GMOs… Who Ya Gonna Call?

Obama Contact Congress

Ready to pick up the phone and start calling people in the government? Here are some phone numbers to get you started:

Call Your Senator

First off, start with your local Senator. This website page lists all the current members of Senate (with phone numbers), which you can sort by your state to help you find yours.

Once you locate their name, I’d also recommend you do a search using their name over on Facebook (the search field is at the top of your Facebook page) to see if they have a Facebook page you can post on too… most do!

Call Your Congressman / Congresswoman

Next up, find your local House Representative (also referred to as a Congressman or Congresswoman) and contact them. Here’s the website that lists each one by state… complete with phone number and what Committee they are involved in… focus on the ones dealing with Agriculture.

Just like Senators, many Congressmen and women have their own Facebook page… follow the step listed under Senators to find them.

(Note: some states have websites that allow you to find both your Senator and your local district’s Representative. The way to find out if your state has a website like this is to google the following 3 word search phrase: find legislator ___ <– inserting the name of your state as the third word.)

Contact the FDA

Main line for general questions: 1-888-463-6332
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition for food-related questions: 1-888-723-3366
And here’s their website with additional contact info.

Call the White House

Want to go straight to the top? Here’s the contact page for sending a question or comment directly to the White House.

Petition the White House

Want to start your own petition? Here’s the White House’s “We the People” petition website.

Call the Farm Bill Committee

Below is a list of all the Farm Bill Committee members, with huge thanks to Occupy the Farm Bill for assembling this info!

Subcommittee Chairman Bob Casey
(215) 405-9660, (717) 231-7540

Patrick Leahy
(802) 863-2525, (202) 224-4242

Tom Harkin
(319) 365-4504, (563) 322-1338, (202) 224-3254

Sherrod Brown
(216) 522-7272, (202) 224-2315

Michael Bennet
(303) 455-7600, (202) 224-5852

Kirsten Gillibrand
(518) 431-0120, (202) 224-4451

Ranking Member – Dick Lugar
(317) 226-5555, (202) 224-4814

Thad Cochran
(601) 965-4459, (202) 224-5054

Mitch McConnell
(502) 582-6304, (202) 224-2541

Mike Johanns
(402) 758-8981, (402) 476-1400, (202) 224-4224

John Hoeven
(701) 250-4618, (202) 224-2551

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4 thoughts on “GMOs… Who Ya Gonna Call?

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  2. Great list! Especially the Farm Bill! You might want to include their facebook pages so people can post there too, and these: (any other agencies?)



    and while I’m here, here’s a list of Petitions about GMO, food safety, the farm bill, bees etc. to sign!

  3. Excellent idea. Have you got a Canadian equivalent list so I can start letting my “powers to be” know I won’t tolerate this abuse of our food source.

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