Movies to Watch – GMO and More

Start by watching these videos:

Additional movies, documentaries and videos, organized alphabetically:

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29 thoughts on “Movies to Watch – GMO and More

  1. Please add “The Future of Food” to this list of DVDs. It is excellent: It contains a very good layman’s explanation of how GMOs are developed, and it contains commentaries by luminaries like Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety. One of the best documentaries I have seen. I checked a copy out from our local library, but here’s a link to the official website:

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  10. A few months ago i saw a trailer for a movie about people who healed from things from autismt to cancer after taking gmos out of their diet and going organic. I think it may be new…anybody know how i can find it?

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  13. Great list of documentaries!!
    I need you help trying to find a documentary, i have seen a trailer a while ago so i dont have much info on it. you are my last chance after spending hours looking for it 🙂
    Its about corn and all the indigenous varieties of south America, there is this guy who i believe is traveling all across south America trying to collect as many different corn seeds (it could be other like bean seeds also)as possible but the quantities of seed is so immense that he calls in for a brother i think to join him and help him get all those seeds back to US. I think they are both farmers and they have kind of a rock and roll/biker look.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. This link does not work: Here’s the latest research from MIT — featuring an easy to understand discussion connecting the dots between GMOs, RoundUp ready crops, and the sudden significant spike in diseases.
    Can you find a different resource that shows it?

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