Month of Action for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy

Vandana Seed Food Earth Democracy Month
From September 20 through October 20, 2014, the Global Alliance for Seed Freedom is calling on people from around the globe to reaffirm a world-wide commitment to Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy.

What can you do to get involved?

Unleash your creativity… plan your own local actions and events… spread the word!

Sign the Declaration of Seed Freedom:

Explore ideas for taking action:

Add your actions to the Seed Freedom Calendar for promotion:

Find events and actions near you:

???????????????????????????????Palazzo Budini Gattai, Florence: Open meeting with Associations and movements concerned with seed, food and access to the Soil, to debate and share strategies for the future and to strengthen the movement for Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy (Photo: Kartikey Shiva; 9 April 2014)

Here are just a few of the upcoming events:

September 29:  National Day of Corn

Celebrate this important event with the people of Mexico to protect the most sacred of Mexico’s many indigenous gifts to the world: corn.

Show support for their intensified social movements and resistance against government and corporate power.

Commemorate this day by celebrating the special seeds and foods that represent your own cultural identity. When we save our seeds, we’re saving the seeds of our cultural diversity.

October 2nd:  worldwide “Seed Satyagraha

On this birth anniversary of Gandhi, who left us the legacy of “Swaraj”- self-organised freedom and “Satyagraha”- the force of truth, we celebrate a worldwide Seed Satyagraha  renewing our commitment to civil disobedience against unjust seed laws.

October 13:  Indigenous People’s Day (formerly Columbus Day)

On this day we honor our seeds, for they are inseparable from the earth, the land, and the soil which are the basis for a new living economy. Join the various movements that are protecting our planet, and sow seeds of hope to create new economies as co-creators and co-producers with the Earth.

October 16:  World Food Day

Let the world know that Seed Freedom is the basis of Food Freedom and Food Sovereignty, versus corporate-controlled agriculture that has dramatically increased the price of food all around the world.

Let the world know that agroecology is a far more sophisticated and holistic science of agriculture than biotechnology.

Counter the biotechnology industry’s PR campaign with the facts presented in the report “The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes”:

Demand farmers’ rights to save and exchange seeds, and citizens’ rights to know and choose what they eat, as the founding principles of food democracy.

Join Seed Freedom online:

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