Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen

When you take a moment to reflect on the history of product development at Monsanto, what do you find? Here are twelve products that Monsanto has brought to market. See if you can spot the pattern…


#1 – Saccharin

Did you know Monsanto got started because of an artificial sweetener? John Francisco Queeny founded Monsanto Chemical Works in St. Louis, Missouri with the goal of producing saccharin for Coca-Cola. In stark contrast to its sweet beginnings, studies performed during the early 1970s,* including a study by the National Cancer Institute in 1980, showed that saccharin caused cancer in test rats and mice.

After mounting pressure from consumers, the Calorie Control Council, and manufacturers of artificial sweeteners and diet sodas, along with additional studies (several conducted by the sugar and sweetener industry) that reported flaws in the 1970s studies, saccharin was delisted from the NIH’s Carcinogen List. A variety of letters from scientists advised against delisting; the official document includes the following wording to this day: “although it is impossible to absolutely conclude that it poses no threat to human health, sodium saccharin is not reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen under conditions of general usage as an artificial sweetener.” (*Read the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s History of Saccharin here.)


#2 – PCBs

During the early 1920s, Monsanto began expanding their chemical production into polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) to produce coolant fluids for electrical transformers, capacitors, and electric motors. Fifty years later, toxicity tests began reporting serious health effects from PCBs in laboratory rats exposed to the chemical.

After another decade of studies, the truth could no longer be contained: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a report citing PCBs as the cause of cancer in animals, with additional evidence that they can cause cancer in humans. Additional peer-reviewed health studies showed a causal link between exposure to PCBs and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a frequently fatal form of cancer.

In 1979, the United States Congress recognized PCBs as a significant environmental toxin and persistent organic pollutant, and banned its production in the U.S.  By then Monsanto already had manufacturing plants abroad, so they weren’t entirely stopped until the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants banned PCBs globally in 2001.

And that’s when Monsanto’s duplicity was uncovered: internal company memos from 1956 surfaced, proving that Monsanto had known about dangers of PCBs from early on.

In 2003, Monsanto paid out over $600 million to residents of Anniston, Alabama, who experienced severe health problems including liver disease, neurological disorders and cancer after being exposed to PCBs — more than double the payoff that was awarded in the case against Pacific Gas & Electric made famous by the movie “Erin Brockovich.”

And yet the damage persists: nearly 30 years after PCBs have been banned from the U.S., they are still showing up in the blood of pregnant women, as reported in a 2011 study by the University of California San Francisco; while other studies are indicating a parallel between PCBs and autism.


#3 – Polystyrene

In 1941, Monsanto began focusing on plastics and synthetic polystyrene, which is still widely used in food packaging and ranked 5th in the EPA’s 1980s listing of chemicals whose production generates the most total hazardous waste.

#4 – Atom bomb and nuclear weapons

Shortly after acquiring Thomas and Hochwalt Laboratories, Monsanto turned this division into their Central Research Department. Between 1943 to 1945, this department coordinated key production efforts of the Manhattan Project—including plutonium purification and production and, as part of the Manhattan Project’s Dayton Project, techniques to refine chemicals used as triggers for atomic weapons (an era of U.S. history that sadly included the deadliest industrial accident).

DDT is good for me old ad

#5 – DDT

In 1944, Monsanto became one of the first manufacturers of the insecticide DDT to combat malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. Despite decades of Monsanto propaganda insisting that DDT was safe, the true effects of DDT’s toxicity were at last confirmed through outside research and in 1972, DDT was banned throughout the U.S.


This chart illustrates how much dioxin an average American consumes per day

#6 – Dioxin

In 1945, Monsanto began promoting the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture with the manufacture of the herbicide 2,4,5-T (one of the precursors to Agent Orange), containing dioxin. Dioxins are a group of chemically-related compounds that since become known as one of the “Dirty Dozen” — persistent environmental pollutants that accumulate in the food chain, mainly in the fatty tissue of animals. In the decades since it was first developed, Monsanto has been accused of covering up or failing to report dioxin contamination in a wide range of its products.

Anh Trang Nhan Hoi Anh Orphanage #7 – Agent Orange

During the early 1960s, Monsanto was one of the two primary manufacturers of Agent Orange, an herbicide / defoliant used for chemical warfare during the Vietnam War. Except Monsanto’s formula had dioxin levels many times higher than the Agent Orange produced by Dow Chemicals, the other manufacturer (which is why Monsanto was the key defendant in the lawsuit brought by Vietnam War veterans in the United States).

(Pictured at left, Anh and Trang Nhan, with their father, when they first arrived at the Hoi An Orphanage; below are the same brothers shortly before Trang’s death. Source: Kianh Foundation Newsletter, Dec. 2011)

Agent orange boys orphanageAs a result of the use of Agent Orange, Vietnam estimates that over 400,000 people were killed or maimed, 500,000 children were born with birth defects, and up to 1 million people were disabled or suffered from health problems—not to mention the far-reaching impact it had on the health of over 3 million American troops and their offspring.

agent-orange-children-at-tudu-hospital-in-ho-chi-minh-city Internal Monsanto memos show that Monsanto knew of the problems of dioxin contamination of Agent Orange when it sold it to the U.S. government for use in Vietnam. Despite the widespread health impact, Monsanto and Dow were allowed to appeal for and receive financial protection from the U.S. government against veterans seeking compensation for their exposure to Agent Orange.

In 2012, a long 50 years after Agent Orange was deployed, the clean-up effort has finally begun. Yet the legacy of Agent Orange, and successive generations of body deformitieswill remain in orphanages throughout VietNam for decades to come.

(Think that can’t happen here? Two crops were recently genetically engineered to withstand a weedkiller made with one of the major components of Agent Orange, 2,4-D, in order to combat “super weeds” that evolved due to the excessive use of RoundUp.)

8 – Petroleum-Based Fertilizer

In 1955, Monsanto began manufacturing petroleum-based fertilizer after purchasing a major oil refinery. Petroleum-based fertilizers can kill beneficial soil micro-organisms, sterilizing the soil and creating a dependence, like an addiction, to the synthetic replacements. Not the best addiction to have, considering the rising cost and dwindling supply of oil…


#9 – RoundUp

During the early 1970s, Monsanto founded their Agricultural Chemicals division with a focus on herbicides, and one herbicide in particular: RoundUp (glyphosate). Because of its ability to eradicate weeds literally overnight, RoundUp was quickly adopted by farmers. Its use increased even more when Monsanto introduced “RoundUp Ready” (glyphosate-resistant) crops, enabling farmers to saturate the entire field with weedkiller without killing the crops.

While glyphosate has been approved by regulatory bodies worldwide and is widely used, concerns about its effects on humans and the environment persist. RoundUp has been found in samples of groundwater, as well as soil, and even in streams and air throughout the Midwest U.S., and increasingly in food. It has been linked to butterfly mortality, and the proliferation of superweeds. Studies in rats have shown consistently negative health impacts ranging from tumors, altered organ function, and infertility, to cancer and premature death; click here to find countless study references to support these statements.

#10 – Aspartame (NutraSweet / Equal)

An accidental discovery during research on gastrointestinal hormones resulted in a uniquely sweet chemical: aspartame. During the clinical trials conducted on 7 infant monkeys as part of aspartame’s application for FDA approval, 1 monkey died and 5 other monkeys had grand mal seizures—yet somehow aspartame was still approved by the FDA in 1974. In 1985, Monsanto acquired the company responsible for aspartame’s manufacture (G.D. Searle) and began marketing the product as NutraSweet. Twenty years later, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report listing 94 health issues caused by aspartame. (Watch a quick video here.)

rbgh cows

#11 – Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)

This genetically modified hormone was developed by Monsanto to be injected into dairy cows to produce more milk. Cows subjected to rBGH suffer excruciating pain due to swollen udders and mastitis, and the pus from the resulting infection enters the milk supply requiring the use of additional antibiotics. rBGH milk has been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer in humans.

#12 – Genetically Modified Crops / GMOs

In the early 1990s, Monsanto began gene-splicing corn, cotton, soy, and canola with DNA from viruses and bacteria in order to achieve one of two traits: an internally-generated pesticide (the corn or soy causes the insect’s stomach to rupture if they eat it), or an internal resistance to Monsanto’s weedkiller RoundUp (enabling farmers to drench their field with RoundUp to kill ever-stronger weeds).

Despite decades of promises that genetically engineered crops would “feed the world” with “more nutrients,” drought resistance, or yield, the majority of Monsanto’s profits are from seeds that are engineered to tolerate Monsanto’s RoundUp—providing them with an ever-increasing, dual income stream as weeds continue to evolve resistance to RoundUp.

Most sobering however, is that the world is once again buying into Monsanto’s “safe” claims.

Just like the early days of PCBs, DDT, Agent Orange, Monsanto has successfully fooled the general public and regulatory agencies into believing that RoundUp, and the genetically modified crops that help sell RoundUp, are “safe.” Despite the fact that NO human testing has ever been done on GMO crops!

Meanwhile, Monsanto has learned a thing or two in the past 100+ years of defending its dirty products: these days, when a new study shows the negative health or environmental impacts of GMOs, Monsanto attacks the study and its scientist(s) by flooding the media with counter claims from “independent” organizations, scientists, industry associations, blogs, sponsored social media, and articles by “private” public relations firms—all endorsed, founded, funded or maintained by Monsanto.

Unfortunately, few of us take the time to trace the members, founders, and relationships of these seemingly valid sources back to their little Monsanto secret. (Read more on this page.)

Fooling the FDA required a slightly different approach: click on the below chart compiled by Millions Against Monsanto to see how many former Monsanto VPs and legal counsel are now holding positions with the FDA. And don’t forget Clarence Thomas, former Monsanto attorney who is now a Supreme Court Justice, ruling in favor of Monsanto in every case brought before him.

Monsanto FDA

A Baker’s Dozen: #13 – Terminator Seeds

In the late 1990s, Monsanto developed the technology to produce sterile grains unable to germinate. The goal of these “Terminator Seeds” was to force farmers to buy new seeds from Monsanto year after year, rather than save and reuse the seeds from their harvest as they’ve been doing throughout centuries.

Fortunately this technology never came to market. Instead, Monsanto managed to accomplish the same thing by requiring farmers to sign a binding contract agreeing that they will not save or sell seeds from year to year, which forces them to buy new seeds and preempts the need for a “terminator gene.” Lucky for us… since the terminator seeds were capable of cross-pollination and could have contaminated local non-sterile crops.

What’s the Result of our Monsanto Legacy?

Between 75% to 80% of the processed food you consume every day has GMOs inside, and residues of Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide outside. But it’s not just processed food—fresh fruit and vegetables are next: genetically engineered sweet corn is already being sold at your local grocer, with apples and a host of other “natural” produce currently in field trials.

How is it that Monsanto is allowed to manipulate our food after such a dark product history? How is it they are allowed to cause such detrimental impact to our environment and our health?

According to the Organic Consumers Association, “There is a direct correlation between our genetically engineered food supply and the $2 trillion the U.S. spends annually on medical care, namely an epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases.

Instead of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, and grass-fed animal products, U.S. factory farms and food processors produce a glut of genetically engineered junk foods that generate heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer—backed by farm subsidies—while organic farmers receive no such subsidies.

Monsanto’s history reflects a consistent pattern of toxic chemicals, lawsuits, and manipulated science. Is this the kind of company we want controlling our world’s food supply?

P.S. Monsanto’s not alone. Other companies in the “Big Six” include Pioneer Hi-Bred International (a subsidiary of DuPont), Syngenta AGDow Agrosciences (a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, BASF (which is primarily a chemical company that is rapidly expanding their biotechnology division), and Bayer Cropscience (a subsidiary of Bayer). The website maintains a complete list of companies doing genetic engineering.

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904 thoughts on “Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen

  1. Monsanto = evil. Their decades of producing dangerous cancer inducing products, knowingly and without compunction or compassion, is simply criminal. They should be shut down, prosecuted, punished, made to swallow their own poisons.

    • I have said for yers and years that on Agent Orange alone, Monsanto should be shut down – AFTER paying jillions in medical bills for veterans in VN and the US. Monsanto = bastards!!

      • The ppl responsible for the irresonsibility that has inflicted so much pain and suffering on others while those responsible get wealthy, including pink slime, should have to consume what has been unwittingly forced on others. An eye for an eye. Were that to happen, even for money, they may think twice before poisoning innocent ppl if they knew they were going to consume the same “cocktails” themselves.

      • Money may not be responsible for greed – but the way the financial system works facilitates it, from corporations dodging tax, fractional reserve lending, exotic & toxic financial products – even interest itself.

        Referring to the Bible – Jesus threw the moneylenders out of the temple, he did not advocate abolishing money.

      • It does–but “Prosperity Gospel’–funded by big business–has taught a generation that money comes before taking care of each other or the earth.

      • Finally, someone quotes this Scripture correctly. So often people just quote that money is the root of all evil. Money is not the culprit–it is the love of money–GREED that is the root of all evil!

      • Actually the correct translation is “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” An important distinction. There is certainly evil that has nothing to do with money. FYI.

        Monsanto = Evil

      • Without money or the need for it would we have greed??? I think not. so no money no greed = money is evil. oh and lets not forget this bible your so fond of. was in-fact written by men, and then men voted on what was to be put into the bible. not god. get your heads out of the clouds. the world has always been ran by psychopaths.

      • good grief A.J. are you for real? you think that without money there would be no greed? what exactly is “money”? it’s simply a tool to acquire something we cannot produce ourselves. people don’t desire money just for the sake of having money. money allows them to get what they want – stuff. greed will always exist so long as there are people that desire something that someone else has – with or without “money”. so your pathetic bible bashing comment is not only irrelevant, it is embarrassingly ignorant.

      • We are the govt. We the people have elected the those who represent us. If you don’t like the way they behave, what are you doing about it. Do you vote? Do you get out and support people who run against this? If all of us took some action like this, the people who represent us would be different people.

      • Responding to ‘Mary’: We are not the government. Officials are elected to represent us in the government. Those elected senators and governors are ‘hand-picked’ by the rich whose pocketbooks become the life-blood of our representatives’ public personas. Some independent candidates do make it into the races, and occasionally win – but this is the exception that proves the golden rule… ‘He who has the gold, makes the rules.’

        We can not, and will not, ever make any difference as a ‘people’ unless our voices are heard. It will take the courage of our convictions to force our leaders to hold their offices and our trust more sacred than their position. And by that I simply mean we must enforce our own voices by being vocal and actually COMMUNICATING with our governors and senators. How many of us have written or spoken with our local representatives in the last year, decade, or ever?

        Do it now! Our elected officials have public email addresses and postal addresses readily searchable on the internet. Many of them even have official blogs on which we can post, much like this forum. Go… NOW… be that one voice they CAN hear – you are representing thousands of similar individual opinions – AND THEY KNOW IT!

        Oregonians can find their local representatives here:

      • My husband, a Vietnam vet, is still alive, but he’s on his 4th heart defibrillator, had bypass surgery and survived a couple of heart attacks… his first was back in 1991, though we weren’t aware that it WAS a heart attack until 1996 when he was hospitalized, had the bypass surgery and received his first defibrillator. He had been a concrete mason since 1969 when he left the Army, and could no longer work at his profession. He went from a 200 lb muscle-man, to a 150 lb shell of his former self. He’s been hospitalized more times than I can count, and almost died several times. Last year he had to be life-flighted from our home, and spent a week in the hospital… a result of an imbalance in 1 of the MANY meds he takes to stay alive.

        Two years ago he was part of the Agent Orange lawsuit, and received a sizeable settlement. It helped us buy our 2nd home… the first was lost to his inability to work anymore, and my income wasn’t enough to pay the bills.

        Monsanto is EVIL… I don’t know HOW the executives of the company can sleep at night, KNOWING what the effects of their poisons are!

    • This is total bullshit. All of these chemicals were tested and approved by government agencies. There was also a market for these products. I suppose blaming the American culture which approved of these products and used them without proper testing would be too complicated and technical. So just go EVIL EVIL EVIL and call it a day.

      • How is “american culture” supposed to test products? You contradict yourself by saying they were approved by government agencies (without acknowledging the Monsanto control of those agencies) but then you say the products were used without proper testing? Your sense of accountability seems misguided to say the least…

      • Tim..How many drugs have been FDA approved and the REMOVED after people die? How many ads to you see on TV from lawyers with the ‘if you took the drug xxx, you may be entitled to compensation”? Government approval, sadly.. means nothing.

      • Tim , Try not to fixate on ONE word ; “EVIL” .And move on , try to absorb some of the Factual Premises leading to the ‘Evil’ conclusion . Why should / would a Product Manufacturer NEED a Govt Waiver from Criminal Liability ?? It’s Part and Parcel of a Free Market Economy ! Freedom to choose where and to whom we Spend our Hard Earned Dollars Equates to Voting . Obviously ,in Marketing or Campaigning one must convince the consumer / voter that This is Best for them . Google ; i g Farben / Monsanto .This is NOT Science . This is NOT New ! This Is Treason !!

      • Hey Tim! ~Look who is heading the FDA~ Oh that’s right it’s people that were top execs from MONSANTO!! Imagine that! The Bible says the devil is of the earth, IT IS …its called MONSANTO!!

      • I did a quick tour through your timeline…You seem very well educated. Unfortunately, all the education in the world, doesn’t replace common sense or opens ones eyes. As for chemicals being tested and approved, Hello, that’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. The government agencies are owned and lobbied by the major companies. In regards to the general public..perhaps all the chemicals we are consuming on a daily basis are making our brains a little addlepated. Instead of reading reports and lab studies, open your eyes and take a good look at the lives of the people, and environment around you. Be mindful of the results of being fed from the food baskets of Monsanto. The truth is within you…literally…:)

      • Are you for real what do you base your opinions on because last I checked there is a ton of evidence to support everything said here do you know france tested monsantos products for use namely gmo corns and other produce and rejected it all after the test rats all developed tumors, cancers and illnesses all of which were fatal please mate you obviously care somewhat or why would you be looking at such posts, just look into it a bit. This earth is destined for generation well beyond our own and what sort of state are we leaving it in
        What we do for ourselves dies with us
        What we do for our world and others is immortal

      • Or better yet, stop the denial! The US government has been in bed with companies like Monsanto for years, and instead of blaming the consumer, how about a little responsibility to the FDA, whom we PAY to ensure the safety of our food chain. Obama is worse than most, because supporting and backing their EVIL efforts. It’s all about money & greed.

      • Lol GOD HATES THIS! GMO = EVIL HELL! …I’m gonna go get some MacDons now. Thank you Jebus! You’ve shown me the white way!

      • You are correct Tim – but what else do you expect to find on an anti-GMO website? Every piece of content on this site is designed to present a one-sided view. I really had to chuckle (and the article lost its last shred of credibility) around #4 blaming Monsanto – an Ag biotech firm – for atomic weapons production.

      • You can’t post. anything on the internet thats not true.I read a huge story about it on the internet.IM A FRENCH MODEL

      • go on, keep drinking your kool aide, for you my friend, it is almost over. Believing as you do you and your family will see much illness and sadness. If, and I say if, you are dumb enough to be angry as US for telling you the truth, but not about the status of the world around you, then you are already lost. If you don’t WAKE UP to what is really going on with Big Business, Big Pharma, and Big Brother, you will certainly find yourself in a position of sickness and need. Look at our retired citizens now, with care cuts in medicare they will not last long. You will soon be with them, regardless of age if you keep using all the SAFE things OKAY’D by the Government. Do some research, don’t trust anyone to tell you what is safe… the FDA will certainly lie for a profit, and to kill off millions…. read read read… the real information is out there waiting for you… you just have to want to KNOW the TRUTH!

      • Tim Lieder, the “Government Agencies” don’t work for US anymore- they are run by the EVIL corporations who have their minions in and out of high ranking positions in the companies and the FDA and other “Government Agencies”. Read up and wake up, please!

      • “All of these chemicals were tested and approved by government agencies.”

        So that means they were safe? Good Lord, Tim… By the ‘reasoning’ of Monsanto apologists, if people do not fall down foaming at the mouth withing 20 minutes after ingesting these poisons, then they are ‘safe.’ And the SAME ‘government agencies’ who consistently side with Monsanto have *several former Monsanto employees on their boards.* Did you not actually read the article? When you have a company that consistently not only covers up testing that proves their products are poison, but consistently shows a pattern of finding it better to defend their profits by putting money into fake ‘studies’ that muddy the waters, and lobbying those same ‘government officials’ to see things their way, rather than putting the money into finding SAFE alternatives; when you have corporate heads that wallow in wealth made off the suffering of MILLIONS, what CAN you call that but evil? Here is a question for you, Tim: If you were an investor, and you invested in a company in order to earn a profit on your investment, no one would blame you, because making a profit is not itself evil, But if you then discovered that the company you invested in made their products using body parts from homeless people who can be safely ‘disappeared,’ what would you do? Would you continue to defend the company’s behavior, in order to keep your profit coming in, or would you blow the whistle? As ridiculous as this may sound, what is happening with Monsanto is not really any different from this; they are profiting from making poisons that are infiltrating the ground water that ALL of us drink from; ALL of our children are exposed IN THE WOMB and forever after, every time they drink a glass of water they are ingesting more poison that collects in their fatty tissue and bone marrow; due to these toxins that Monsanto sells for such hefty profits. And these toxins lead to a host of human misery from cancer to metabolic syndrome, which is KILLING millions of people in abject agony EVERY DAY. Is that OK? Or is that EVIL?? Esp when they routinely dodge and deflect responsibility for the harm they have caused, rather than putting their CONSIDERABLE assets into making other, safer products to sell?
        Yeah. Evil. That is not hyperbole, it is the TRUTH.

      • Yes I agree that government agencies approved these products,but these government agencies were controlled by companies like Monsanto who had put there own people in the gov.just for these reasons.

    • Our Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange, did not receive the medical care they should have. My late husband was exposed (proven by autopsy) and the payoff I received was less than $400. Really? If everyone would wake up and smell the coffee, we could have the chance to be healthier and not plagued by more illness than ever before.

      • Wake up & do what? Smell coffee? Smelling coffee won’t stop Monsanto. What are the PRACTICAL solutions?????

      • to Mr. Hopkins , These are some of the ‘solutions’ that are ‘practical’ to me ; boycott anything ‘Advertized on the Boob tube ” (if you still view them) ! , Grow your own (Everyone can Grow Something as any / every little bit is in the Right Direction) , print copies of the “10 things Monsanto does Not want you to Know ” (research the claims made first and then if you’re in agreement) distribute them (I do one day a week on various neighborhood street corners with a NO GMO sign), to your friends, neighbors ,church groups ,city council meetings , libraries , Earth Day Events , gardening club ,rose club , Chess Club, golf club etc … Just stay at it ! Any Questions ? .

      • I agree with Daveshroomer and the solutions he has to offer….just one voice can start an entire populous to hear what is true and Tim…you need to study up on Monsanto…We the people Do have a voice ~ don’t buy their products everytime you go through a check out line at the store you make a vote with the products you buy…ask your store to get more organic items etc…they will! I’ve asked my area Wal mart to and they have!!! People just need to be informed

        • The simplest way is to choose USDA Organic. Yes, people will tell you that contamination can occur. Yes, some will tell you that GMOs still get into USDA organic. Yes, there’s always room for human error in any human process. Yes it’s hard to trust an organization that has so many ex-Monsanto employees on their staff, but read the full text of what’s allowed and prohibited in USDA Organic certification. This is the best way to improve your chances of avoiding most of the GMOs in your food.

    • I cannot imagine a more succinct and perfect way to way this. I agree totally. I have felt this way since a friend painfully miscarried a baby in the middle 1970’s when the Maine roadside, where she was innocently picking blueberries near her home, was sprayed with the agent orange AND after so many of our service people were damaged by it.
      I believe it is for God to judge and I am sure s/he will. Perhaps he is doing so by sending people to fight this and making the next generations aware so that they can fight it.
      I also feel that they should be sued for damaging the microorganisms in organic fields by applying their stuff in sprays or what ever way in the fields of the purchasers and appliers, that then drifts or runs off into other people’s fields that do not want anything to do with their stuff. In stead of paying GMO companies for changed crops they should be sued for not making controllable/controlled products and changing the crops not on their land.
      I am afraid to eat products with wheat, rice, soybeans and corn if I don’t know the history of the seeds from which they come.
      Right on Annapoodle! Let’s see how they come after me now.

      • They are no longer subject to Any Product Liability Laws ! Imagine if i g Farben had that little ‘loophole’ before WW ll ? Gasing Millions to DEATH wouldn’t even be be a crime !

    • They like many others are the bully in the playground. It is time to strike back, show we are not to be triffled with. Obviously they have a plan to control our food, if we do not stop them now, then this is the legacy you leave for your grandchildren. Shame on you.

      • And controlling our food is just the start of it… by doing so they will control our health or lack of it… poison food equals sickness and death.. to millions.. think about it people. Just SAY NO TO MONSANTO….

    • I think that Monsanto is a giant out of control corporation that needs to be held responsible for more of their actions and their products but the link they used for the rBGH chemical clearly states that rBGH can’t be held accountable for the breast cancer – unless I’m reading it wrong: “Bovine milk naturally contains less than 1ng/mL of GH [115], whereas humans secrete 500 to 875 g of GH per day
      [104]. There is no significant increase in bGH levels in milk from cows treated with rbGH [113,115]. Pasteurization of milk destroys about 90% of bGH [113]. Because bGH is a protein it is hydrolyzed in the intestinal tract during the digestion process. Should any bGH survive digestion it will have no effect on
      human biology, because the human GH receptor does not respond to bGH [63,116].” Just thought I’d point this out.

      • What about President Obama doen’t he control USA maybe people should be bringing this to his attention. What we people want is Monsato in jail and freedom to eat healthy food. Start a petition and start a riot outside the White house is all it takes. Raise money to stop him and bring people to the white house with that money raised. Like donating for cancer research. People will listen. All of the people Write letters to the president and stop this now while you still can.

      • They don’t test residue as it is a naturally occurring hormone it has never been tested Any way It StH (somatrophic hormone) in dairy Milk and BGH in beef cattle two synthetic hormone produced off e coli

      • I AGREE!!! every single person connected to furthering this company should be prosecuted and this company should be shhut down but we know they are too powerful for that to happen. Even Pres. Obama is helping them kill us off…he secretly passed a bill to Protect them!!!

      • Angel: Obama didn’t pass anything secretly. Please do your homework before you blow your mouth off. This was a rider attached to other important and unrelated legislation. I’m told it’s a 6 mo temporary thing and I hope it can be change– that’s what many people are pushing for. It’s a shame that unrelated riders are allowed because all sort of weird stuff sneaks through. Talk to your congressman !!

      • @Donna, no you are right, it was just pushed through in the middle of another big controversy so it could slip through, have not heard anything about it being “temporary” though…. and you defend it and challenge it all in the same comment, strange….

    • It’s really funny how we all talk about the problems Monsanto has reigned down on us, yet nobody is willing to do anything except complain. We the People have far greater numbers than Monsanto yet we stand and let them dictate our future health.
      Why CAN”T we say “NO MORE”!
      ~BOYCOTT~ and shut them down!
      If we don’t our future children don’t stand a chance.

    • Bet ya didn’t know that it was Mitt Romney who in his role at Bain that ‘encouraged’ Monsanto to step away from Agent Orange and instead to fake ’em out w Roundup Ready seeds…. Helping hungry people is a better marketing ploy than defoliating the planet and making babies w Birth defects and killing VietNam Vets…. The only problem, Roundup ready seeds, destroy soil, do not increase food supplies and gave birth to SUPERWEEDS making more business for Roundup and/ or 2,4-D. A Policy brought to you by the U.S. Government or as I like to call it U.S. Government= Monsanto are US!
      Thanks for the Crimes Against Humanity, boys!

    • Sheople, sheople, sheople! Monsanto may be evil, but it is we of the flock who go with the flow and do nothing. We the People are willingly going to the slaughter; and remember … as per the obamessiah; Monsanto didn’t build that, your government built it for you.

    • I would like this information in spanish,so my america latina friends can read it.In my village they use these products al the time,with no protection and children near by. Stop Monsato!

    • I grew up in the shadow of a Monsanto Laboratory in Miamisburg, Ohio. My Mother, the kid next door, his Mother, and a lady around the corner ( whose husband worked at Monsanto ) all died of malignant brain tumors. Quite a cluster in a small area, I think.

    • My father died from cancer as a result of exposure to agent orange. The companies responsible should have been and should still be held accountable!

    • Number thirteen struck home with me. The terminator seeds are bad news, but the fact that farmers can’t regrow seeds has always been close to home for me. My Father was Denny Winterboer who was sued by Asgrow (and Pioneer, Monsanto, etc.) for the regrowing of ‘novel varieties.’ At the time the only law that had been passed that prevented farmers from regrowing and selling seed as seed was the Plant Variety Protetion Act. Asgrow tried to claim we were making more profits from seed than food sales and that by doing so we were violating the PVP. When looking at records however, we were no where near the limits that were in place in 1992. The seed they sued us over was 3 generations old and had no GMOs whatsoever, it had just been crossed between various strains. This law suite was the very Case that Monsanto used to lobby the forbidding of farmers regrowing their seeds. Even though we lost at the state level, Winterboer continued to fight and won UNANIMOUS Support in the Appeals court. We thought it was over till we hear Monsanto had hosted a dinner party for the Supreme Court Justices. Soon enough we were called to the Supreme Court and it was there that we lost and it became Constitutional for a Seed company to claim Patents on Mother Nature. With the constitutionality of the matter being decided by the Supreme Court, it was easy for Monsanto to then go out and lobby to the House and Senate to change laws to their favor, which is what left farmers without the right to regrow their own seeds. Ever since there has been an increase in prices for seeds. Now rather than paying a mere $7 per pound of seed from a seed company, farmers must now Pay $100-150+!!!! I can only imagine what terminator seeds would do to the genetics of our crops if they were introduced to our fields.

    • Any of Monsanto products are very dangerous and it is sad to see they are still producing them; even when there is evidence of all the damage cause by them! Worse, people still buy them!

    • I don’t blame you. This is why I’m seriously considering not having kids. I feel guilty of the world they’ll have to grow up in and the bad health they’ll likely have.

      • I think of it this way… I am raising my children to be aware of these issues and fight against them! If they don’t, who will??

      • Michele: who will? The people who aren’t having children, of course. And maybe, just MAYBE, they’ll be able to do it in time, instead of passing the baton to the next generation like every generation before has done.

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    • I know someone that is a bio. chem engineer with monsanto…pharmaceutical division. We have spoke before about medications and such. He works on crreations of cancer treatment drugs. I heard a story from him once about a cure for a childhood cancer. The trial was flawed so the drug never made it to market, but it worked. The rate the drug was given was sped up. got rid of the tumor but got rid of it too quick and left a void,,,,,voids are not good so they scratched any further testing and it ws their flaw that caused the void. Makes me sick.

    • That makes me feel weak….May mankind find a way to put a stop to such atocities, and put an end to men like these who traffic in death.

      • A cure for cancer has been discovered at the University of Alberta. The problem is, it’s a very common drug, like aspirin and acetaminophen that can’t be trademarked. No pharmaceutical company will invest in it, because anyone can sell it. It would cost less than $2.00 a dose, and no drug company wants to touch it. The drug is called dichloroacetate and is used to treat metabolic disorders.

      • The bedeviled cretin who pushed through aspartame was none other than D. Rumsfeld, high ranking executive at the compensator that created it. 4 times the last real FDA banned it for their tests concluded it caused cancers. When that didn’t work, the head of the FDA was repaved with Rummy and Viola, aspartame was immediately approved. :-/ FDA approved drugs kill more ppl per year than illicit drugs combined. THC which kills 0 ppl per year is illegal and also cures cancer. But while the human hosts who are the faces of death in these titans of pure evil, make no bones that the master of deceit, satan, is behind all of this. He relishes in our misery but take great heart, GOD MISSES NOTHING! ! !
        Ppl not in the 1% are the modern Hebrews, enslaved to a horrific master but history will repeat. God WILL incarnate into flesh again and set all of this str8. Set your own heart to Love, try not to let the evil steal that from you, for only with a live in your hay can you see the New Earth when it arrives. The devil wants to keep add many of us here with him when the sh#t his the fan, don’tbe left behind. Continue to wake others up but don’t be embroiled in the anger created by the evil ones. God loves you, the devil (s) despise you. Choose wisely. Love & Light. ♥☆

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  4. I don’t believe in genetically altered foods, etc, but those pictures above of the two boys in the wheelchair, are so ridiculous. That one of the worst photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen. You can see where the heads were stuck on the bodies.

    • Christal, I understand those photos are so disturbing as to seem unreal. Sadly these are not photoshopped; one of the common manifestations of Agent Orange is an unusually large head in comparison to the rest of the body. I’ve gone ahead and added some links as well as a second photo from an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City. However you may not want to click on those links unless you have a very strong stomach. 😦

      • Holy mother of god, I clicked on the “birth defects” link and was frightened half to death with the image on the front page, I clicked the hell outta there.
        Anyway, all of this is frightening, really. So much corruption, it’s sickening.

      • From my understanding there were millions affected in Viet Nam…. Too bad we are not a member of the Criminal Court, do not think there is a Statute of Limitations on War atrocities and we certainly are guilty of that in VIetNam with what we did to the Civilian population and our own vets!

    • Christal, I have been to Vietnam and seen people, agent orange victims, like this on the street. I can assure you it is more than real… and their heads really look like that. I do appreciate you questioning what you see as there is a lot of bogus info out there. Never wrong to question. If you go to Vietnam check out the American War Museum. They have an exhibit about agent orange defects.

    • Those are real children affected by Agent Orange. Genetically Altered Foods are not something you “believe in” they are real and are in restaurant and grocery store foods. You are terribly naive’.

      • Be kind, I know it makes the awakened like us upset that so many still sleep, but the Lord needs ALL OF US, not just the early adopters. ♥☆:-D

    • may be you are so scared that you cannot have it true. i have personally seen deformities like that in the bengalore area in india.

    • I’ve traveled through Vietnam extensively and am friendly with a family in Saigon that includes a young man that looks much like the pictures above. he can sort of speak and smile, but is an immobile lump of small malformed limbs. it is so so sad. he has never left the first floor (all 40 square feet of it!) of his family’s home in his 30 years of life. his parents bath him in a plastic tub and push him around on a wheeled-flat dolly, and he wears diapers.

    • Christal, it is real. Sunkist generic missions occurred after Japan got nuked. Generations later ppl were still born deformed. The resistance you feel is your soul trying to process what IS versus what we’ve all been told our whole lives. This is the Matrix, you’re trying to wake up. Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened. Truth is like Light, it cannot stay hidden for long.

  5. how did this happen to our world, see The Treaty of Westphalia 1648 Why are we forced to live this way in that it is becoming illegal to feed yourself and medicate yourself in the way you wish and raise your children without vaccination or sterilization from gmo foods and attacks on our water and soil, wars of terror, mass violence, its all interlinked, how come we must have survival instinct to run for the hills, look at the effects of colonialism how its practices have destroyed whole populations of people and their language and knowledge and way of living their land, and how engineered our whole world is. and yet to mention or question those who dont believe we are controlled and poisoned, we are still called names and put down in internet conversations we are treated like a perpetrator would abuse their partner verbally and emotionally, as it is the same empire that teaches them both how to intimidate, how to bully, how to abuse in front of an audience etc… etc..

    • I agree with you every other point but vaccines. There is absolutely no evidence that vaccines are anything but beneficial to the population. They have prevented millions of deaths from needless diseases but it’s also necessary to immunize almost everyone in the population for the protection to carry on. So by choosing not to immunize your children you not only put their health at risk for diseases that we shouldn’t have to worry about in the 21st century (like whooping cough), you also compromise the herd immunity of the rest of the population. Just something to think about.

      • Many years ago I would have agreed with you…But not now…Please take the time to research the polio vaccine that used live virus..It was used between 1955 and 196?…and I got a double dose….once you know what this live virus can do, and realize that it may actually pass from person to person, then you know that you and your loved ones are in very very deep trouble.

      • I felt the same way until recently. Read (or look up some summaries of) “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” It’s an outstanding read all about cell research for the “benefit” of humanity – including the invention of the polio vaccine. Many times the cart was before the horse in terms of research versus cure. It’s one thing to have good intentions, but there are also other incentives to hurrying things along before they’re genuinely ready (and safe!)

      • “There is absolutely no evidence that vaccines are anything but beneficial to the population.” Incorrect. Please do more research into the subject.

      • Marijke, Please do more research. Vaccines are rife with problems. Whooping cough vaccine is a huge failure. Besides whooping cough is not the end of the world. The body comes out the other side stronger.

      • Totally agree, Marijke! I’ve seen too many sick infants and kids who didnt have the vaccines and it certainly is proof to me to continue to promote vaccines. People are mistrusting the wrong things!

      • Please do more research…..People SHOULD mistrust everything after what we have all been subject too for far too long. Clearly money is what makes this world go round, and big pharma is just as guilty as government and Monsanto.
        There are tons of eye opening articles if you look harder. Start with a vaccine info sheet… that alone will show you just how dangerous a vaccine can be. Also research whooping cough outbreaks and find out how many of those who contracted whooping cough were fully vaccinated. Herd immunity is a joke, but weakened killed vaccines that are not effective or without side-effects are no laughing matter.

      • Actually there is a lot of sketchy evidence around vaccines. I agree with you that the science behind it is logical but the adjunctive cocktail they mix with every dose includes thimerosal which is mercury. This is being injected into infants whose brains are developing in ever increasing doses for diseases that are normally non life threatening such as chicken pox. Is it so surprising that we are seeing such a huge increase in autism and other brain related illnesses in our children? Also, you might want to read about adverse reactions to vaccines where normal healthy children die or become very ill. I agree that vaccines could work to prevent disease but they need to be free of all the toxic additives they include with the dose.

      • I’m sorry, but have you actually done the research to prove this fallacy to yourself? There is nothing BUT evidence that vaccines are worthless and do nothing but HARM people by injecting them with unnatural strains of viruses that are mostly extinct in the world (polio, diphtheria, tetanus) along with a host of toxins like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and MSG. Many vaccines are suspended in peanut oil which is a major factor in our peanut allergy epidemic today. Whooping cough was almost extinct when WE brought it back with the introduction of a vaccine that creates an atypical strain that we have NO immunity to. THIS is what has compromised the herd immunity. Herd immunity ACTUALLY refers to the population that has developed NATURAL immunity to a disease in its wild form (not injected form) and eradicated the disease throughout history. Vaccines and medication have only perpetuated the creation of new diseases that we can’t fight. Just like the overprescription of antibiotics has led to new super-bugs that are resistant. Please read the CDC website, they admit that the pertussis vaccine is ineffective!! So, basically, disease is being perpetuated by the vaccinated.
        And I’d love to know the last time you had your titers done or had booster shots, vaccines are only effective for a short time, if that. So basically most of the adult population in this country is essentially unvaccinated. What do you suggest we do about that???
        Please do your research before you start spewing off misinformation.

  6. Let’s blame monsanto for everything wrong in this world. I’ll get the nails if you hold the cross. I think advanced agriculture will save millions from starvation.

    • I think if you believe that lie, then you are one of the people who allow this to happen. Stupidity needs to end now, test after test shows the damage this company does. You can sit and believe the lie or you can do your own research and have your eyes opened to the truth.

      • well stated candizoglman!! not only is Monsanto putting the smaller farmers out of business with their costly law suites ( read about their “poison” GMO seeds ) but, they all but killed off the town of NITRO, WV , where agent orange was made by poisoning their water, soil and air…not too mention the surrounding area. They are all dying of cancer and have numerous illnesses and deformities because of it. that stuff can’t be cleaned up! But I guess you can’t fix stupid!!! and there will be ppl out their that do not want to believe the truth

    • Susan you are right that ‘advanced agriculture will save millions from starvation “. But this is Not Advanced Agriculture ! This is FOR PROFIT Agriculture . Nothing named above has added to the quality of life for anyone besides Corporate Heads Wallets . There is plenty of good food , if you can afford it !

      • Good luck finding “non-for-profit” Advanced Agriculture…who is going to fund this kind of research? The government? Would you be willing to pay 30% more taxes and spend $10 dollars on a hotdog like the Europeans? Maybe you do but go ahead and tell that to the folks who would rather eat $1 McChicken sandwiches, and tell that to the folks who make minimal wage cleaning your Whole Foods.

      • Actually there is no evidence to support that GMO products or Advanced Agriculture have increased nutrition or yields. You might want to read about Cuba. Cuba went entirely to organic farming because of the US trade embargo that prevented the country from accessing Advance Agricultural products. Rather than starving to death as some might have predicted they produced a surplus of food and have a healthy thriving ecosystem to show for it.

    • Susan, Lets just expose Monsanto on the basis of their blatant crimes against humanity which speaks for itself. Advanced agriculture is Permaculture, Biodynamic, and Organic agriculture.

      • Thank you Don. Well said. And most people can grow at least some of their own SAFE, healthy produce if they have even a tiny bit of yard and sunshine… maybe a few chickens too.

    • What happens when “advanced agriculture” is the only food left available on this planet? What happens when every bit of food we consume has to be produce through one company because it can’t reproduce naturally? Because of cross pollination, eventually the world will have a supply of worthless seeds that cannot reproduce because they are all sterile. It may seem grand that the whole world will be fed, but at what cost?
      Another one hundred years and we will be no different than livestock. We will have to be fed what we are given plus all the added chemicals to counteract the poisons we are consuming, much like the cattle above. Sorry to disagree with your point of view, but you are being mislead in your good intentions.

      • Penny, I’ve worked for a seed company, and we won’t ever run into the problem with only cross-pollinated seeds. Companies always plant seeds and make sure to pull the tassels so they don’t cross pollinate

        • Kyle, unfortunately penny’s musings are substantiated and a growing concern. Here’s an excerpt:

          Scientific studies confirm that GM contamination is unavoidable once GM crops are grown in a region. For example, GM herbicide-tolerant oilseed rape (canola) seed can persist and remain viable in soil for years. GM herbicide-resistant “volunteers” – plants that were not deliberately planted but are the result of germination of residual GM seeds from crops previously grown in the field – were found growing ten years after the GM oilseed rape crop had been planted.138 GM herbicide-resistant oilseed rape was found to be thriving in the wild in North Dakota, often far from areas of agricultural production. GM genes were present in 80% of the wild canola plants found.139,140

          5.10.1. Who is liable for GM contamination?

          In countries where legal liability for GM contamination is clearly established, GM crop cultivation has become severely restricted. In Germany, a law has been passed making farmers who grow GM crops liable for economic damages to non-GM and organic farmers resulting from GM contamination.141,142 The law has virtually halted the planting of GM crops in the country because farmers are not prepared to accept liability for contamination.142

          Many more if you do a search, Hers the link to the above excerpt:

    • this is ridiculous.. do some research susan. we ALREADY produce enough food for 12 trillion people while there is only 7 trillion. have you seen photos of the amount of food we americans throw away??? people choose to not help feed anyone but themselves. its not a problem of production its a problem of greed and ignorance.

    • Why should we trust a chemical company with the track record Monsanto has with our food. The only way they SAVE millions is if their food kills off 1/2 the planets population and then their enough food for the millionaires that are left….its a class war genocide against the have-nots

    • And YOU are prepared to not only risk your own health, but your childrens? are YOU the one playing GOD here with that sort of decision making mindset?

  7. In the end, all the bickering and chatting on FB won’t fix a thing. It is good to know about it. We have to do the best we can to feed our families right. It’s a survival of the fittest. I humbly say “be right with your God” He still remains on His throne.

    • Cheryl, No it won’t end it but it is a start and a good way to spread info. The next step is action. Grow a garden, buy organic and BOYCOT Monsanto and their ilk. Be the peace you want to see in the world. As above so below.

      • I think it is a good start. social media is still new and seriously if people ban together this kind of outcry does work. You bet your voice counts.

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  11. Dang. I confess I’ve long dismissed people’s issues with Monsanto as some fringe groups caught up in animal rights or tree hugging and trying to blame this company to instill government-forced changes. But to see these items listed as they were with the photos… dang. If this is all true, then even people who are trying to eat healthy and make good food choices for their families are unknowingly potentially harming themselves and their families. This makes me completely take another look at the organic aisles…

    • Kris… I was like you… figured “those people” were all conspiracy theory freaks or tree huggers or both. 🙂 But it made me curious to find out for myself. Once I started digging (and I’m the kind who won’t stop until I find the actual study and read it myself), that’s when I realized I had to do something to wake up my friends and family. And that’s how this blog (and Facebook page) all got started… 🙂 Keep digging. Be curious. Learn more. Then help raise awareness!

      • I would really love to find the names of the companies that Monsanto owns. I have read and heard that they own many so called, “natural” and even “organic” labeled companies that were originally well known for creating healthy, sustainable products and use environmentally sound practices, then buy them out, and change formulations. They are beginning to use “green washing” methods to deceive consumers. Anyone have a good list of companies Monsanto owns? Thanks!

        • Marianne, Monsanto does not own any food brands (though this misinformation has circulated on Facebook et al). However, related to your question are a number of organic brands that have been bought out by major corporations… and many of these major corporations are opposed to GMO labeling (and donated large sums of money to fight California’s GMO Labeling proposition last year). I’d encourage you to reference this page of my blog for the full story:

    • Hmmmm, your post makes me wonder whether this piece was put out by the organic foods industry. I’m starting to suspect that these organic farmers are in it for the money and not my family’s health and well-being, the pigs! Is there no one we can trust?

    • I am trying to do more organic but why is it so much more expensive? They don’t use all that poison on their crops but they charge more. When on a very limited income it makes shopping organic and natural hard to do. I do grow some of my own but the area that I have is so limited. Wish the locals didn’t charge so much. Monsanto and all other chemical producing companies should be shut down.

      • Organic costs more because it costs the farmer more to farm this way. They are doing it on a much smaller scale and since they don’t use these GMO seeds that can withstand an apocalypse and they don’t use heavy chemical pesticides, they do lose some of their crops to pests. So what ever crops survive have to cost more to cover the farming costs, if that makes sense.
        Personally, I don’t think shopping organic and local is that hard to do if you realize WHY you are doing it. I have eliminated almost all packaged foods, which are the most expensive of all, and shop the perimeter of the store. Meal planning goes a long way too. Once you figure it out, it becomes a way of life.

      • Linda, do you have a local farmers’ market, or are you dependent on a grocery store’s Organic section? If you can, ask your local farmers if they have seconds or blemished products you can get at a discount. Michele is correct that those of us who grow organically lose crops to pests, but often it’s more a matter of consumers wanting uniform, perfect-looking veggies rather than crops being completely destroyed. If you’re willing to eat greens with a few holes in them or to cut off the top inch of carrots where something has nibbled on them–or even just funny-looking, imperfectly shaped veggies–you can probably get super fresh, safe food at a lower cost than conventionally-grown veggies.

        Another reason for the higher cost of organic produce is that it takes a lot more time to grow organically. Instead of driving through large fields with tractors spewing chemicals to kill weeds and bugs, we who grow on a small scale using organic practices often work our way through gardens one row at a time with hand tools removing weeds and pests. Much of the money you pay for conventional veggies goes to pay Monsanto etc for those chemicals. If you buy locally-, organically-grown veggies, a lot of that money is likely paying for local folks’ labor and so improving the local economy.

        Sometimes you’ll find organically grown veggies at the farmers’ market that cost significantly less than what you find in the grocery store. If cucumbers or zucchini have a strong season, for example, you might find them at the farmers’ market for less than half the grocery store cost even for non-organic.

    • Be careful though because who decides what food is organic? The higher ups wanting money. Not all food that claims to be organic in your local grocery store is truly organic. Bummer I know

      • Buy USDA organic. Yes, “made with organic” is really not worth your time. Yes, contamination can happen at any stage of the growing/processing process. Yes, there are exceptions here and there (antibiotics allowed in organic apples and pears to prevent blight). But you have to start somewhere. Part of the reason organic costs so much is due to the rigorous efforts made to ensure organic is what it says it is. Read this page that goes into great detail about this subject:

  12. this is a good collection of examples of Monsanto’s bad behavior, I would share it, but you have no links, or footnotes for us to verify your claims. While I personally have read quite a bit on the subject, and agree completely with your position, it would be irresponsible of me to put it out there without the links to studies and data that would verify the claims. could you perhaps add them in??? It would be nice to get this info out where more people can see it!! Thanks!

    • Elaine there are quite a few links embedded within the article (blue text). Other sources include Wikipedia and Monsanto’s own website. As I have time, I’ll be sure to add them in, though I encourage everyone to do their own research/verification in the meantime. 🙂

      • Yes, except the claims that are made on #4, just as an example, are not even mentioned in the links. Monsanto developed one component of one of the a-bombs. They did not run Los Alamos, as #4 claims. Then, you throw in the Texas City Disaster. First off, what does this have to do with nuclear weapons? Nothing. Second, Monsanto did not cause it or really have anything to do with the Texas City Disaster. Monsanto is evil enough. Exaggerating and frankly trying to link them with stuff they had no or only minor roles in only weakens the case against them.

        • All links are indicated in blue text. No where does this article say Monsanto ran Los Alamos. No where does this article say Monsanto caused the Texas City disaster, it simply happened during this same era of time.

      • I agree with Michael. I hate Monsanto but I need backup to the all the claims before I post it. Wikipedia is not a reliable source since anyone can make changes to it.

    • So true this needs to be advertised EVERYWHERE feel like walking up and down a busy road in my neighborhood with a sign saying NO GMO and then posting this thing on how 2billion connected to healthcare costs
      and another thing is organic farmers should be able to have subsidies

    • Agreed on the spineless traitor Obama, however Monsanto is even farther up the Republican’s asses so it’s not like Romney would have been any better in this regard. It’s not a right vs left issue. Nothing will be done until people wake up and stop supporting and start actively fighting this company.

    • and the Republicans are any better???????????? get real! Monsanto owns all the politicians regardless of party.

  13. #4. “the deadliest industrial accident in U.S. history.” Play fair! This is like blaming the shooting victim because he stood in front of the bullet. There is plenty enough for which to blame Monsanto, but not this.

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  16. The only solution is to stop buying all this crap which is nearly impossible, because as they say – 85% of our food is already injected with their poisons. The only solution is to BUY LOCAL from our own neighbors who use organic techniques. We must grow our own foods and germinate our own seeds to promote and flourish with a ‘CLEAN’ cycle in our own back yards. I will be reaping my own harvests from hereon out. I encourage each of you to do the same.

  17. Roundup does not kill bees it is NOT an insecticide. It was originally a detergent. Round up is not injected into roundup ready seeds nor is any other chemical. Roundup ready technology was discovered by cross breeding crops with another plant known to be resistant to glyphosate.

    • Tell that to my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer within a year of accidentally ingesting RoundUp and who eventually died of this disease. RoundUp is not injected into the plants it is engineered into the very DNA of the plant. Read about BT cotton. Vandana Shiva has been talking about the crimes of Monsanto for years. She has a PhD in quantum physics and I believe a reputable source of information.

  18. I wonder if people realize that these pesticides are actually just a synthetic form of salicylates ( a sub category of phenols) that are naturally occur in all fruits and vegs ( higher amounts in organic fruits and veg). These salicylates are high in all berries, apples, grapes, dark green leafy vegetables broccoli and many many more. The naturally occurring pesticides are also being linked to autism, adhd, pdd and numerous Heath disorders such as allergies, colitis arthritis migraines and about 100 more. So now thanks to gmo’s we will have double whammies! Oh don’t forget amines in fruits meats and chocolate and wine…oh and glutamates too…maybe we actually need to access the so called super healthy foods we are told to eat and the way we process our meats and fish…oh and I don’t even want to get started on fish oils and naturally colourings in vitamins….

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  20. PCB”s were invented nearly one hundred years ago, DDT,70yrs ago. The Atom Bomb and Agent Orange were military products made with the intent of destroying an enemy. Cancer research 70-100 yrs ago was in its infancy and was notoriously unreliable.Linking these products to a GMO debate is an indication of how far out of bounds a group will go to attack a company they don’t like. People would probably be appalled at the contents oftheir computers and smart phones, in addition, cell phone use has been linked to brain cancers. I don’t see a boycott of Apple Corp happening any time soon, nor do I see people using them less. I do not want GMO’s in my food, believe in buying local . We should all eat less prepared food but we are a lazy society and we won’t. This was a hit piece, way out of balance and did nothing to further your cause.

  21. I would love to believe that we could have some control…but other than refusing to buy the crap that corporations like Monsanto are feeding us, remembering that levels of vitamins and minerals, recommended daily allowances of protein etc as well as size and weight charts are “manufactured” and sold to our government by lobbyists whose only ambition is to make themselves richer and NOT the American public “healthier” we are indeed screwed.

  22. As a guy in Ag not working for Monsanto, independent businessman, I have to say that I’ve never seen as comprehensive a list of BS, lies, distortions, and misrepresentations about any company. Ever. One could write a novel disputing and disproving this stuff. For example, terminator seed technology exists, but none of the many biotech companies use it. I walk tens of thousands of crop acres every year, and the seeds left from last year’s harvest do sprout, grow, and produce grain. Always.

  23. Why do you think Monsanto is shelling out big bucks to keep us from knowing what’s in our food? and now they want to put aspartame in milk? the future of our children is at risk. Please write the FDA and go to their facebook page and let them know how you feel. boycott monsanto products.

    • My biochem professor drew us the chemical mechanism of how aspartame metabolizes into formaldehyde within the body; and that is why it causes so many issues. It’s only a minuscule amount but people do drink a lot of it!

      And maybe it’s just me, but I think it tastes bad.

      • Aspartame was “mysteriously” approved in 74′ because Coca-cola lobbied for it. My husband is an O Chem professor and has studied pesticides, etc. He told me about the dangers of aspartame decades ago.

    • The FDA’s top officer is a former VP of Monsanto. Not to mention the USDA too. THe supreme court has a chief justice, Clarence “pubic hair” Thomas a former attorney with Monsanto. THe best bet you have is the EPA right now or State goverments

  24. We ALL need to take a STAND with our Government Leaders. We VOTE them in & What do they do for US. United we STAND!!!! We Must Speak OUT come on PEOPLE. Just Do It.!!!!!! Stand together-We Must-we have children and grandchildren coming up and they need to surrive in this WORLD of Ours. We have some Very BIG Issues Here!! Lets Work together. HELP One another. Lets Do IT!! Come ON.

    • With? Try AGAINST. The reason that companies like this get so powerful and get away with murder is that they’re supported by a corrupt government. Scale back government, and I guarantee corporate power will diminish.

    • Because spineless liberals are great at taking real stands and shouldn’t be implicated in the mess as well. Don’t let the powers that be trick you. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin.

    • You do realize that it was Obama who appointed Michael Taylor (former Monsanto executive) to be the food safety czar for the FDA? That was in 2009 and he is still there despite petitions to get rid of him.

  25. Thank you for all of the ideas and warnings that you provide us. Keep feeding us information and educating everyone on the bad this company is doing.

  26. been trying find their seeds manufactures that i want to try avoid buying for planting. i also wonder if seedless watermelon or california navel oranges are one of theirs?? i would stick with organic if i can afford it. why would they do anything to destroy what grows in nature?? kind of remind me the story of lorax with air.

  27. Start buying at your farmers market, but organic!!!! If the government can’t stop them, we the consumers can! We can ask for bills that label our food GMO or no GMO, we can protest and close Monsantos offices in our towns, we can eat organic and locally produced and stop giving them our money!

    • All great ideas, but they’re still getting pay outs from farm subsidies that come out of our taxes. The problem of government needs to be adressed as well.

  28. My husband died from lung cancer and we worked for Samsonite making luggage in Denver,they used monsanto plastics

  29. I Still use roundup everyday at my job. And after reading this, I am still going to continue using round up at my job. Theres thousands of worse things going on in our food and air that we dont know about, so unless someones gonna magically vanish the weeds, Roundup it is.

    • An alcoholic can regain most of their faculties through clean living, it takes time but physical fitness and mental clarity generally returns with time. However there is a point of no return where the deterioration is irreversible even if they remove the alcohol from their lives. Which ever path is chosen, we can safely say ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

      • Often overlooked in the debate about the health effects of these foods is one possible health benefit: Under some conditions corn genetically engineered for insect resistance may enhance safety for human and animal consumption. Corn damaged by insects often contains high levels of fumonisins, toxins made by fungi that are carried on the backs of insects and that grow in the wounds of the damaged corn. Lab tests have linked fumonisins with cancer in animals, and they may be potentially cancer-causing to humans. Among people who consume a lot of corn—in certain parts of South Africa, China, and Italy, for instance—there are high rates of esophageal cancer, which scientists associate with fumonisins. Studies show that most Bt corn has lower levels of fumonisins than conventional corn damaged by insects.

    • You could use borax, vinegar, boiling water, or salt which would all be a lot cheaper alternatives that aren’t poisonous to humans. Win Win.

  30. This just makes me feel all the more better about growing my garden every year with heirloom GMO-free seeds. And if I don’t have enough from my garden to can, we go to the Amish farm market and buy from them. You can be darn sure they don’t use all those nasty chemicals on their farms. I think this Monsanto guy was put on this earth by Satan to destroy us all.

    • The Amish and Menonites here in Northern Ontario do use chemicals, but they try to use the least they can get away with.

  31. humanity has given in to greed………and then you die, thank god this isn’t the end. the next go round humans wont be in charge!

  32. I agree they are all bad…except for “terminator seeds”. Monsanto was not the first to introduce hybrids. Makes me question the rest…

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  34. this might be a bit rough rendition but… is it not the peoples responsibility to remove government that no longer serves them, by force if necessary… somewhere in the US constitution.
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

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  37. apparently you all have such strong faith on this misinformation, that when I post a link that disagrees with most of all this it doesn’t go up. There’s a huge market to sell “organic” to scared consumers, kinda like selling war to people scared of “terrorism”.
    Speaking of which, “Agent orange”? Really? It was a WEAPON, yeah it sucked and fucked a lot of people up but that’s why weapons are bad. And why we take so serious the threats of chemical warfare.

    • Actually you might want to continue your research. Agent Orange was not only used as a weapon and organic food unless it is certified is questionable but I’d much rather eat something that I know was grown without chemicals. Even without the ‘hype’ of organic its simple logic. You can experiment with this yourself. Take a green pepper grown conventionally and a certified organic green pepper, then smell and taste both. To me the conventional one tastes like nail polish and the organic one tastes and smells like food. Also bananas are another good comparison. The difference in taste is quite distinct and they are not that expensive.

  38. I garentee I got MS from our food..its killing me….got milk!!! rrr and what the hey does ‘organic’ mean anymre…whod of ever though tht food = negativeity

  39. We are working to loosen their iron grip on agriculture! With precision farming you don’t need to drench your crop in pesticides or fill the ground with petroleum based fertilizer because you can target only the areas that actually need it. It also reduces farm runoff in our rivers and over spray on neighboring fields. Imagine a 10,000 acre farm being managed with the care that goes into a backyard garden and that is just the beginning of what we can do!

  40. Remember folks: its all about the profit imperative. How unethical business drives sales growth at any cost (except to net profits). They influence governments through political donations & recieve influential political appointments in return ( jobs for the ol boys).
    He who pays the piper, chooses the tune..

    ‘Here on earth’ by Tim Flannery is an interesting read are doing wonderful things

    Have the conversation. Spread the ideas. Is only hope for humanity…

  41. Don’t believe everything you read, I’m sure some of the points are true but being a dairy farmer rGBH does not cause swelling in udders or mastitis. Swelling in udders are caused by cows giving birth, they generally get bigger and sag more during each lactation. It also doesn’t cause mastitis. That is caused by bacteria getting into the teats, generally by unclean bedding. I can tell you that organic farmers usually have a high ssc count (bacteria count) in their milk. It is difficult to treat without antibiotic. Now you might argue that you don’t want antibiotic in your milk. Well you don’t get it. Milk needs to be tested free of antibiotic before using other wise it is dumped.

    • Being raised on a SMALL dairy farm as a child before rGBH I had NEVER seen the current High Rate of Disease or use of antibiotics in /on our animals . We , Animals and People , ALL ate good food and very , very rarely got sick . I Never knew anyone with Breast Cancer ,Yet now 2013 it is an EPIDEMIC ! You can give rGBh milk to your daughter if you want to, But, Should I be tax burdened with Her Medical bills ? I know the CURE and it’s Prevention .As far as ‘tested’ for antibiotics ;this is done to FDA standards , if the level rises so does the ‘allowable’ amount .

    • Yah , Sandie . Gardening is Great . I Give away as much or more then I eat ! Boycotting ‘them’ and Helping others to too .

    • What an overly simplistic and privileged thing to say. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it requires space. Even when that space is rented from someone else, that’s an expense most Americans can’t afford, especially when they’re working 11 hours a day. And never mind that only some foods grow in some areas in some seasons. And how does this answer the protein issue?

      Poor people should be able to eat well, too, and growing their own food just isn’t the answer for anyone but those who already have the privilege of choosing the healthier foods.

  42. “… Monsanto attacks the study and its scientist(s) by flooding the media with counter claims from “independent” organizations, scientists, industry associations, blogs, sponsored social media, and articles by “private” public relations firms—all founded, funded and maintained by Monsanto. Unfortunately, few of us take the time to trace the members, founders, and relationships of these seemingly valid sources back to their little Monsanto secret.”

    This is very important, and these are assertions that needs support.
    “…few of us take the time to trace the members, founders, and relationships of these seemingly valid sources…” I have no idea how to go about doing that. If you have done such research, can you point us towards at least some of the information that you’ve found?

    Lots of people are saying, basically, “I’ve done lots of research and I’ve decided __________.” This guy is making a similar statement (claiming to have special knowledge), but he has come to conclusions inconsistent with yours:

    Those sorts of statements (“trust me, I’m careful, I’m good at research, I looked at lots of science-y stuff”), without plenty of support, are not useful to the rest of us. I would like this article (“Dirty Dozen”) a lot better if it were peppered with citations.

    Maybe you can guide the rest of us on a path to understanding. Are there reliable-looking sources saying that GMOs are safe and good, which are actually backed by Monsanto? If so, what specific information can you point us to that shows not only a Monsanto connection, but how that connection invalidates the conclusion that GMOs are good?

    • In addition to numerous links embedded in the pages “GMO Risks” and “GMOs Defined” on this blog (look for anything with blue text), here are a just a few examples with sources (which I will compile and put on a new page… thanks for the inspiration!):

      A list of lobbying groups and PR agencies with ties to Monsanto:

      “Biotechnology companies are not in the habit of publicizing studies that question the efficacy of their miraculous products.” (Source: Barry Commoner, American biologist, college professor, author, and former Editor of Science Illustrated, excerpted from an article in Harper’s Magazine, February 2002: )

      Agritech companies have given themselves veto power over the work of independent researchers. “One of the great mysteries surrounding the spread of GMO plants around the world has been the absence of independent scientific studies of possible long-term effects of a diet of GMO plants on humans or even rats. The GMO agribusiness companies like Monsanto, BASF, Pioneer, Syngenta and others prohibit independent research.” Scientists must literally ask these corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops. (Source: Scientific American Magazine, August 13, 2009 – )

      Consistent conflict of interest found in “research” done on the health risks and nutritional assessment of genetically modified products. “Where there was a conflict of interest, 100% of the studies (41 out of 41) made a favorable GM safety finding.” (Source: Food Policy study published in Science Direct journal, Volume 36, Issue 2, April 2011 – )

      “We don’t have the complete picture. That’s no accident. Multibillion-dollar agricultural corporations, including Monsanto and Syngenta, have restricted independent research on their genetically engineered crops. They have often refused to provide independent scientists with seeds, or they’ve set restrictive conditions that severely limit research options.
      (Source: Doug Gurian-Sherman, plant pathologist and senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, February 2011 – )

      “Technology/stewardship agreements required for the purchase of genetically modified seed explicitly prohibit research. These agreements inhibit public scientists from pursuing their mandated role on behalf of the public good unless the research is approved by industry. As a result of restricted access, no truly independent research can be legally con- ducted on many critical questions regarding the technology, its performance, its management implications, IRM [insect resistance management], and its interactions with insect biology. Consequently, data flowing to an EPA Scientific Advisory Panel from the public sector is unduly limited.” (Source: Christian Krupke, Purdue University entomologist, February 2009 – )

      In a 2007 cable, the US ambassador to France, Craig Roberts Stapleton, recommended “retaliation” against European “targets” in order to defend Monsanto sales of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Europe, where controversy over GMOs is strong. In the cable, the French decision to suspend Monsanto’s MON 810 patented seed product line was described as “damaging” and not “science-based”. The French government’s “apparent recommitment” to the precautionary principle written in the French Constitution was also referred to as “damaging”. In the cable, Stapleton stated, “Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory.” (Source: Stapleton, Craig (2007-12-14). France and the WTO ag biotech case. WikiLeaks cable:07PARIS4723. Archived from the original on 26 December 2010; retrieved 26 December 2010.)

      “Industry-funded research favors the funders.” In Pryme and Lembcke’s analysis, it came as no surprise that this Monsanto study, along with the other four peer-reviewed animal feeding studies that were performed in collaboration with private companies reported no negative effects of the GM diet. “On the other hand,” they wrote, “adverse effects were reported (but not explained) in [the five] independent studies.” They added, “It is remarkable that these effects have all been observed after feeding for only 10–14 days.” (Source: Ian F. Pryme and Rolf Lembcke, “In Vivo Studies on Possible Health Consequences of Genetically Modified Food and Feed—with Particular Regard to Ingredients Consisting of Genetically Modified Plan Materials,” Nutrition and Health 17(2003): 1–8: )

      This site includes numerically referenced sources at the end of the article:

  43. Not all of this has a basis in science. I dont have the time to research everything, but just spent an hour reniewing claims on both sides for aspartame. It doesnt matter to FDA approval in humans that there were deaths in animals. FDA approval is based on testing in Humans, and there arent even a number of studies in humans that show harm to humans. Look at under aspartame. So – just a warning – don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

    • And that doesn’t scare you, that there AREN’T studies showing harm in humans? So how do we know what it will do to our bodies?? I’m not willing to take the chance and be the lab rat, are you?

    • My husband is an organic chemistry professor, as been one for over 20 years. He is the one that told me about the dangers of aspartame a few decades ago. Also Coca-cola IS the one who pushed/lobbied for the approval of aspartame so they could put it in their diet coke. Yes I agree that some of these other claims have very little proof or none at all to back up the claims but I agree with this one. You just spent 1 hour researching on the internet, sorry I mean no disrespect but that is not solid research.

  44. “Unfortunately, few of us take the time to trace the members, founders, and relationships of these seemingly valid sources back to their little Monsanto secret.” Presumably, you have done this homework. Would you be able to post some details, or provide links to validate?

    • Happy to do so. In addition to numerous links embedded in the pages “GMO Risks” and “GMOs Defined” on this blog (look for anything with blue text), here are a just a few examples with sources (which I will compile and put on a new page… thanks for the inspiration!):

      A list of lobbying groups and PR agencies with ties to Monsanto:

      “Biotechnology companies are not in the habit of publicizing studies that question the efficacy of their miraculous products.” (Source: Barry Commoner, American biologist, college professor, author, and former Editor of Science Illustrated, excerpted from an article in Harper’s Magazine, February 2002: )

      Agritech companies have given themselves veto power over the work of independent researchers. “One of the great mysteries surrounding the spread of GMO plants around the world has been the absence of independent scientific studies of possible long-term effects of a diet of GMO plants on humans or even rats. The GMO agribusiness companies like Monsanto, BASF, Pioneer, Syngenta and others prohibit independent research.” Scientists must literally ask these corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops. (Source: Scientific American Magazine, August 13, 2009 – )

      Consistent conflict of interest found in “research” done on the health risks and nutritional assessment of genetically modified products. “Where there was a conflict of interest, 100% of the studies (41 out of 41) made a favorable GM safety finding.” (Source: Food Policy study published in Science Direct journal, Volume 36, Issue 2, April 2011 – )

      “We don’t have the complete picture. That’s no accident. Multibillion-dollar agricultural corporations, including Monsanto and Syngenta, have restricted independent research on their genetically engineered crops. They have often refused to provide independent scientists with seeds, or they’ve set restrictive conditions that severely limit research options.
      (Source: Doug Gurian-Sherman, plant pathologist and senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, February 2011 – )

      “Technology/stewardship agreements required for the purchase of genetically modified seed explicitly prohibit research. These agreements inhibit public scientists from pursuing their mandated role on behalf of the public good unless the research is approved by industry. As a result of restricted access, no truly independent research can be legally con- ducted on many critical questions regarding the technology, its performance, its management implications, IRM [insect resistance management], and its interactions with insect biology. Consequently, data flowing to an EPA Scientific Advisory Panel from the public sector is unduly limited.” (Source: Christian Krupke, Purdue University entomologist, February 2009 – )

      In a 2007 cable, the US ambassador to France, Craig Roberts Stapleton, recommended “retaliation” against European “targets” in order to defend Monsanto sales of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Europe, where controversy over GMOs is strong. In the cable, the French decision to suspend Monsanto’s MON 810 patented seed product line was described as “damaging” and not “science-based”. The French government’s “apparent recommitment” to the precautionary principle written in the French Constitution was also referred to as “damaging”. In the cable, Stapleton stated, “Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory.” (Source: Stapleton, Craig (2007-12-14). France and the WTO ag biotech case. WikiLeaks cable:07PARIS4723. Archived from the original on 26 December 2010; retrieved 26 December 2010.)

      “Industry-funded research favors the funders.” In Pryme and Lembcke’s analysis, it came as no surprise that this Monsanto study, along with the other four peer-reviewed animal feeding studies that were performed in collaboration with private companies reported no negative effects of the GM diet. “On the other hand,” they wrote, “adverse effects were reported (but not explained) in [the five] independent studies.” They added, “It is remarkable that these effects have all been observed after feeding for only 10–14 days.” (Source: Ian F. Pryme and Rolf Lembcke, “In Vivo Studies on Possible Health Consequences of Genetically Modified Food and Feed—with Particular Regard to Ingredients Consisting of Genetically Modified Plan Materials,” Nutrition and Health 17(2003): 1–8: )

      This site includes numerically referenced sources at the end of the article:

  45. Okay so the big question is why are people so quick to give Monsanto the right to do anything anymore? Monsanto should be put out of business and going back to natural should be priority but because money is the king they continue to allow the monster to rule!

  46. if ever there was to be a call for so called “eco-terrorists” to come together against a global evil it should be now & this should be their target – the mission would be to blow up this companies buildings, fields, research faculities & anything else under their unbrella of evil where ever they are headquartered are anywhere in the world so that this scourge might once & for all be wiped from the earth before they wind up killing the rest of us. now i’m not inciting violence i’m just saying if it were to happen I for 1 would not shed a tear for Monsanto or any of its affiliates.

  47. On Monsanto’s connections to fighting cancer – did you know that until recently one of the only drugs available to fight adrenal cancer was a derivative of DDT? So they may have a connection that is simply not super common knowledge…and as good as they are at denials and hiding would it be a surprise if there was?

    • If thats true that only completes the entire cycle of life for Monsanto.
      They own the seed that goes in the ground that needs their chemicals to grow properly
      The food – we must eat to stay alive.
      We get sick- from their posion food
      We take their drugs to stay alive long enough to give them all the our money

  48. After all I have read, the artical and your comments, you still don’t get that the US government is backing Monsanto and gave the immunity from prosecution if you get sick. I didn’t vote for him!

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  50. this is all scary…………..but we read this because someone has put it here. What are the verifications, where is the proof; for all we know the whole thing could have been written by an industry competitor. We’re supposed to just believe this because it’s plonked in front of us? Cite your sources!!!!

  51. Reblogged this on Ramblin Ann's Blog and commented:
    I usually try to stay away from political stuff because I am so not politically correct. This I need to share because I find it absolutely sickening that our government has allowed Monsanto to come in and poison our food supply, while writing the laws that will protect it from being held accountable. Please share this.

  52. In response to the person who was complaining about cost of good food: the reason we have these government created monstrosities in our diets is because of the lobbying done by working women in the 70s who wanted food that was a fast prep and cost less. I would submit to you that eating healthier food is more important than having a smart phone, ipad, cable tv or satellite radio.

  53. As usual; Follow the money. Monsanto; the crime lord. And, to think Walt Disney has advertised them in Disneyland for decades.

  54. Keep in mind that saccharin, petro soil treatments, DDT, dioxin, agent orange, PCBs, polystyrene, were removed from products when there was evidence of harm. Monsanto was also not the only company synthesizing these.

    There never were Terminator Seeds. This is absolute garbage that should remind the reader that anti-GMO folks will stop at nothing to misinform, perhaps lie, to change minds. The technology was developed by Delta Pine in the 1990′s. When MON bought the company they inherited the technology and never used it. It was never deployed. Funny, those that argue against GM as potentially (well, unlikely) hybridizing with outside plants would not have to worry if “terminator” technology was used.

    Oh, and every hybrid seed/plant bought, every seedless watermelon, most citrus, and many other plants also cannot be propagated from seed. Oh, but those aren’t made by monsanto, so nobody cares. Intellectual consistency is not part of the anti-GM movement.

    Glyphosate, aspartame and GM crops have presented no evidence of harm in the real scientific literature. Of course, glyphosate resistance in weeds is becoming a problem. “Superweeds” is a misnomer. Not so super. They’ll die with next generation formulations that allow less glyphosate to be used from increased penetration to the weed, etc.

    A great scare article. Put GM crops next to things known to be bad and long banned. Such a leap in logic without evidence. Great to scare, not to educate. Kevin Folta, independent, academic, public scientist

    • These harmful products were brought to market by companies who only removed them from the market when enough scientific studies had been done (by outside efforts, not by the companies themselves) to prove they were harmful. How many studies will it take before we find the same effects about this latest product, genetically engineered crops?

      This article clearly states that Terminator seeds were never brought to market.

      The last paragraph of the article lists the other companies involved in genetic engineering of plants and seeds.

      With all due respect, your claims prove that you have not done your own research. Hybridization is entirely unrelated to genetic engineering, though the terminology has been badly blended on the internet.

      There are countless studies pointing to harm. There are links to a large number of them on both the “GMOs Defined” and the “Risks of GMOs” pages of this blog.

    • I have been collecting atricles about glysophate from a scientific farming paper. It does have residual effects. The thing that is bad about it is that it weakens the immune system of plants and there are studies going on to establish the highly suspected link to lowered human immune coming through the food chain. Given the history so far of the product I don’t know if I want to wait for the link to be established before I look for alternatives. Ploughing is back on agenda instead of blanket spraying and direct drilling.

  55. Money wins- all we can do is make the decision to stay away from all the “non” food as much as possible… The filthy stinking rich don’t have any conscious !!! It just makes me sad. I’m going to start my own garden and say a good prayer that this darn world smarten’s up before its really to late!!! 😦

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  57. I am curious about the cases you site where rBST was linked to several cancers? This is a new claim i’ve never heard before. Just some proven science not theory, BST naturally occurs in cows who naturally produce more milk and if you read any dairy package you would know they can’t test for rBST since it has the exact same chemical makeup as naturally occurring rBST.

  58. I guess that We the People no matter where we live have to become a whole lot more bitchy about what we are and aren’t willing to eat. Organic fruits and veggies are on average only 10 percent higher priced than the toxic ones. So if we buy one less bottle of pop per trip to the grocery store we can afford them.

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  60. This is just the tip of the ice burg. Look up Monsanto on wiki. There is TONS of sources to back all of their info. All the lawsuits and more info on much of this.

    Want to do something to help stop Monsanto? Join this is a nationwide march. Click the link to find your city. This will take place May 25. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

  61. I couldn’t understand why so many farmers were dying of leukemia, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, cancer, etc. Well, it turns out that Monsanto marketed Agent Orange as Lasso to keep pre-emergent weeds from smothering young seedlings. They did not bother to inform the farmers that it was extremely toxic and absorbed through the skin. So, a spill on bare skin might not be washed off for hours since they were in the middle of a field. Thanks a bunch, Monsanto.

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    • Sadly, GMOs are having no impact on world starvation. In almost 20 years of development, the #1 purpose of genetically engineered crops is to withstand herbicide and pesticide. However the Ag-Bio industry spends roughly $50 million in PR every year to keep that tired “feed the world” phrase alive.

      More than 400 scientists considered to be the world’s foremost experts in the study of feeding the world came together to answer this question. Their resulting document, called the ISTAAD Report, was reviewed and signed by 58 countries. The overwhelming conclusion? GMOs have nothing to offer in feeding the hungry world, eradicating poverty, or creating sustainable agriculture. In fact one of the co-chairs of ISTAAD went so far as to say it was “unclear whether GMOs had any benefit at all: they don’t increase yield, they increase the use of agricultural chemicals, and they don’t increase farmer profit.”

      The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) was initiated by the World Bank to evaluate the relevance, quality and effectiveness of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology (AKST), including the effectiveness of public and private sector policies and institutional arrangements.

      The IAASTD Report involved an intergovernmental process under the co-sponsorship of the FAO, GEF, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, the World Bank and WHO, consulting with 900 participants and 110 countries over a 3 year period. The goal was to assess AKST with respect to meeting development and sustainability goals of reducing hunger and poverty, improving nutrition, health and rural livelihoods, and facilitating social and environmental sustainability.

      Here are some links for further reading:,_Science_and_Technology_for_Development

      • probably for the best. hungry homeless starving people can’t “pay” for their franken-food, so they’re probably deemed less worthy than those of us who are willing to pay to be fed. local farmers till we all die! support your local farmers markets! be kind to each other! raise the children of your village who are already in this world, no need to make more 🙂 i say that with all love cuz i know how sensitive ppl can get!

    • no, the real sad thing is your unbelievable ignorant self trying to negatively bring down people who are simply trying to spread a positive message. Whether these ‘idiots’ are as genius as you find yourself or not is of no concern. You should apply for a job at monsanto, prefect candidate.

  66. Our power lies not with our government officials; our power lies with the way we choose to spend the almighty dollar. Every time we choose a responsibly sourced or grown product we vote. When the masses wake up and realize that the way we live and what we buy can influence so much more than our voting in political elections, then maybe we will start to see some real changes!

    • Well, Monsanto, because the scary thing is that they are also behind Geoengineering (“chemtrails” of toxic substances sprayed into our skies agent orange style to “control the climate” and “prevent global warming”). Monsanto/Gates are open supporters of climate science. Considering that their unsustainable big ag overuse of fuels and toxins have largely contributed to pollution, I doubt their true motives are being revealed. Especially since they have a (not so) secret underground seed vault in Norway. I recently blogged about their trolls and segway’d into their climate science agenda since their trolls always bring it up; I wanted to know why and found out. It was bad enough that they control the food system but now they are trying to control the atmosphere with their toxic chemicals too!

  67. I agree Monsanto should be fully exposed as a company that is contributing to the illnesses and deaths of children and adults. I stand with the previous person’s comments:
    “They should be shut down, prosecuted, punished, made to swallow their own poisons ‘ How can we STOP them ? (other than just boycott?)

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  69. If Monsanto has so many connections in government positions then nothing will change…until truly honest persons run those positions. Could anyone tell me if Monsanto and it’s various spin offs have a pathway into Europe…and Great Britain especially, which is where I live? I’d be very interested to know if they’ve managed that. Most of the main supermarkets here don’t sell GMO products because the public don’t want them, and there are ‘non-GMO’ labels on packaging. But I wonder if they’ve managed to get their ingredients in somehow….apart from artificial sweeteners of course.

    • Debbie, there are experimental field trials and a lot of pressure coming down from the U.S. to get Great Britain to loosen their anti-GMO stance, particularly as it relates to the current trade negotiations. European Union leaders don’t want trade negotiations to include discussions about their restrictions on GMO crops and other regulations that keep U.S. farm products out of Europe. But Obama says it’s “hard to imagine an agreement that doesn’t address those issues.”

      I’d recommend you get on the mailing list for one of the leading anti-GMO organizations, GM Watch, which is based in the UK. Their site is a wealth of information.

  70. I live in Wisconsin. Virtually every corn crop has multiple signs posted alongside of them naming a GMO company. These farmers are growing corn using that particular company’s seeds. I believe most of this corn is to feed the cattle because this is a huge dairy products state. Some of this corn may go to make high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, etc. that are added to processed foods. There is a company close to my town called Foremost (Farms Cooperative). I believe they specialize in genetic modification of things that go into a number of products. Maybe even seeds too. All of this GMO business is just horrible.

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  72. Reblogged this on Environmental Communications and commented:
    This post on products Monsanto is responsible for bringing into our world, is very informational. In all my research, everything seems to be accurate that is provided below. Thanks for the great packaged information. I know I don’t want Monsanto to be involved with the food I eat!

  73. The photo IS shopped. Save it to any photo editor and zoom in and you can see the obvious pizel changes where the rectangles for the headswere cut and pasted. The wheelchair handle was also changed. Using an obvoius shopped photo, even after having it pointed out, calls into question the accuracy of the entire post, maybe the entire site. Even is i agreewith all points, that makes it a source I cannot use. How difficult would it be to change the photo to a real one or delete the photo and just not illustrate that point?

    • One of the graphics I regularly post to my Facebook page is this statement from Michael Pollan: “the wonderful thing about food is that you get three votes a day… every one of them has the potential to change the world.” Buy USDA organic. Buy from local farmers (or farmers’ markets, or grocery co-ops) who follow organic practices. Support the businesses who are helping raise awareness about GMOs and actively educate the public. Money follows demand…!

  74. Several years ago my mom found out she had a stage 1 breast cancer. She read the Suzanne Somers books and others who convinced her the government was in the business of Cancer for the money and that said radiation and chemo are poison. She tried to eat all organic, exercise and do supplements from sources both on the internet and holistic doctors. She died just last month. My point is, do everything possible to prevent cancer (eat organic, exercise, avoid potentially harmful substances and products) but if you get cancer, seriously consider the adverse affects of not going with the known quantity of modern medicine. Some people, as my mom did, jump on the holistic bandwagon and never know when to get off.

  75. Can we keep god and jesus out of this? Come on people, seems like he doesnt give a flying fuck. Such technical people here, with chemistry curiosity and knowledge but then say a silly religion reference. Sorry to get off topic but lets get serious. It discredits you in my opiniom. Government in party does not effect the corporation, government acts pretty much on behalf of the company.

    • THANK YOU! I hate it how people just need to mention the Bible in every possible issue. It solves NOTHING and sounds unintelligent to preach about your beliefs and why you’re right about the world, and then do absolutely nothing to make a change in the issue. Or even suggest intelligent action or commentary.

  76. Let us say then that Monsanto is the virus. And the rest of us looking for “what we can do” are the species who must survive. It makes sense to stop feeding the virus. It feeds on us, its doing that, and needs us to make “money,” that is its end. So let’s stop feeding it money, first. Easy enough to do = change your shopping habits. This will definitely make a chink. Please buy local farmers’ market goods, and create community. Make the things that aren’t money important again = brotherhood, family love, nature. If we’re all going to go, whether by natural causes or synthetic ones they create, there’s a need to focus on LIFE and Proliferate that. ❤

  77. I choose to be an organic farmer by joining my local farmer. I get the cleanest water I can find that is tested spring water or distilled water. I eat more herbs and spices. I turned off the TV and found it is a blessing not to allow it in my home. I feel so good, my body mind feel calm and peaceful since I took GMO food and MSG out of my diet. I vote to stop Monsanto(evil monster) or any other company from putting chemicals in our food, or on our food… No if’s and’s or but…period.

  78. Monsanto has too much money for our elected officials to ban it. We the people have to stop buying it. Also fight for the labels on anything, especially food, that are GMOs.

    • Agreed 200%! One of the graphics I regularly post to my Facebook page is this statement from Michael Pollan: “the wonderful thing about food is that you get three votes a day… every one of them has the potential to change the world.”

  79. I am not 100% sure that attacking Monsanto is much of a solution here. Don’t get me wrong I’m not dismissing their role in these situations.

    But my husband and I are fairly typical family farmers. It’s all my husband has ever wanted to do with his life. We would never be opposed to planting non-GMO crops or not using certain chemicals but the fact of the matter is in order to make any sort of living and pay our mortgage payments you have to produce the most crop for the least expense. Farmers, make the smallest portion of the “product pie”. In an ideal world we’d all be organic farmers out hoeing weeds ourselves but that is a niche market and the demand is not there…plus the cost of labour and land are out of this world.

    We as consumers, the general public, need to rethink our priorities. People want cheap cheap food. I hear complaints all the time about the cost of food which is strange since North Americans pay the least amount of their income for food of anywhere in the world. We also want all of our cheap disposable plastic products made with…corn and soybeans in the plastic. Monsanto is really just giving everyone what they want. There is a demand and they are filling it.

    Maybe we all need o think about how unwilling we are to pay more for our food and how much we are willing to spend on that new IPhone we just have to have????

    • Brooke you are 100% right. One of the graphics I regularly post to my Facebook page is this statement from Michael Pollan: “the wonderful thing about food is that you get three votes a day… every one of them has the potential to change the world.”

      Monsanto is indeed only one facet of this problem. As consumers, we can change the way we buy / eat, we can help wake others up to what’s going on, we can participate in marches or petitions or volunteer with GMO Free groups in our areas… bit by bit the tipping point will come.

      • Marches and petitions are great. But in big business money talks. None of this will change until the consumer shows they not only say they want it…but they prove it through the purchases they make and the support they show to agriculture.

        Do you know in the 1900’s before the great Monsanto enterprise people in North American spent between 40 and 50 percent of their income on food. Now we spend between 4 and 6 percent. THAT….is why Monsanto is successful and will continue to be successful.

        • You are preaching to the choir here but I’m glad you’re sharing for everyone else too! This is why “change the way we eat” is always the first thing I tell people to do, before the marches and petitions. But those last two don’t hurt either… because they raise awareness with more Americans to change the way *they* eat! 🙂

  80. you know you are only showing only one side of the story just like the news but you dont show the good side so how are we suppose to make a decision on this company if we dont know all the facts

  81. My husband and I started buying only organic fruits and vegetables. We also stopped eating any food products with corn, corn syprup, and high fructose corn syrup in them. Even our dog’s food doesn’t have corn listed in the ingredients. We avoid processed foods and meats containing sodium nitrates and nitrites altogether. The sad part about all of this is the educated will change their eating habits, and the non-educated will not. To fault of their own, the non educated do noy have the same available resources, such as articles like this one to learn from. This will continue to widen the gap between rich and poor – healthy and non-healthy.

    Hopefully sites like Facebook will help spread this kind of knowledge to all education levels. Unfortunately, along with the McDonald’s pop-up ads.

    This saying says it all:

    If it needs to be advertised on a TV commercial, radio ad or a billboard, don’t consume it.

    • yes I feel the same way. my late husband died from agent orange after serving his country I have nothing good to say about this company and try to avoid all of there products.They are responsible for many deaths and should be put out of business and put in prison. Now our own President is sleeping with them I NO LONGER SUPPORT HIM and to think That I voted for him twice he has sold us out again.

      • that was your first mistake. Obama should have never been in the oval office to begin with. to put the blame all on this ONE company is pointless, they are not the only ones doing this. I am going to go out on a limb and ask how many of you are guilty of saying we have to do something about those starving children. this is only a one sided story i would guess by someone who has had some sort of falling out with the company to start with. even people who raise their own gardens use pesticides to keep bugs away. so why would you jump on a band wagon like this when you are guilty of using the same products to raise your personal crops. every gardener uses these same products to increase the yield of your tomatoes, to keep the bugs away, to make your flowers bloom more beautifully. you yourself expose yourself to these toxins, and to say that it is one companies fault is just hate mongering at its finest.

  82. What is really scary is that they found traces of agent orange in my friend who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and he was never oversees or in any wars. WTF? Is it not common sense that the cases of cancer have risen with the use of pesticides? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  83. Too bad this article neglected to mention that Obama just signed the affectionately nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act,” which in a nutshell says you can no longer sue them even if it is proven that their products harm you or leave you disabled or dead.

  84. What about the hundreds of psychotropic drugs which are sold and fed to our people? FAKE diseases created and marketed to our children!??? ADHD does not exist! it was created to sell drugs. While parents across the country feed these drugs to children under the age of 10!! Even worse telling them that ‘something’ is wrong with them!! They are perfect just the way they were…so sad WHEN WILL PEOPLE WAKE UP????

  85. I am a farmer in New Zealand where round up (glysophate) is widely used and promoted as non-residual and safe to the soil. I will be telling every farmer I meet that this is not true, It is wrecking our industry..

    There is a way to measure nutrition in food, it is called its BRIX number. If consumers become aware of this and want to buy only high brix food farmers will produce it. Especially if it becomes an industry standard to declare (perhaps on the packaging) how much nutrition is in food because no-one will want to buy bread made from grain that is a 1 when they could buy it from grain which is a 12.

    The consumer controls the market, not the companies.
    We (farmers) are always interested in what the market wants, shown by what sells more.

  86. Reblogged this on Sellwood Soap Company and commented:
    Myth: If you can buy it, it must be safe.

    Truth: Everything recalled by the USDA/FDA, etc. is first approved by the USDA/FDA, etc. Many chemicals seem safe at first until years of exposure pass and populations with high rates of cancer or abnormalities present. Chemicals, GMO foods, etc. are not tested on humans (for obvious ethical reasons). We are the test group.

    When people refer to genetically modified foods, they aren’t referring to a pear tree and an apple tree being spliced together…these type of “GMO” modifications create much darker problems. And in step with “Big Oil” and “Big Banks,” now “Big Agriculture” (Monsanto) has put themselves above the law with HR 933, the rider known as “The Monsanto Protection Act.”

  87. Just to post something regarding the resistance. I spoke today to man who teaches at Miss State Univ who travels all over the country teaching people how to grow their fields without conventional fertilizer and pesticides, promoting grass fed beef. He recently gave a talk in Wisconsis. 3500 farmers showed up!

  88. It is time to leave the planet. I feel that it would be easier to build another world than to fix this one. It can be done; it might take a couple hundred years, but it can be done.

  89. To control seed would give them complete control of the food supply. Farmers need to rally to fight this agreement they are forced to sign because it gives Mosanto absolute control over the food supply in some aspects. They should also unite with organic farms to bring about a lawsuit that can do as much damage as the Vita Pro suit did. In fact we need to elect people that will shut these idiots down for good.

    • They have been !!! do you really think that this is new?? where has your head been, they the farmers have been fighting this for the past 10 years!!! the last two have put many local farmers out of their homes and took their farm, they are all very scared many hiding their seeds…. because not just Monsontos but part of our government is helping them try to make our farmers use their seeds and hand over their organic seeds and the none GMO seeds …… they are using many tactics to get them to do what they want them to do!!!! they are scared to death and now are not trusting each other because a few have been paid a lot of money to rat on the ones that are using the organic or none GMO seeds 😦 they are fighting this battle alone even though in the end we will be the ones in trouble !!!!!

  90. It’s Monsanto it’s Fluoride in the water, it’s poisonous vaccines it’s chemtrails, it’s the supid wars for profit…all in the name of greed, all is because the ones that control the world don’t care for the people, they care only for power and more money.

  91. History: Monsanto began in 1901 — The founder, John F. Queeny named it after his wife’s last name and they had ONE product as the story says in the beginning…. An accident in a lab that was testing COAL TAR led to the discovery that it was sweet, and this is the no calorie sweetener is saccharin. Monsanto, in the beginning was a chemical company and in the beginning they had only one product and only one client — Coca cola. Back in those days, Coca cola was often prescribed as a drug. President Theodore Roosevelt, overweight and diabetic, used Coca cola and saccharin as suggested by his doctors.

    In 1906 a book, called “The Jungle” was published and there was a subsequent movie. The story about the plight of Lithuanian Immigrants focused on the state of the meat packing industry. Abuses were horrific – unsanitary conditions, rat feces in meat sold in stores. The industry insisted that any regulations would ruin their business making it unprofitable, but after the film, the public was so upset that the President responded by making regulations which led to the formation of the FDA and USDA.

    With all this examination of meat, it led to scientists asking other questions about food safety and one asked how could a coal tar derivative possibly not be harmful to humans? However since President Roosevelt used and liked saccharin, he stopped any investigation into the possible dangers of Monsanto’s only product.

    Monsanto, since then, has aligned itself with every presidential administration, no matter what party. As you can read by the article, they were linked strongly to the Department of Defense for weapons. It doesn’t matter – Democratic or Republican – our government is aligned with Monsanto and executives often bounce between Monsanto and our government food safety organizations.

  92. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Let’s hope the old guy was right. Monsanto is a MONSTER.!!!!!!!

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  95. Ya’ll need to stop poking the Bible into every possible issue. Jesus isn’t everyone’s savior, and mentioning him certainly solves nothing.

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  99. And I agree it should be banned the use of Monsanto’s evil doing’s ..Peru banned any product o seeds from Monsanto 6 months ago.Monsanto they care only in money ,not safety.

  100. Try med school, people. In med school, we are privy to the ingredients of the vaccines. Monkey kidney samples, cow’s blood, formaldehyde, genetically modified aborted fetus cells…..if you think those items are what we should be injecting into ourselves and our children, you are grossly misguided, mistaken, and misinformed.

  101. There isn’t enough money in the world to shut down Monsanto. They have their claws buried deep in Washington’s pockets. Plain and simple.

  102. We can all agree and complain online forever…but we MUST stop buying their products (which is very difficult, I could feel an ulcer developing as I grocery shopped yesterday), spread the word, and educate those who do not have internet access (like many of the families that attend the school where I teach). It is lower-income families who may remain in the dark if we don’t easily provide this information to them.

  103. So Monsanto is really Big Brother, spying on all of us, controlling our every move with their “EVIL” inventions and secretly running the government. Interesting.
    I’m sure no one else, besides me, has benefited from anything they’ve introduced to the global marketplace. You are all ready to go back to the pioneer ways of hunting (which you likely object to for taking an animal’s life so it’s flesh could benefit your body aka I don’t eat anything with a face), gathering, and living til the ripe old age of 55 (because most of the FDA approved drugs have so many harmful side effects, you would never take them to save your life) but still expecting to live until you are a centenarian.
    Face it. We can’t go back & global society doesn’t want to go back. The damage is done. We learn from our mistakes and move forward. Hopefully Monsanto can look closer at their big picture and become more environmently friendly but face it, human demand & money makes a lot of people look the other way and can sleep at night with the consequences, especially when they aren’t the ones steering the ship (or in this case, inventing the next item that makes our lives easier, tastier, or yes, even ends a war sooner).

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  107. Just FYI, the National Cancer Institute study that you link to in #1 was done on rats, and specifically claims that “There is no clear evidence that the artificial sweeteners available commercially in the United States are associated with cancer risk in humans.” Your text before the link implies that it was a study done on humans.

  108. Ok, so in the first section about saccharin, it says that “six human studies, including one done by the National Cancer Institute, showed that consuming artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and cyclamate resulted in bladder cancer.” with the National Cancer Institute part linked to this:, which says:

    “Studies in laboratory rats during the early 1970s linked saccharin with the development of bladder cancer. For this reason, Congress mandated that further studies of saccharin be performed and required that all food containing saccharin bear the following warning label: “Use of this product may be hazardous to your health. This product contains saccharin, which has been determined to cause cancer in laboratory animals.”

    Subsequent studies in rats showed an increased incidence of urinary bladder cancer at high doses of saccharin, especially in male rats. However, mechanistic studies (studies that examine how a substance works in the body) have shown that these results apply only to rats. Human epidemiology studies (studies of patterns, causes, and control of diseases in groups of people) have shown no consistent evidence that saccharin is associated with bladder cancer incidence.”

    So, the source you linked actually refutes the claim you made. Could you link me to any other sources that support the claim? Thanks!

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  110. I believe there is a corporate “greed” machine. However, simple fact is that their wealth grows because the demand for “more, better, faster, etc.” also exists and these are consumer driven demands. Creating more laws is not the answer. Shutting them down is not the answer (complete prohibition has NEVER worked as a deterent, it has simply made the determined more creative). A change in mindsets is the only thing that has a prayer. We must work to educate the next generation on patience, learning to live with what’s necessary instead of desired, and taking the time to do things right instead of fast. These are the things that will change the world, because these are the things that will change consumer demands. When consumers change their demands, the corporate “greed” machine will evolve.

  111. Can you guys please get over the whole “GMO = poison” kick that you’re on? The population of the world is ever-growing, and farmers have to feed it. You want to know what’s not growing? Our supply of water. If a crop can produce more with less, then I’m all for it. Genes are naturally changed over time by selective breeding, so the process that the company is using is simply an accelerated version of it.

  112. Your cross-reference chart is full of errors – spelling, grammar but your inclusion of Clarence Thomas as a Monsanto lackey in the government is laughable assumption predicated on typical agenda driven reporting. You aren’t a journalist, you’re a propagandist.

  113. Humans are opportunistic and will continue to increase their population as long as there is an adequate food supply to do so. Research has shown that historically, the population has leveled out or decreased when food sources also leveled out or decreased, respectively, and began to increase when more food became available. So trying to plan for a couple of billion more people will only ensure a couple of billion more people after that. We are running our planet into the ground with all of the people and their impacts we have now. Our top soil is half gone, our water is becoming contaminated and scarce, bacteria are mutating, the oceans are acidifying, and on and on. Propping up the population with extra food, no matter how it’s done, will not account for all of the other needs humans are now losing from the planet, and the more people in existence when the collapse comes, the more suffering and misery there will be. So, in order to survive, we’re going to have to accept that there are terminal limits to the number of humans who can exist on this planet. Further, humans’ attempts to change the earth’s systems to suit their own purposes have always led to even greater problems. Humans are very limited in their scope and solutions to problems, usually because of resources, vision, and the quest to make money. If we can’t get Monsanto and all of the other mega-corporations under control soon (meaning “trust bust” them), the earth’s ecology is going to be a total disaster as well as our economy.

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  117. I’m just wondering why so many people don’t like GMOs. From everything I’ve read, scientific literature and otherwise, there’s no evidence that GMOs are harmful at all. There’s not really any difference between GMOs and other crops. Every living thing is a mutant, mutations occur naturally during the process of copying DNA (this is a big part of how evolution works) and GMOs are just given certain selected mutations. The traditional way to make a new crop strain is to crossbreed certain old strains to select for a specific mutation, and that’s basically the same thing that is happening when specific mutations are put into GMOs, just in a more controlled and direct way.

  118. In my opinion, Monsanto’s owners should be charged with crimes against humanity! They are slowly but surely poisoning us, our animals and our environment! Not to mention the fear they put in to the poor farmers who try to grow their “own” crops from seeds they’ve cleaned. Monsanto will ruin their lives! Shame on the federal government for allowing this evil monopoly to continue to kill us!

  119. Don’t believe everything you read, especially from groups with an axe to grind.

    In point #4 the author leads you to believe Monsanto was responsible for the worse industrial accident, when you actually read up on that you find that Monsanto’s only involvement was their plant was destroyed as part of the blast of a French freight ship that exploded with a load of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer (same material used in the OKC bombing).

    In point #7 the author leads you to believe that 2,4-D is a primary ingredient of agent orange. That is outright false, different chemistries. Additionally the 2,4-5T which was the primary ingredient in agent orange was not harmful, it was the dioxins a by product of a inefficient, unclean manufacturing process that posed a harm to human health.

    #8, there is little belief that commercial fertilizers have degrading effects to land. A real degrediation would be the continual raising of crops without replacing the nutrients the plants consume and are carried off the field as grain. Corn has protein, protein is developed in the plant using Nitrogen, the N has to come from somewhere. If it were not for commercial fertilizers there would be many more starving people in the world.

    #9, The study that is referenced regarding butterflies has absolutely nothing to do with roundup, it has to do with Bt protein in corn, which is a natural protein that occurs in the soil and is also used by organic gardeners to kill species of certain insect classes. Roundup is arguably one of the safest chemistries ever developed, there are resistance issues with weeds, but the use of roundup and Bt for that matter has extensively reduced soil losses to erosion as well as minimized the use of much more dangerous chemicals.

    The comments about Roundup ready continue to ignore the reductions in soil erosion and reductions of use of by far more harmful compounds that have occurred as a result of not only glyphosate resistant crops but those resistant to other chemistries as well. The argument surrounding the “terminator” gene shows how ignorant some people really are of how production agriculture really works. No one has “saved” their own corn seed since the 1930’s with the adoption of hybrid seed corn, and if you plant seed produced from a hybrid you have poor performing plants anyways. With regard to sell pollinated seeds such as soybean and cotton, why shouldn’t Monsanto (or any company) be able to protect their investment. Nobody is forcing anybody to plant their traited products.

    I’m not a huge Monsanto fan, but I’m definitely not a fan of people to write this stuff and flat out lie to create fear and ignorance amongst the public, which then I have to combat in order to continue my part in producing a safe, affordable food supply.

    • It would appear you work for an ag-research university; I can understand how your knowledge might be biased.
      P.S. the relationship between RoundUp and butterflies is this: RoundUp Ready corn is engineered to withstand RoundUp. RoundUp kills weeds, including Milkweed. Monarchs need Milkweed to deposit their eggs.

      • Naturally, I’m bought and paid for by Monsanto. Thats laughable. I sure haven’t seen my kickbacks yet, maybe I had better call St. Louis and see what the holdup is.

        Whats really funny is the reason I work for a land-grant university for less pay and benefits than in industry is that I didn’t feel I could consistently in good faith “tow the company line” in industry.

        Someone challenges what you write and all you have to rely on is calling into question the credibility of an Internet poster who you don’t know from Adam.

        Back to the subject at hand: Bt and glyphosate tolerance are two independent traits. They are often stacked together in a corn hybrid but they are available separately also. Roundup has nothing to do with it, in fact Bt corn was available before glyphosate tolerant corn. Glyphosate tolerance is for post-emergence weed control, Bt is for control of corn borer or cotton boll worm (same pest different common names).

        • Yes there is a relationship between Monsanto and Universities, but you are not your University; no need to jump to conclusions. Kudos to you for not being willing to “tow the company line.” You too are challenging what is written, and searching for credibility. The detrimental effects of RoundUp (not just to monarch butterflies, but a whole host of organisms in the soil, air and water) are reported in numerous studies… it goes far beyond the loss of milkweed for Monarch habitat. Keeping it positive and sharing facts will allow awareness on both sides, yes?

    • Hey there LH don’t believe everything you read especially Monsanto quack science, the corporate media, or the Government. The reality is far worse than this group purports.

      #4 says Monsanto was connected to nuclear weapon manufacture. It does not infer what you are saying. When big, toxic, poisonous, dangerous things are produced the potential for disaster multiplies.

      #7 Actually 2,4-D was a major component (about 50%) of the product Agent Orange used extensively throughout Vietnam. Regardless of the exact facts on Agent Orange composition, to me the reality is we do not need 2,4-D to function as a society. Nor do we need Monsanto.

      #8 Your opinion that “there is little belief that commercial fertilizers have degrading effects to land.” is laughable. There are mountains of indisputable empirical peer reviewed scientific conclusions that chemical fertilizers have wreaked havoc on the soil. Leaving dead dirt that can only produce with chemical additions. Meanwhile all the ever crucial other micro-elements disappear and are not being replenished which inevitably depletes you the consumer. The CHEMICAL FARMING METHOD is another too big to fail train headed for a cliff. It has been shown that the only way to feed the world in perpetuity is through labor intensive organic means. This of course requires a fundamental paradigm shift that displaces the .01% and there house of cards.

      #9 Do I even refute this diatribe on Roundup. Roundup is proven toxic. It is a no brainer that it has done more harm than good and the situation is getting worse. I worked for years at WSU horticultural research center and that was understood back in the eighties. Roundup=TOXIC. As to the butterfly link, that’s mis-placed and should be fixed. Maybe with this: “The latest oops, in Monsanto’s growing list, after the recent study linking Roundup with birth defects, is the elimination of large numbers of monarch butterflies from the landscape. Does Roundup kill butterflies? No, it doesn’t. It simply kills everything that butterflies like to eat: milkweed plants in particular. A 2011 study in Insect Conservation and Diversity found that the heavy Roundup use associated with GMO crops in Mexico, where North American butterflies overwinter, has contributed heavily to a 17-year decrease in monarch populations.”

      Your logical conclusions are flawed and your fact checking full of cognitive bias. Mosanto has nothing to do with a safe and affordable food supply and everything to do with lying, cheating, birth defects, and killing. And the problems they are creating are an exponential house of cards affecting generations to come in painful and ugly ways… in my opinion.

      • LOL, I’m a troll now.. Because I came onto this site and offered a view point that differs from the majority here? I manged to have several rounds of civil discourse with owner of this page. You are certainly entitled to your opinions as I am mine. Granted I didn’t take time to cite references to support my statements, but neither has anybody else here so there really doesn’t seem to be a burden of proof on anybody, and I get the feeling I could go through a lot of effort citing references only to be dismissed as my references would not support the views of those posting here. There appears to be no room for constructive conversation about these issues based on some of the comments on this page many of which border on delusional. Its clear for some this debate has went past truth and is full fledged into emotion (namely hate).

        As was brought up by another thread I work for a land-grant university in agricultural research (so yes I know many if you have automatically dismissed me at the point), I also am involved in farming and ranching with my family. I’m not an internet troll trying to get my jollies, I have a vested interest in productive conversation regarding these topics as the industry that many outside individuals like to comment on is one I live 24/7 as my occupations.

        This debate is like much in America today, polar and poisonous.

        • Wow LH are you a little hot under the collar? If you do not like it here you do not have to be here. It is a choice. Please go give some open hearted lovin to your family. Look them in the eye and tell them that you really love them. Peace be with you.

      • Thank you Don! Well put! I feel so full of grief sometimes when I understand the far reaching consequences of our mislead choices. I am on a tender, slow road of healing for myself, my family and I visualize this radiating from me to all who’s paths cross with mine and for our beautiful Mother Earth. Starting close in is really the best thing we can do……………….. blessed bee……………….. ( :

    • Have you ever personally used round up yourself. It is nasty. That alone is crazy that they would make Round up ready products for us to eat. So sad.

      • ER: Yes. I have applied glyphosate in methods varying from a 120 ft sprayer to a 5 ft backpack sprayer. I farm and ranch for a living along with working in ag research. Glyphosate (RoundUp) is a product I am very familiar with and use on an as-needed basis as part of our production system. There are chemistries in use that are more dangerous than glyphosate, which is comparatively safe. I consider glyphosate one of the safest products I work with. It just gets all the press for some reason.

        • For LH, who considers glyphosate “one of the safest products,” please have a read:

          Fifteen years of research by the USDA indicates that glyphosate could be causing fungal root disease resulting in detrimental impacts to the root structure of plants, said Bob Kremer, a microbiologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service.

          Recent studies have shown that soil biology is negatively impacted when glyphosate is used on crops.

          Once glyphosate is in the soil, it gets into our water. The increased use of herbicides (including older, more toxic chemical “cocktails” to combat superweeds) is leaching through the soil into the groundwater supplies (NIH study from March 2012) beneath “America’s breadbasket,” where it’s drawn back up as drinking water and crop irrigation via wells.

          Even before the NIH study, in 2011 three separate universities found that RoundUp (glyphosate) is present in both the water, and the air, in significant levels. Glyphosate, the key ingredient in “Roundup” herbicide, was found in every stream sample examined in Mississippi in a two-year period (fishing, anyone?) and in most air samples taken (breathing, anyone?). Tests were also done further north in Iowa.

          This website lists additional studies on glyphosate.

    • Well I dared to and your reference is a horrible stretch. Try just writing your own opinion instead of manipulating words from a storybook to suit your cause.

  120. In reality chemicals are not tested but assumed safe until proved otherwise. I believe only 5 have actually been banned out of over 80,000 or more out there…..

  121. And Monsanto sits at the top of their corporate empire laughing now because they have billions of dollars to hire the best litigators, have created a monopoly over food/seed supply and they have the FDA, and government and health officials as silent but powerful allies! Hopefully the leadership of other countries who are now banning or putting warning labels on manufactured or GMO products will force the US to follow…Although sadly Obama just helped sign a protection act…

  122. Then it rests with us…we can grow food, buy from clean farmers, and refuse to buy products that are unhealthy. Buy GMO free only, eat fresh from local farmers, and buy meat with caution. Hard to have an affect on Monsanto unless everyone does their part! They have enough money to last for a while, but we don’t have to feed their pockets.

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  124. Amen to that! You can choose not to buy sugar additives and by the way diet products with Aspartame or Splenda promoted diabetes in my mother in-law, along with 150 pounds of additional weight. Also, to all the former AG employees from the big six and I am one of them. Why would my OB-Gyn refuse to deliver my child if I was exposed to any pesticides during my pregnancy? DA! It causes birth defects! I was 4 weeks pregnant when I was removed by my doctor from the analytical lab. I must say I worried the entire time I was pregnant that my child would have defects. This should have been a happy time in my life, but it was a stressful one. I had worked with a methylating compound called diazomethane. The tolerance is 0.02 ppb for humans. Just for the record, my son had skeletal problems at puberty in his sternum, with no apparent cause. I still wonder 19 years later if my exposure during the 1st 4 weeks may have caused this. What a thing for a mom to have to live with! Also there are very few employees over 50 in AG research because most develop some form of cancer.

  125. The politician are paid handsomely by Monsanto…so they will not be shut down. So the public has to make a choice and be careful what you buy!

  126. I have read most all of the comments and I agree with so many of you. This is a travesty to say the least. I read an article yesterday that Monsanto employees are given a choice to eat GM foods, or non GM foods in their cafeteria. Sadly, we will not be given that choice if things keep going the way they are 😦 If their GMO’s are safe, then why not label them? There is a master plan here.

  127. Please God, send the next psycho with a few automatic weapons that wants to go on a shooting spree to Monsanto, pretty please…

      • Killing innocent people, or children is a horrible thing, standing up for one’s self is a good thing. So if monsanto wants to use us as their guinnea pigs. Then they are open game and should face the consiquences. We can not let the meek tear the strong down completely. We have to stand up and say NO MORE.

      • Actually is it a good reason to believe in God! Basically don’t mess with God and what he has created for our bodies to eat is the bottom line here. Eat organic it is what we were made to eat.

    • Pretty sure this is humor… but just in case there are impressionable folks out there I would recommend against preaching or praying for or participating in violence in any way. As an aside I am all for gun control under strict conditions. Something like this… Outlaw all profit in guns and war technology, take away the guns from the CIA (as well as all secret and not so secret goon squads around the world), das homeland security and all private (in)security firms, then begin military reduction of arms and bombs, then and only then do we discus the public and the local police gun problem at the same time. Obviously the .01% would need to desire world peace for this to work… Eat organic, grow your own, open your heart and share with others, learn logic it is simple, actively pay attention to the moment you’re in right now, rather than letting your mind wander or trying to multi-task. Boycott Monsanto and most corporations and their products. Support the commons and individual freedom and liberty. Where do you want the world to be in 20 years…10 years… 5 years… 1 year? If we can not visualize it we can not manifest… GO AHEAD DREAM OF THE WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN. You have my permission and backing 100%. Here is a hint for the racing mind feeling threatened right now- If your vision does not include a thriving ecosystem that lasts in perpetuity then your dream has missed the mark. You are not alone we are very fractured from education, the media, and entertainment and advertising.

  128. Can anyone verify if the figure regarding GMO ingredients is true within the European Union, and if it is is this just food products or does it include toiletries, many thanks

  129. It’s actually nuts, eh. I just posted about how we need to balance this battle against GM Alfalfa (Monsanto in general, too) with our alternative. I am working on edible forest garden research right now, which is my alternative pillar to this food system we’ve been hit with.

    Thanks for sharing, eh!
    -Paul Lion


  131. Monsato is one of many companies (including banks) owned by the ruling 13 familes. They create every war (to sell arms), every modern disease to sell pharmaceuticals, seed the water and air to alter and control moods etc. But they did not create this world, which means they are answerable for their deeds. They destroyed the last planet they were on but are not allowed to do that here. There is much proof of who they are and what will happen but most humans aren’t ready for that yet. Unless you have a revolution which they would stomp with control of the military, you can only look after yourself with organic gardening etc.

  132. I grew up in a city where Monsanto was the main industry. Our family lived across a river from “The Mound” and even at that distance, we were not safe from the effects of Monsanto. As an adult I worked in a local hospital. The number of former Monsanto employees who came into the hospital with terminal cancer was quitely noted. Then people who lived on the streets below Monsanto began to die from cancer. Across the river, the cases of cancer increased, as well. My mother had cancer when I was 9, then she had it again 15 years ago and died from it. I have declining health myself although I am not old. Say what you will, a majority of our townspeople are convinced that Monsanto is a killer. I am one of them.

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  134. How tiresome, all these conspiracy theories and accusations of evil. It’s an agrochemical company, get over it. Yeah, it would be real nice if we all could eat organic food. But we can’t as then we would be paying so much more for our daily bread (so to speak) and there would be even more people starving or living on the edge. We make trade offs. And the folks at Monsanto are not evil and there is no evil cabal behind the curtains pulling the strings of government employees. Are all of you people eating out of clay pots, feeding your family foods you produced and not enjoying the fruits of modern science? It’s common sense that we eat too much processed foods, but give me a break, no institution that employs as many people as Monsanto is evil and there’s a much more simple explanation to all your hysterics: science is hard and, as the human race develops materials and substances for our progress, there will be failures.

    • You sound too reasonable a person to be posting on this site. The people who read this stuff don’t want logic and to hear that there are trade-offs in modern day society.

    • Science is not the problem an abuse of legal angles through high financing and lies is the problem. The human race is far smarter than you give credit. It is possible to be forward looking and avoid pitfalls if that is what is desired. Unfortunately for humanity (you and I) that is not what the .01% desires because they are afraid of losing there stranglehold. Clay pot technology? GMO and Agent Orange? Does not take a genius to see which technology will cause problems for us. I know nothing about “evil,” but I am certain if we can restructure society we could be mostly toxic free and organic would be the norm and affordable. There are studies (you may want to educate yourself) that show the only way we can feed humanity in perpetuity is by organic means.

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  140. Roundup is not a pesticide. It’s an herbicide. Everything else sounds good, and I’m onboard with it. But really, calling an herbicide a pesticide is so easy to debunk, it affects the credibility of the rest of the story. I would recommend correcting that statement.

      • The title of the piece calls Monsanto’s “the world’s largest pesticide manufacturer”. One might (perhaps mistakingly) assume this refers to Roundup.

    • A herbicide is a pesticide. Insecticides are pesticides. Fungicides are pesticides. Nematicides are pesticides. Miticides are pesticides. Fertilizers are nutrients whether organic or inorganic.

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  142. The American Govt went twice to the World Trade Oganisation. The first time was to as WTO to forbid Britain and Europe from pr4eventing the growing of GMO crops. These GMO crops then contaminate the environment and especially the natural equivalent crops. The second time was to demand that WTO forbid Britain and Europe from labelling foods as containing GMOs or meat from animals fed on GMOs. This would obstruct consumer choice affecting sales of GMO infrected foods. Dragonar

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  144. Funny how that little “Revolving Door” graphic about who in the government did what for Monsanto left out Hillary Clinton’s work at her law firm in the interests of Monsanto.

    • What kind of work did Hillary Clinton do on behalf of Monsanto? Did she do labor relations, environmental, litigation? It’s obviously relevant if you’re going to try to tar people to at least know what the nature of their work was. There’s nothing suspect or pernicious about being legal counsel.

      • If you are curious about Hillary please research her. A lot of unsavory stuff. She is the Rodham family and Bill is a nobody so to speak. Just ask yourself why would she work with a company with such a horrible and abusive track record. Would you represent a rapist if you knew they were guilty? Not me, no amount of money would get me to work with Monsanto and/or their ilk.

    • Actually Don, if I went to law school and chose to become an attorney then the ethics of the profession tell me that everyone deserves to have access to representation and that it doesn’t matter if your client is guilty or no, it is your duty to give them sound legal counsel. Maybe you couldn’t and that’s OK, but get off your high horse and stop judging people in situations you know nothing about.

      • Sorry Gib when you are a lawyer you have a choice who you represent. And keeping paid lobbyists away from Government would be fine by me including Greenpeace paid lobbyists. The right to petition remains intact. Your logic is flawed. I’ll stay on my high horse thank you… there is endless love and peace up here. I hope you come on up as well. We all get here eventually anyway, it is inevitable. GMOs need to go bye bye.

    • Don, my logic is flawed???? You would be OK with (in effect) banning paid lobbyists? I admire the fact that you (supposedly) don’t care what the paid advocate would be advocating for. However, what you suggest, means that I, as a private citizen, could not hire someone (perhaps because they have a specific and specialized background) to take my case (ie. represent me) to the corridors of power to argue for my personally held position on an issue? Is this not what we do as citizens when we vote for someone to represent us in Congress? Please explain how banning paid lobbyists would not infringe upon a citizen’s first amendment right (esp when we already know that how one decides to spend his money is recognized as free speech.) The right to petition in the first amendment has no qualifiers and you’d have to prove harm to others to restrict it as you suggest.

      • Gib so much more than can be discussed here it would likely take 3 to 5 hours to walk through this with you. Unfortunately this is not the place. Check this organization out for some insight into getting rid of lobyists:
        Lets bring it back to the point of this discussion. I support a world free of GMOs especially under the current paradigm. And now from left field- No one should be able to own a patent on life. Boycot GMOs, and all the too big to fail corporations. They have already failed. Best of luck and love to you.

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  146. Regarding the photo of the two boys in a wheelchair: I have tracked down more information about this photo, and added a second photo of these same young men. Pictured in this image are Anh and Trang, who lived for a time at Hoi Duc An Orphanage in central Viet Nam.

    Anh and Trang came to the orphanage in late 2005 as 16 and 19 year olds with immense physical disabilities due to Agent Orange. They had no mental or intellectual disability, so living at the Orphanage allowed them to continue their education.

    In late 2005, the Government gave their father, Mr. Nhan, permission to live at the Hoi An Orphanage with his 2 boys, while Mr. Nhan’s wife remained at home with their youngest son, who had extreme learning difficulties, and their adopted son.

    Mr. Nhan was tireless in his efforts for his sons. He took them to and from school, carried them to the toilet, washed and dressed them. Mr. Nhan and his family was extremely poor and did not have a regular job because he would always be on hand to help his sons.

    Besides the many setbacks, the family remained positive, always friendly, chatty and interested in other people.

    Young people with severe curvatures of the spine like Anh and Trang have a poor cough reflex. They cannot easily clear their lungs from infections, and therefore find it difficult to fight off minor infections.

    In the 2006 during the school summer holidays, Mr. Nhan, Anh and Trang returned to their home in the remote countryside to stay with their mother and 2 younger brothers. While there, Trang caught a cold, which quickly developed into pneumonia.

    When the local doctor was unable to treat him effectively, Mr. Nhan brought his son to the hospital in Hoi An. It was too late. Trang died on 31st August 2006, 2 days before his 17th birthday.

    On 31 March 2008, Anh became ill, and died early the next day.


    Sources: December 2006 Newsletter from the Kianh Foundation / Hoi An Foundation, page 3. Also visit or

    “Agent Orange and the Children of Hoi An Orphanage.”

    Additional photos (warning – graphic content):

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  148. The aforementioned “revolving door” chart says that it is all about people who worked for Monsanto who also worked for the FDA. But if you look at the actual positions in government, very few of them are in the FDA. Epic fail.

    Furthermore, in a very conspiratorial quip, you write that these people have a “Monsanto secret.” This is downright hilarious since I bet everyone of those people has a public resume which details all of their work history. Having most of those positions on one’s resume would in nearly every corner of the professional working world be held as something you’d want to brag about, not hide.

    Get a grip.

    • Revolving doors between corporations and government are wrong IMO. We need laws passed to separate corporations from government. Outlaw lobbyists as well. The government could be great if the people wanted it. I am curious 3clean, what does the world look in your vision of the future? And what would you like it to look like?

      • Outlaw lobbyists? Do you want to outlaw someone from Greenpeace walking into your Representative’s or your Senator’s or your Governor’s office and having a sit down to explain to him/her why to vote yes on crucial environmental protection legislation? If no, then you are a either not a very bright person or you are a hypocrite. If yes, well then you’ve just taken away a first amendment right (the right to petition the government.)

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  153. Such a bunch of nonsense! Agent orange is really bad stuff, but war is about using unsage products to kill….same with the abomb claims. DDT saved millions and millions more in killing marlarial mosquitos. Pcbs, monsanto didnt pour into lakes and streams, other companys did like omc… show show me direct harm…why do they need to go all the way to vietnam for pictures?

    • 3clean,your opinions makes me laugh out loud. I have great compassion for you. Either you are a troll or seriously misguided and lacking in logic skills. Ever heard of a red herring?

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  155. I’d like to comment on what Mary said about voting. I do NOT vote – not because I don’t believe but because there is NO ONE good to vote for. I believe that if I do vote for people that I don’t believe in, it is like being a hypocrite – give me someone worth voting for in this country, and I’ll be first in line!

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  158. 575 politicians make the laws. They decide how our taxes are abused. The entire controversy in and of itself is a disguise for the real criminals. Fire ALL politicians. Boycott the industry. Say No to Insurance Laws. And Make yourself more aware. Your taxes are funding misery world wide and no excuse can alleviate you of responsibility.Educate yourself and Question Authority.

  159. the best way forward is to fly a drone into the Bilderberg meeting this year, then start reclaiming the planet bit by bit out the cold hands of the scum in charge

  160. Reblogged this on Conspoetry and commented:
    We must rid the world of GMO food. It is not natural and mankind has no right to change nature! Educate yourself and it might just save your life, particularly when you look at the research that has not been funded by Monsanto. The rats and mice died, as will we!

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  162. They are one one of several destructive companies. Personally, I have been boycotting anything the Koch Brothers own. If one of their companies goes down, the other can’t support the one for long, and it starts a ‘domino’ effect. Think about it…

  163. M – murderous
    O – outrageous
    N – near sighted
    S – sinister
    A – aggressive
    N – negative
    T – tortuous
    O – opponents

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  168. So is it even possible to stop this? What can we do as the consumer? It seems a daunting mountain to face. I don’t have the money or the resources to become Caroline Ingalls and plant my own food and raise my own cattle. Seems inevitable that we are screwed and will die of cancer from something.

    • You get to vote 3 times a day with your food dollars. Vote with non GMO foods. There are apps to help like fooducate and buycott

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  178. “There is a direct correlation between our genetically engineered food supply and the $2 trillion the U.S. spends annually on medical care, namely an epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases.” With all of this money flying around, I should be investing in Monsanto and the Sick Care industry.

      • There is plenty of good science showing the dangers of genetically manipulated organisms when consumed. The American diet is loaded with this dangerous snake oil. Yes, poor diet and lack of exercise is an enormous issue then throw franken toxins in the mix and the situation goes from bad to worse… then get em on some meds and we have a perfect storm! Aside from the science… it is a bad idea, IMO, to patent life and have large corporations in control of the seed supply. I am curious why Jane has quotation marks around her statement?

      • Don, I asked for examples of good science, just saying it is so does not make it so. I honestly would like to be pointed to studies with conducted by reputable independent organizations which back up this idea that GMO’s in our diets cause medical harm and are responsible for an “epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases.” I would agree that “patenting life” seems like a bad idea, but the world is full of stories of people putting fear before science and not understanding the potential benefits of what is being discussed. I try to come to a site like this with an open mind, but when I see all the fear mongering, conspiracy fueled rhetoric and equations of corporations = evil, I wonder why I bother.

        • Gibson I’m happy to see you’re still hanging about. 🙂 I had hoped that you might have found at least a few studies that would meet with your approval on this blog’s GMO Risks page, as wherever possible it includes links to the original study documents. However perhaps you’ve already perused that page and found it lacking, so may I offer two new options for you: 1) a recent study by, and interview with a Senior Research Scientist at MIT. Option 2) a page I recently created to collect all of the studies about glyphosate that I can find. You may wish to argue that these studies on Glyphosate are unrelated to GMOs, however I would ask you to recall that the #1 purpose and largest proportion of genetically modified crops grown in the world are RoundUp Ready. I can’t speak for all of the commenters here, but I am not at all opposed to the science of genetic engineering; I wish only that the past two decades had resulted in something more than ever-increasing profits based on chemical-intensive agriculture.

        • Ya I hear ya Gibson, the evil thing is pointless at face value. I think it is just a label people use to sum up their frustration with the atrocities attributed to corporations such as Monsanto, GE, IBM, Enron, Lockhead-Marten, etc. I would hazard a guess “troll’s” also use words like evil to water down and debase forward thinking. Corporations have propaganda (of course they do not call it that) facilities set up to monitor media around the world in real time. The intent being to derail opposition to their products. They will say anything. This is not secret information they admit it and you can “tour” a facility on you-tube. There is even a computer program that monitors chat rooms forums like this that manufactures replies to derail the discussion, you may research that as well. Unfortunately, it is nigh impossible to tell what is real these days. So many minds are controlled by the polarization of issues, I call it the sports mentality. Hang in there.

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  181. I lived a block away from a Monsanto factory. We were told they made “baskets” there. I wonder if this was true or if they were making one of the “DirtyDozen” there? I’ll never know as the factory is gone now and so am I from the area.

  182. I don’t buy it! Way too many conspiracy theories. You honestly think Monsanto developed atomic weapons and GMO crops, and is trying to kill people. The US military and dept of energy developed the bomb. GMO crops have been around forever, all crops are GMO through selection. This is a lot of conspiracy theory. But yeah Monsanto does have some cut throat business policies apparently.

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  184. This needs to stop. Organic food should have the power. we as people need to shift the demand for not only ourselves but our children an grandchildren.

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  188. My brother died at aged 32 from an incurable brain tumor caused by Agent Orange…he left 4 children and his wife. He died before any suit could be fought…he died with no health insurance…he died with no fighting chance. This was 27 yrs ago and it still breaks my heart!

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  191. i g farben ; This is the ROOT of Monsanto ! Bigger than HITLER ! Bigger Than AMERICA ! THEY OWN BLACKWATER ( Private Military unit – “Security” FOR Monsanto , Bill Gates , Bain Capital ,and All of the Ultra Rich . They can KILL anyone ,anywhere , anytime !! ASK A Kennedy ! J. F .K warned us ,look where it got him !! So when you Look back at History and ask ” How did those People “Let ” Hitler do those things ” Look in the Fukking Mirror your MAKING it Happen right NOW !!

  192. Monsanto should be tried for “crimes against humanity” which is exactly what they’ve been practicing for at least half a century. They are a disgusting perversion of the corporate “ethic” (if there is such a thing) and make J. P. Morgan and the Rockefellers look benevolent.

  193. I am stunned that Monsanto is so vile as to think of humans as a commodity. If we keep providing food and chemicals that make them sick – we can continue to make them pay for doctors and medical care to heal them from their illness or to ease their pain as they die from being poisoned. What has happened to having a conscience?

  194. and…… how can President Obama be signing bills which keep Monsanto safe while his wife is planting an organic garden behind the White House?? Hypocrisy? or what is that called???? Unbelievable. The Obama’s are losing their integrity to big business and money talking louder then doing the right thing….same old same old. The politician’s are beginning to look all the same no matter what party they are associating themselves with. It’s money and big business that makes the decisions in this country. so sad………………………………………………………………….

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  198. Why do all comments not following the narrative that Monsanto is evil and inspired by Satan get deleted by the moderator?

    Perhaps that why you people at this site are all a bunch of like minded, hysterical phobists, spouting the same irrational rhetoric. You never see a point of view other than those hurled by your fellow phobists.

    Sad, very sad.

    • Hysterical phobists? Don’t make me laugh – you, who are undoubtedly an apologist (and/or paid troll) for big pharma, big insurance, big business, and Monsanto. What Monsanto has done for decades are crimes against humanity – all in a soul destroying addiction to money for money’s sake. Get a life! Do something that adds to humanity not to the glory of the 2%, who thank God, go to their graves with none of their ill-gotten gains! You and your ilk are despicable!

      • Why should anyone who cares to look even slightly deeper at these claims be considered an “apologist” ?

        The word “styrene” appears twice in that “EPA’s 1980s listing of chemicals”. The production of polystyrene appears to generate the same hazardous wastes as a host of other industrial processes.

        DDT was banned in the US – after it was successful in largely eradicating malaria. Did saving thousands from dying of malaria outweigh the environmental cost of its use?

        Has Monsanto done some bad things? Probably. Is it worth suppressing all discussion in favor of hysterical rhetoric?

        • “Has Monsanto done some bad things? Probably. Is it worth suppressing all discussion in favor of hysterical rhetoric? ” HITLER was accused / attributed with ‘some bad things’ yet Germany still has the Autobahn and Volkswagen Cars are driven in every country of the World . Good intention lead us FROM HELL ! To claim DDT responsible for Malaria eradication is erroneous ! Reduction in Rates of Malaria are Directly related to modernized Irrigation of new farmland by draining swamp land . What once was Mosquito breeding ground became very fertile farmland . MONSANTO COULD CARE LESS for Human lives ! Monsanto is a poor Example as ; A Business Model , or Research and Development , Science , Horticulture , Marketing or Consumer Forecasting , Humanitarian Aid , Charity , Education or even their forte — Capitalist . Monsanto like the Politicians they BUY are fumbling incompetents , Incapable of ANY Meaningful contributions to/for the Betterment of Mankind ! BOYCOTT and VOTE them all OUT !!

      • Mr. Myers: Thank you so much for making my point. Your reply contained all the elements I used in describing your tight knit little group of malcontents……..hysterical, phobia-filled, gross exaggeration and hyperbole.

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  200. It really is very sad that some people allow themselves to become so fixated on money which almost always turns into greed, then power and control. I grew up in a small town (suburbs-45 minutes outside of NYC) with a lake across the street and woods all around me. I loved it! For the most part everyone was very friendly, caring, and genuine. I grew up working in my parent’s restaurant and was taught to always have respect for everyone, help out wherever I can, and do the right thing. Years later after college I moved to NYC working commissioned sales at Saks 5th Avenue selling Chanel Handbags. I’ve worked commissioned sales before but WOW, this was close to what is going on out there. The things people would do for money was disgusting as well as what they would do to each other. I tried to stand up for the ones who were doing the right thing by sending emails up the chain to Human Resources and after my 3rd email they laid me off saying my numbers “were not at goal”. I’ve dealt with many people who are very wealthy all over the world who can afford to buy these $2,000-$38,500 handbags every couple of months. A good amount of them would look down at us like they were better than us so I can imagine very well the ones even higher than them would think of us as wasting their resources here on earth (food, water, etc). It’s an easy way to eliminate in their eyes the lower class, the unwanted.

    I’ve read posts on here from people saying “our money is our voice” and they are right in a sense. We need to back companies, people who have/are always doing the right thing. Look up a company called Melaleuca as well as the man who started it all back in 1985 Frank Vandersloot. These are companies we need to be doing business with, our money being our voice. I have been a customer for 18 years with them, because of the same beliefs I have as all of you (except for Tim Lieder and a few others). Another thing to look up, Obama tried to find any dirt he could on Frank after Frank donated $1 million dollars of his own money to Romney after the first 4 years of Obama in office. He felt Obama didn’t do anything he promised. Well, they tried (as well as tried to bully Frank) and they couldn’t find anything, no wrong doing. This is a man (Frank) who we need to back.

    I am putting my email I used when I was young on here. I am 33 years old now, live in PA, engaged and getting married next month!! I want to thank all of you on this thread of posts as well as the many others aware of what’s going on and against it, but unfortunately talking about it is just the first step. We need to use our money, change stores/who we do business with to see things change.

    Michael P.

  201. Name calling? This entire post board is dominated by emotion based, fact starved name callers hurling irrational invectives at science based, modern agriculture.

    • Science based, modern agriculture? That is a good one. You must be kidding if what you consider Monsanto doing to be any kind of real science or agriculture.

        • Looked at that link- really a waste of time. Written like reporting on NPR. Purporting to be educated but just regurgitating toward a dead end. Non GMO seeds (soy and corn) perform, in university studies, just as good or better than GMOs, are in short supply and sell out yearly. If there is interest I can find the links.

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  203. It is really amusing to me that some people actually think that there are “paid trolls”, backed by by Big Agriculture, who are spending time on this site trying to engage in some though provoking challenges to the anti-GMO fringe elements. This site is insignificant in the scope of things.

    As an aside: How on earth do I untether myself from all the replies on this site? The discussion has devolved into silliness. I don’t care any more what people are posting. Please help and end my inbox nightmare!

    • Gib you sound so sure of yourself, where is the proof? Things are not always what they seem.
      Aside: label the site as spam in your inbox and voila.

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  208. How many people might die because of eating Round up ready fed animals? How many people might die if the world’s ag producers stop producing round up ready corn/soybeans?

    • To my knowledge, there is no evidence at all that Roundup ready seeds – or indeed ANY GM seeds – have prevented famine, anywhere in the world.

    • Good point Michael. This stuff is so prevalent that we need to institute a planned phase out of all GMOs thereby allowing normal seeds to fulfill seed supply demand. It may take 2, 3 or 5 years. Very easy to accomplish. Instead calling for a ban of all GMOs, which sounds so radical to the average NPR or Fox news educated person, we should call for a PHASE OUT OF GMOs & A RETURN TO NORMAL SEEDS.

  209. Regarding bees… Roundup isn’t the issue for bees–neonicotinoid pesticides are. Monsanto’s GMO corn/soy crops are coated in these neonicotinoid powders that make the corn/soy its own insecticide. This has been found to be what’s causing colony collapse disorder in our bees. So what does Monsanto do? They bought a company called Beeologics that developed a vaccine for bees (Remembee). Soon they will have FDA approval and will start vaccinating our bees against these killer neocons.

    We’re going to be vaccinating our bees with Monsanto product, because of Monsanto and Bayer product! Absolutely horrid and amazing all at once.

    P.S., many insecticide products from Scott’s and the like at our big box stores contain these same bee/bird/aquatic life neocins in them.

    • We (corporations) create the problem, then we (corporate media) control the reaction, then we (corporations) sell you the solution… oh and by the way, we (corporations) also print the money and control inflation. You (consumer) are and indentured servant. Lets play this game forever. Welcome to the collective!

  210. In transferring genes from one organism to another, the scientist doesn’t transfer the gene separately to each of the millions of individual plants that would make up a crop. The gene is transferred once, and the plant cloned. Clones are like identical twins, in that they are genetically identical. In other words, the more GM crops that are planted, the lower the genetic variation within the crop.

    This is an unstable situation.

    Sooner or later a pathogen will evolve that can infect the crop, regardless of what protection has been genetically added, or what pesticides the crop is treated with. When it does so, it will be able to infect all of the crop, because it’s genetically identical. In other words, after a few years of stability, whole crops will be lost, with catastrophic results. If considering an analogous situation helps – imagine that instead of every mobile phone having an individual PIN, they all had the same PIN: once the PIN of one phone is guessed, a thief could access them all. Or compare the situation with Ash die-back: some trees survive because of resistance to the disease, due to genetic variability. If they were all clones, no trees would have resistance.

  211. More Americans need to wake up! Too many are passive. The gov’t is approving the poisoning of our food, the brainwashing of our children, the rewriting of our history books,.They are trying to make us sick and weak & take away our firearms, murder our unborn children, and train us to be passive sheep – letting anything be OK – when its NOT OK.

  212. Regarding Roundup: studies have link it to mental depression (not just the existential kind generally associate with Monsanto products) due to the fact that it kills intestinal flora which are important in the production of hormones associated with healthy brain function.

  213. My husband did 3 tours in Vietnam. To the person who said it was the soldiers choice. did they ever hear of the draft? It was not his choice.

  214. I am just starting to get information and knowledge about the travesty of Monsanto. It is time for those of us who know to begin making changes that impact the deep pockets of the food industry, government and our own health. Make healthy and informed choices for you and your family.

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  216. It’s so saddening to know that we seem to have little if no impact on the world. If we do not control with money, we have no control what so ever. It all comes down to the government, and all those working for these companies only caring to line their pockets with money with no care of what they ruin, or who they kill or hurt in the process. It does not amtter to them what happens in the next 100 years, because they will not be here anyways. The only thing that matters is the here and now, and how much bank roll they can get in the process. All the while the people are dying, animals being tortured and murdered, and our planet being destroyed. What are our great grandchildren going to have, if we can even reproduce after all the horrible chemicals we breathe, eat, or ingest in other ways. Maddening world!!!!

  217. Now isn’t that something to leave our next generations. Monsanto’s board of directors should be targeted like they have targeted us.

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  219. Banks, Government, Self Greed, money = greased politicians=Large Companies to get away with murder! These actions have been going on for much to long! We,the people, need to change this! It will be, and is currently, our own demise! Unfortunately, only the affluent and the educated realize what’s going on in this country/world, and 85% of the poor, ignorant bastards are the victims. Let’s stand together….and Change our World!!

  220. Wat is scary is not monsato’s quest for profits,but the fact that our politicians are either too stupid, or too corrupt, to stop this madness.

  221. Interesting.

    The great thing about Free Enterprise and Democracy is that we are free to make our own choices.

    Blaming politicians, lawyers and so-called evil organizations is just avoiding personal responsibility for our choices.

    The solution is simple and immediate, and it’s every person’s individual responsibility or option to contribute. Stop consuming these products. Buy organic, local, whole foods. Read the label. Vote with your wallets. Stop buying, they will surely stop selling.

    Companies meet demand. Politicians facilitate the wants of the majority. Until the majority no longer demands mass produced, cheap food this kind of technology and the problems it creates will exist.

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  223. Reblogged this on Green Fish Blue Fish and commented:
    I read this post by and thought I should share it. I am aware that the post paints a diabolical picture of Monsanto, it is not the reason why I shared this. GMO foods, bio-chemical additives, and other adverse aspects of modern mass food production have been ignored by consumers for too long.

    At Greenfishbluefish I’ve long advocated the health benefits of eating natural wild caught seafood – on the caveat of course that this resource is responsibly and sustainable harvested.

  224. Reblogged this on Coupland Times and commented:
    Are you sick of hearing about Monsanto? Or is Monsanto making you sick? Driving around the area, you can’t help but notice all the corn fields. I can’t help but wonder how much of it is genetically modified. Last week, while driving down FM 973, I saw a crop duster flying back and forth over the highway. It didn’t seem to be spraying anything but I closed my vents just the same as I passed under it. It made me wonder about what kinds of stuff is being used on the fields around Coupland. Being a fledgling organic gardener, I don’t relish the idea that pesticides are blowing around this beautiful countryside, especially considering our frequent strong winds. There are a lot of pros and cons to the issues of genetic modification and the use of herbicides and pesticides but regardless of where you stand on these issues, make sure you’re standing on a solid foundation of knowledge. This compilation of Monsanto’s history is revealing, to say the least. — Stewart Dale Spencer

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