More About Glyphosate (RoundUp)

Presented below are ten sobering facts about Glyphosate (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller, which the majority of Monsanto’s seeds are genetically engineered to withstand):

Soybean leaves diseased1) Glyphosate causes disease and biological / physiological disorders in crops

Fifteen years of research by the USDA indicates that the chemical glyphosate, the key ingredient in RoundUp herbicide, is linked to fungal root disease in plants.

Purdue Report about biological/physiological disorders:


2) Glyphosate is no longer effective at killing weeds

Article about Superweeds:
International Database on Glycines (Glyphosate family):
Iowa State:
University of Arkansas:
National Academy of Sciences Report:


3) Glyphosate use is increasing steadily

According to the USGS, more than 88,000 tons of glyphosate were used in the United States in 2007, up from 11,000 tons in 1992. Since the advent of “super weeds,” the use of glyphosate (and other even stronger weed killers) has risen significantly.



4) Glyphosate is not breaking down as promised

In 1996, New York’s attorney general sued Monsanto over the company’s use of “false and misleading advertising” about RoundUp. That case ended with Monsanto agreeing to stop calling Roundup “biodegradable,” and to pull ads claiming that Roundup was “safer than table salt,” “practically nontoxic,” and “stayed where you put it.”

Two decades after the advent of “RoundUp Ready” crops and their dominance in the agricultural marketplace, the evidence of their falsehoods abound: multiple studies have found significant levels of glyphosate in streams, soil, air, rainwater, and groundwater:

51 Midwestern Streams in 9 states:
Rain and Streams (2011):
Mississippi and Iowa Streams:
Mississippi Air and Rain:
Soil (2015):
Soil (2016 report citing multiple studies):
Atmosphere, Soil and Surface Water in Alberta, Canada:

In our food: a  recent study found that Glyphosate residues in the main foods of the Western diet – sugar, wheat, and genetically modified corn and soy – inhibit critical enzymes in mammals [which] manifests slowly over time, as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body. Source:

In humans (study #1):  No surprise, a study done in Germany in 2012 found glyphosate in all of the urine samples it took from non-agricultural workers in Berlin, at levels 5-20 times the limit for drinking water. Source:

In humans (study #2):  in June 2013, another study found traces of glyphosate in the urine samples of individuals across 18 countries in Europe. Summary:  Original Study Report:

In pregnant women (study #3):

In humans and animals (study #4):  in January 2014, researchers from Germany and Egypt discovered that animals fed GM feed had much higher levels of glyphosate in their urine and organs than animals fed non-GM or organic feed, which translated into higher levels of the toxic chemical in humans as well. Source:

rat tumor5) Glyphosate causes birth defects, tumors, disease, and reproductive disorders in animals, antibiotic resistance, and contributes to the decline of monarch butterflies

And often at dilutions far lower than the concentrations used in agricultural and even home garden spraying…


June 2011 report assembled by an international team of scientists revealed that studies done as early as the 1980s by biotech and ag-industry corporations (including Monsanto) all showed that Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate causes birth defects in laboratory animals… again, at very low exposures. Read a related article here.

Glyphosate test charts

6) Glyphosate is a genotoxic endocrine disruptor to human cells and gut bacteria

Human Cells:

Human Placental Cells:

Gut Bacteria: our gut bacteria was recently discovered to contain the very same metabolic pathway in plants that is being targeted and disrupted by Glyphosate—in direct opposition to Monsanto’s claims that the human body did not contain this pathway: (watch a full video presentation on this topic).

sprayweeds roundup
Glyphosate is the key ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller, along with other “inert” ingredients that are potentially even more dangerous. Use vinegar instead!

7) Glyphosate is linked to cancer and deadly kidney disease in humans

Three studies have linked glyphosate exposure with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma:


A 2014 study linked glyphosate exposure to kidney disease in multiple countries:,-phosphate-fertilizer:-study/2081217214

DNA damage

8) Glyphosate causes DNA damage

Inhalation of glyphosate was observed to cause DNA damage after short exposure to concentrations that correspond to the 450-fold dilution of spraying most commonly used in agriculture:


EPA crop

9) The EPA is still working on Glyphosate’s human risk assessment

Although the EPA has found the time to establish a National Acceptable Daily Intake of glyphosate (5.5% per day; as cited in the study done on pregnant women), long-term human risk assessment studies are slow to emerge.

EPA Study Outline and Schedule:

GMO Crop charts

10) Glyphosate resistance is the primary purpose of genetic crop engineering

GM crops have been responsible for a 527 million pound increase in herbicide use in the United States over the first 16 years of commercial use of GM crops (1996 – 2011).

Article in Reuters:
Article compiling facts researched by Nature Magazine:
Study Report containing multiple source links: Benbrook, C. 2009. Impacts of Genetically Engineered Crops on Pesticide Use: The First Thirteen Years

superweed giant ragweed
Glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed infesting RoundUp Ready corn; photo by Dr. Bill Johnson

Additional Sources and Studies about Glyphosate:

For those who want as many scientific references, peer-reviewed studies, and reports as possible…

Why Glyphosate Should be Banned
A Review of its Hazards to Health and the Environment
Sirinathsinghji, E., Ho, Mae-Wan
ISIS Report:
Glyphosate Fact Sheet from Beyond Pesticides
Glyphosate Fact Sheet from
Glyphosate Fact Sheet from the Journal of Pesticide Reform
Glyphosate Toxicology
Caroline Cox. Journal of Pesticide Reform, Volume 15, Number 3, Fall 1995. Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, Eugene, OR.

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105 thoughts on “More About Glyphosate (RoundUp)

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  2. So, if there is so much evidence of how it’s killing us, why is it still being used? Does Monsanto and big corporation now have such a strangle hold on the justice system that nothing can be done? They are – evidenced by this article – responsible for billions of dollars in health care and deaths from cancer and other related diseases AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE?????? Has the world gone mad?

    • Yes, Priscilla – the world HAS gone mad!

      Seinfeld referred to it as a ‘bizarro world’:
      Up is down, down is up.
      Wrong is right – but right is not just wrong, it’s almost illegal.
      SURELY you’ve heard of the “Mensanti Protection Act” (mispeled on porpoise) – passed by Congress (bi-partisan, pretty sure) in early 2013 and signed into law by the generalissimo HIMSELF, which voids any suit brought against the big M (or their competitor/cohorts) in the event of any liability for inconsequential stuff like death, mutations, cancer etc.
      America is in a squeeze!
      I STILL haven’t figured out WHY these prople WANT do bring collapse to this country, when they TOO will have to deal with and suffer the consequences of the actions they force upon us..

    • What about all the evidence of smoking and especially second hand smoke. Why is the justice system not doing anything about that, they are as you say quote “responsible for billions of dollars in health care and deaths from cancer and other related diseases AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE?????? Has the world gone mad?” Yes it has!!!

      • yes amy you are correct ,we as humans lost the fight on the cigarette issue.does that mean that we have to swallow GMO s and die from that as well

      • Tobacco is not detrimental to your health but the chemicals allowed to be used in the cigs are. I am a senior citizen and recall no one dying as a child from smoking because it was not laced with chemicals as it is now. Of course, I believe smoking has adverse effects to a degree but it was not something I witnessed growing up and almost everyone smoked in those days.

    • Yes, Priscilla. Michael Taylor is head of the FDA AND a Monsanto board executive. Monsanto has lobbyists and a lot of money invested into the United States legal and political system. Clarence Thomas, that sits on the Supreme Court will rule in favor of Monsanto every single time, just as he always has, because he used to be a lawyer for Monsanto. The corruption of Monsanto extends through the whole United States and touches Obama, Clinton, and every other political head with power and clout. The best thing you can do right now is, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s a senator of Vermont which recently got a law that all GMOS MUST be labeled.

    • The world hasn’t gone mad. The people have been dumbed down to believe whatever they are told by government controlled media outlets and the politicians that control them. Monsanto is a global company that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and has ex-employees in the FDA and the EPA which are still loayal to Monsanto and probably still on their payroll off the books. That is how they get things pushed through or delayed.

      • Yes and purposefully dumbed down by the design of the food we eat. Monsanto and big pharma work together. Monsanto makes us sick and
        Big Pharma gets paid. Its just lovely…

    • Monsantos is a multibillion dollar global corporation that has former employees in the upper levels of the FDA. That is how they can say that a toxin is safe and get away with it. If you haven’t been watching, yes, the world has gone mad.

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  20. I have begun my own investigation of non GMO foods and have decieded..I don’t care if my plate is full of French fries, ketchup, Big Burger and chocolate milkshake if it’s non GMO I’m eating and smiling!!

  21. There is an excellent video about RoundUp and it’s effects on the soil called “Symphony of the Soil”. Same producer made “The Future of Food” which is on YouTube. This product essentially “nukes” the soil and kills everything, potentially beneficial microorganisms included. Little-reported is the fact that some farmers are actually going in the other direction and deliberately adding mycorrhizae to stimulate beneficial fungal-root interactions

    RoundUp is the ultimate in short-term thinking. It’s like shooting speed, there is an immediate effect but at the tremendous risk of long-term health. Our government-corporate complex is controlled by paganistic monsters who don’t care about anything but what they can get away with NOW. And the same political operatives turn around and squeal about “climate change”!

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  29. Seek out and SIGN every PETITION AGAINST GMO’s….especially SIGN Petitions against a proposed Bill referred to as: DARK -Deny Americans the Right to Know.

  30. This is NOT USA BAITING. Please accept that.

    The USA is the world’s ONLY superpower. The USA acts as the world policeman, sometimes justifiably, sometimes NOT. Look back on Iraq, Libya and several other places. You can form your own opinion. There is plenty of criticism in the USA itself about Bush and Iraq.

    These methods of control costs money – plenty of it, and the USA simply cannot afford it. It simply does not have that kind of liquid cash.

    Control through food is easier – that too, indirectly through Monsanto and what they are is doing. This is free assistance in CONTROL. With the firm application of Monsanto’s conditions for use of GM seed, control through food is definite.

    Fortunately for the world, Monsanto’s seed did not live up to expectations. They are killing and distorting the human race. But if the USA accepted the faults in Monsanto’s seed, they should be banned first in the USA. If that is done, Monsanto cannot force it on others. Then possible control through food is not possible.

    What is the end result? The people of the USA have become guinea pigs, sacrificial offerings and the victims. They are being soaked in glyphosate to maintain the LIE of glyphosate

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  35. This angers me so much that mansanto can get away with this. They are killing us and most people dont even see it or are just too ignorant to believe it. If there werent so many people in this world we wouldnt have to produce massive anounts of fake food. Everything you eat or drink has been altered by man. People need to wakeup from there clouded judgment and take a stand.

    • So you’re for population control?
      I see exactly how bad this chemical is and i would recommend it to kill plants and weeds that are unwanted, anything woody like ragweed or dogweed need something stronger… I sure wouldn’t recommend drinking it.

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  48. “Practically every food you buy in a store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food. There are no wild seedless watermelons, there are no wild cows”
    – Niel deGrasse Tyson

    • In the broadest interpretation of genetic modification, he is correct. However please don’t be misled by the recent homogenization of the term “genetic modification” (as promoted by Monsanto et al) in an effort to confuse the public about two very different approaches to the development of plants and animals. Hybridization involves the combination of like species. Genetic engineering involves the combination of entirely unrelated species, through random insertion of foreign genetic material in a laboratory. Feel free to learn more on this page:

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