesn’t deter us from working with those who are willing to be PRO science versus BIASED science. 🙂

    • Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms that have had new traits introduced to them through changes or additions to their genomes, usually the addition of one or more new traits that do not occur naturally. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is injected into the organism to cause genetic changes. Genetic modification is commonly used in agriculture to enhance or add traits to plants for different purposes.

  37. Hi. I’m doing a project at school about GMO. I need to have contact with someone with knowledge about. I was wondering if I would be able to contact you for any questions that I have about GMO?

  38. Great site! Good information. Thank you for your efforts!


    I urge to you re-think your listing of Wegman’s on your family owned GMO free organics list. I have been a customer of Wegman’s for more than 25 years. As the business was passed to the younger generation something went terribly wrong…it went “corporate”. I used to be a “Wegman’s fan” back when the business was centered on employee satisfaction and customer service. That is no longer the case. I have talked to the workers and found moral to have plummeted. I don’t even bother to call corporate Wegman’s with complaints…I just get “pat answers”. A customers voice is largely ignored.

    I recently found out from the employees that they are outsourcing work WITHIN their stores…ie. they have another company move merchandise within the store, not allowing the managers of that department dictate how it should be set up or even move the items! It’s challenging for the employees to get enough hours and get health insurance.
    With regard to food labeling, Nature’s Market used to have strict standards with regards to labeling. No longer. A walk through Nature’s Market isles and you find major food brands (such as General Mills, Post, etc.).

    I have been finding alternative, local sourcing for my food and non-food goods for the past year and hope to be “Wegman’s Free” by the end of next year. I no longer wish to support a company who does not care for their workers, and places profit over customer welfare and service.

    Wegman’s also a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Assoc. You know, the one’s who oppose GMO labeling.

    Shift Wegmans to the “Corporate” list!

  39. I love everything you said! I would love to cite you in a research paper I am doing for school in regards to the differences between conventionally grown foods and organically grown foods and why it’s better to buy and grow organic! Could I have some of your information, if you would allow me to cite you?

  40. GMO ‘ seeds or planting(e.g. Wheat/corn) are designed to grow in depleted soils where normal organic seeds would not survive nor give desired yield. Depleted soils from over farming leaves residual of heavy metals that can transfer these contaminates into plantings and eventually human consumption. Scientist have known that feeding animals with GMO food can be detrimental to the development of offsprings and effect the function of the organs. There is a need to measure the pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals in food to determine what we really are consuming.
    See Science Daily for studies on aluminum in corn and wheat. Or Chris Exley’s group of Aluminum scientists studies for more information.

  41. I would like to copy and print your article “Is Organic Always GMO Free?” with full credit to hand out at a talk on gut health I’m giving this week. I think this website is an awesome resource I’d like to point to for my students. May I? Of course, including web site address!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  42. Please watch this Video of APHIS / USDA that happened on 3/12 and 3/13. it is the first time the Government has openly talked about What and why and how… only 48 people watched this live and I had to fight to get A recording. The first 6 minutes suck.. but, then things get real nuts.. they want options from people and will not read anything that wont help “coexist” as they say GMO is here to stay.
    DAY 1 – March 12, 2015

    Webcast Link: http://mediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/68e5233e5ef0427c9f6d0c0aef8b3c151d

    DAY 2 – March 13, 2015

    Webcast Link: http://mediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/604cf39f19954cf3b569226d50b7911a1d

    only 8 people have commented.. http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2013-0047-4167

  43. Would love if you added Bearded Brothers to your list? We are a small family owned company out of Austin Texas, currently making Organic, Non-GMO energy bars.

  44. Hi,
    I’m making a poster for a world congress in San-Francisco (Conversation for Global Transformation). My poster makes a stand for GMO Free Food. I like to use images (e.g. statistical images) in my poster and love to refer to this gmo-awareness.com website. I like to have permission from you to do that. I think this is a great web-site with lots of information to share.

    Note: my facebook website is still under construction.

  45. Chandra Mouleeswaran.MK

    Dear GMO Awareness,

    We at our Auztra Famauz, the Organic Farming Consultant, love to use your articles and images to supply to our members during monthly meets. We don’t sell anything by way of our consultancy services; but bring together the Organic Farm Products Makers(Producers) and Organic Farm Product Users(Consumers) for consultation in the procurement and distribution system. We do this only locally and discourage any move among the members to form distribution chains or centralizing the distribution. We insist on only “Mutual Sharing” based on the monetary value of the products thus shared.
    For the purpose of proper education on GMO and Pure Organic Food, your articles and images will do immense help.
    Are all of these are under the Copy Right or Intellectual Property Right protection?
    If Yes, tell us how can we make use of these items? How to get licensed, if these do fall under the protection.;
    Thank You very much.
    Chandra Mouleeswaran.MK,

  46. Hello,
    I’m a French girl and I study at the University of Lausanne. I work for a researcher who investigates about NGO (size, impact, subsidy received by the state…). My job is to find the Federal EIN of each NGO we study. Do you have a Federal EIN? If so, can you send me please?

  47. Hi, Great website! Great resource!
    Please note: “Illinois Right to Know” should be “Illinois Right to Know GMO.”

    Thanks –

  48. Hi, I’m doing a lobby group presentation in my class, where I have to pretend to be in a lobby group. I found your anti-GMO quite interesting. Would it be Ok if I used some informations and quotes from your website in my presentation? I have given full credits to your Website. Thanks

  49. Can you suggest one or more books that will educate me on GMOs? I want something that is not fixated on “Monsanto is evil” because I want to be able to present a logical explanation, not a diatribe, to friends and family. And I want to be able to understand research papers. I can handle technical stuff … my background is in engineering, but my biology knowledge is weak. Thanks for your help!

  50. Just learned that “GMO FREE CANOLA OIL” can come from GMO crop, since no proteins get into refined oil produce, so it tests negative for gene test. Shady loophole in marketing language! Yikes!

  51. Hi! I can’t believe I’m just now coming across your site! Your mission is awesome. Thanks for all the education you’re doing. You’ve helped me realize how much I have to learn!

    So is why I’m posting, is I was looking at your list of grass fed and pasture raised meat companies, and I wanted to share one more. Full disclosure, I work for the company, but I hope that doesn’t make much difference in the products! We work with a small group of family owned farms to raise 100% Grass Fed Beef and pasture raised meats and sell them on our website straight to consumers looking for clean, healthy meat source, then deliver nationwide. Take a look and let me know what you think! http://www.farmergirlmeats.com Thanks

    TESTED FOR Glyphosate and GMOs?



  53. I am doing a school project on GMO and GMO labeling awareness.
    Could I use your information from this blog?
    and I will credit you on my sources.

  54. Thank you so much for your work. I just checked a bottle of ginger ale to see the sugar content, and I see: Partially Produced With Genetic Engineering. I can’t even believe this is happening. It’s time to really get informed and I intend to scour your site for information.

  55. Hi there!

    I like your site and would like to, with your permission, put a link to your blog on my site, would that be alright? I wonder if you might also take a look at my site and leave a comment or two? It’s still in process but any feedback would be helpful.

  56. May I use this information for my research paper for my Biology class? It seems to be the most legit info I can find on GMO’s. Also, most of the GMO-free brands are impossible to find in my area. Do you know of any places to order online? My daughter has sensitivities to the preservatives and junk in most foods. She has a sensory processing disorder and gets behaviors. Thanks!

  57. any input on which vitamin supplement brands keep to pure non-toxic ingredients? Any relationship between Solgar & Monsanto? in advance, many thx

    • Hello! We have not been able to research vitamins and supplements as this niche is beyond huge, sorry! Monsanto has no “connections” with food (or supplement) manufacturers, despite many misleading Facebook graphics to the contrary. Monsanto has created GMO crops. GMO crops are used to manufacture ingredients. Monsanto does no manufacturing. Hope that clears it up. 🙂

    • Most food manufacturers / brands / organic farms provide us with information about their company, in particular, what third party certification process the company does to verify the organic status of its products.

  58. Hello. Its always nice to see kindred spirits working to advance knowledge that benefits all mankind. Feeding an ever increasing number of humans on a constantly decreasing amount of farmland is an issue that will demand attention on its own. Yes it’s true after all. Science doesn’t care what you think and is undeterred by anyone’s unwillingness to understand it. Making sure future generations have enough to eat is a battle we are having now. Reducing the profile of animal protein and animal agriculture in our food system will be necessary to get there. If you’re into meat go ahead and enjoy a nice organic steak if you like. But do it responsibly. We didn’t used to eat a pound each at every meal and it shows. The negative affects on our health and environment are proof enough. That’s why we at Farm Soy Foods ( Certified organic by QCS ) producers of hand made organic tofu for over 40 yrs are energized more than ever to feed the most folks the best protein on the least land we can. It would make us happy to be added to your list of good guys. Have a safe and healthy day, Stephen Huddleston (owner) http://www.farmsoy.com

  59. With years of working with GMOs have scientists decided that GMO benefits outweigh its negatives?

    What is the cellular function of the transgene protein product? And what are the drawbacks of this?

    If GMOs don’t work and make a situation worse, what are the worst possibilities that could happen, and how would this affect agriculture, or people around it?

    • Think about the basic science. The GMO food are biological structures our human physiology does not understand. When our bodies come in contact with organisms it doesn’t understand, inflammation occurs and if exposure continues, dis-ease occurs. Hence, the incredible explosion of inflammatory diseases in the past 20years. Our genetics do not change as readily as plants, insects and small animals. They will survive; we will not. More technical science is not the answer. We need to go back to our biological start – feed our bodies with vegetation and proteins that our cells were programmed to understand and support our environment so that those that they will continue to be available to us in that state.

  60. Hi, I’ve read through your site and agree with empowering the public through education. We have an organic small private beverage company that is GMO Free and control our own sources. We would love if you would review our product to see if it makes the cut for the gmo free band list as well as any others you see fit. http://www.sneakz.com is our home and I would be happy to send samples out for personal review. Please email bandit@sneakz.com if you are interested. Thanks for your time! Steve

  61. Dear gmo awareness web site creator, I am writing from Switzerland. I am part of a committee starting an initiative to forbid the use of synthetic pesticides in the country of Switzerland. I would like to use the picture of a woman eating a sandwich while it is being spraid with pesticides that you used in your section about gluten allergy. Could you please tell me who own that picture? We would like a written permission to translate it in French, German and Italian and use it for our own campaign.
    Thank you very much,

  62. Have you heard about DNA vaccines for animals in the meat and dairy industries and what their health effects might be for humans ingesting these products? I heard that these vaccines will be mandatory even for organically raised animals. What are your thoughts?

  63. Hi there,

    I love your site and that you do all the research for the health conscious and GMO aware community.

    I was wondering if our family run organic supplement company could make your ‘Family-Owned Organic GMO-Free Brands’ list.

    Please check us out on: http://www.nativorganics.com

    Many thanks,

    • Hello… we are no longer doing blog posts (there are plenty of excellent sites keeping up with the latest GMO news these days) but we do maintain it (and pay for it) to keep all the reference pages and information visible.

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